A Fish Story

pcanJuly 6, 2011

I have had my 5000 gallon pond for a few days shy of a month, I added a dozen 8 inch comets last Wed and 2 shubunkins yesterday. I do not feed them.

Now on to my fish story�

Utah had outlawed all aerial fireworks for as long as it the state has been around until this year when they made them legal. This last weekend was amazing! Aerial fireworks going off in every direction for 4 days straight. It was great to watch every night, but those beautiful fireworks have to fall somewhere :( .

Yesterday I woke up early, threw a bathing suit on and got in the pond to fish out all the "beautiful" fireworks. I was walking in large circles collecting them from the bottom of the pond and floating on top. After a minute I noticed all my comets had surrounded me. I was sure they were planning their attack :) lol. Then they started swimming figure eights between my feet. At this point my husband started calling me the fish whisperer. Ha! One very brave white comet came right up to my toe and begin nibbling on the end of it. It tickled and I screamed lol. I felt like Snow White surrounded by animals.

I am pretty sure they were just munching up all the algae I was stirring up with my feet. Silly little fishies.

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Hahahah...great story and thanks for the laugh!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

That has happened to me, too. It is undeniably a ticklish sensation. I wound up sitting in the pond laughing myself silly. Strangely enough, the fish still went after my toes but ignored the rest of me.

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Hi Pcan. We used to have a 13,000 gallon pond with Koi in sizes from about 6 inches to just over 2 feet and I used to get into the pond to remove the stones that the kids would throw over the fence. The larger Koi would surround and nip at me and I just loved it. LOL A friend of mine came over one day when I was remove some stones and when he saw me in there with my babies he went home and the following day he was putting in his own pond. :0)

Yours Koily, Lorraine

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

Gardening here under the oaks we have lots and lots of oak leaves. Inevitably some end up in the pond water. Generally I scoop them off the top with a net, but we just finished up a spell of heavy wind and rain. Lots of tree debris on the bottom of the pond. I was trying to use the net to scoop up stuff, but stopped because the silly fish kept swimming into the net. So now, I sit on the ground and scoop up debris with my hand. The fish swarm around my fingers and nibble at them also. It is so funny. I swear they come dashing when they see me poking around in the water.


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