pond pump or pond fountain?

brownthumbia(5aIA)July 28, 2009

Actually as long as I've had a pond I really don't understand the difference between a pump or fountain. Because the fountains seem to be much cheaper, I'm wondering---do they also clean the pond as well or are they just for the fountain part? To tell you the truth I've had both and actually didn't know there was much of a difference. Had no idea I was so stupid about this after all this time until I started checking for a new pump, (or fountain) for the pond. Never even thought about it before. Thanks for anything you can tell me that will clear it up for me. BT

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

A fountain pump needs much less power than a pump for a waterfall or stream. Filtering, except for a small mechanical filter is not a part of the pump. Sandy

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