Snacking Peppers

THatstat(9A)April 18, 2013

Hi folks.

I picked up a nice package of snack sized "snacking peppers", a beautiful blend of red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers that ranged from about an inch long to maybe two and a half inches long. I want to grow peppers like these but have not seen seedlings at any of my Home Imp stores or nurseries I've visited sooooo...I'm thinking about trying to grow plants from the seeds of the peppers I ate.

I put the seeds into a small container with a lid and put a tiny bit of rice in to dry the seeds out (I don't plan to plant them for a couple months). If I follow the general instructions for planting pepper seeds (keep 'em warm, read them stories, and so on), do you think I could grow plants from these seeds?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

keep 'em warm, read them stories, and so on

Little more complicated than that but the FAQs here cover all the basics. And please take them out of the rice now.

However you do need to know that they are hybrid varieties so what you get from the seeds, if they grow (many are sterile) will most likely not be the same. Hybrids often revert to parent stock.

So do some research into the differences between hybrids and open-pollinated varieties when it comes to growing from seed and then decide if it is worth spending the time on them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Saving seeds from hybrids

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LynnMarie_(5 SW Kansas)


I am doing the same thing for my mom. She saved the seed from the peppers she bought from walmarts produce department. I had a very high germination rate and they are growing nicely, though a few weeks behind my other peppers. I told her she may not get what she has bargained for, but she is up for the experiment. There is no telling about the parentage of those peppers, so she will have to take what she gets.


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