#466 - The Twelve Days Idyll

ctlavluvrDecember 26, 2009

So perhaps we won't make it all the way through to January 6 with this missive, but that would be a Great Thing!! Carry on.... Martie

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Wow!! Realized when I started reading through that I've been absolutely neglectful in wishing everyone Yuletide Cheer! It is/was a wonderful Holiday Season here, with lots of family and friends and warmth. This all, with lots of thoughts to those who can't enjoy those feelings this year for whatever reasons life brings. So particularly to Marian and Michelle, hugs to you!!

Trying to catch up with any sense of organization would be next to impossible, so know that the pictures, falsies, displays, arrangements, gifts, crafts and our ever-loved four legged creatures and their stories have been a delight this morning.

More later -- still on Holiday pace and don't want to waste the feeling until after the bathroom gets cleaned. You'd be proud, Julie!!!! LOL


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Happy Boxing day!

It is such a treat to be able to turn on the computer and have not have to wait 20 minutes while it boots up or have every other page freeze. Easy access to the Idylls is the number one reason I'm celebrating!

Today we are planning on a walk and then going to see a movie. Our group will divide at the theatre with Mum and I watching The Young Victoria, the boys going to see Sherlock Holmes. Annie remains undecided. We'll rendezvous for coffee after and return home for another round of turkey. Fortunately I have a family of turkey junkeys:0)

Great news last night in that my brother (who we see way to little of) might be arriving from New Orleans with his two children on Wednesday for a visit. He is not a forward planner so his visits are always spontaneous and always fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Raining here. Snow is disappearing rapidly. Our driveway and part of the front yard are flooded. The idiots are in and out and in and out, bringing dirt and mud back inside with them for our amusement and enjoyment.

mary, I want to see both those movies plus "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. I can use the laughs! I do hope your brother makes it!

Michelle, mentioned this on the Solstice Idyll, but in case everyone is already over here...I am so glad you will see Kenzie-your own little Christmas miracle!

Kathy, the tenderloin with a cabernet sauce was a huge hit and did feel very holiday-ish to me-easy, too! Our Harris Teeter has standing rib roasts on sale for $9.95/lb, so maybe that with Yorkshire pudding will be our new year's dinner.

V-I do love that tree! I have some of my parents' Shiny Brite ornaments, too! Also some plain glass ones that I think were from depression days when they couldn't afford fancy ones. With luck, I will be able to have a decorated tree inside next year! ROTFLOL about the falsies!

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Michelle, I'm sure a cuddle from Kenzie will make you feel better. :) It's sort of spitting snow here, not amounting to much and blowing around looking pretty. I hope you and Rick are able to extricate yourselves soon; I've been thinking of you as I hear about the weather in "your neck of the woods" mentioned in the media.

V., that is some Christmas tree. Lol, it definitely has a presence and perfectly displays the ornaments of Christmas past. They're just beautiful and how nice that you have them still. I love the Nativity scene, too. Isn't it fun to put out things that you remember from your childhood?

Crustless Cranberry Pie has swept the Idylls! a culinary triumph if ever there was one, Candy. I presented it to guests yesterday morning (warmed). It was an accompanyment to Mimosas and peeled Clementines. All were received with delight. I made another one yesterday afteroon after the helpmeet had retired for his nap...

Roast Beef (medium-rare), au jus, whipped, "doctored up" potatoes, brussel sprouts (from the garden still!) and carrots perfectly steamed. A nice cabernet from mid-coast Fantasyland. It was delicious.

Rex appears none the worse for wear after his bender. And the buzz phrase has been, "woulda been nice to have a truffle now, huh Rex?". Then he runs and gets his tennis ball. Idiot. :)

OK, back to the Salon where I'm getting ready to hang things on the walls. Be lazy today my Idyll sisters.

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Breakfast out, movies and dinner out are on the agenda for the left coast today , no cooking or dish-doing for a change.

Cyn, the beef was a hot here too; I ended up making a shallot-pinot noir sauce and served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower/Brussels sprouts in a whole grain mustard sauce. Very tasty !

BIL has helped my smite the mighty Cecile Bruner , who has been chopped down to size, and taken away from the upstairs windows.This would be my first rose-pruning event of the winter season. We had suck warm temps (high 50s, almost 60) the last couple of days it was pleasant working outside.

Michelle, happy to hear of some brighter lights on the horizon for you !

Waving to allÂ

Kathy in Napa

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Michelle, just the best news that you're going to be able to connect with Kenzie! I hope the weather starts to cooperate for you.

We had a wonderful holiday. Lots of great memories made. I love Christmas but when it's over I'm never sorry to see it go. I can only live with all that excess for a short period of time. I'm ready to get things back to normal now.

Slowly cleaning up and doing alot of relaxing today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Boxing Day! It's been snowing all day - huge, fluffy flakes that have been piling up but weigh next to nothing. It's the kind of snow that someone would start snowblowing and might keep going through the whole neighborhood. I took some photos but they are just uploading and may not finish before I have to leave. (Saucy, I would rather stay home but you know what happens when the MIL calls!)

I think I mentioned a while back that I had used Zazzle to make a calendar for both of the kids. Well, a funny thing happened on Christmas morning. My DIL gave me a calendar that she had made on Zazzle - using my photos from Flickr! Would you believe that we had used the same photos for February and November? We had some good laughs over that! I also figured out how to make my calendar public, so I linked it below if anyone wants to take a look at it.

Spent a lot of time cleaning up from Christmas day, as well as getting the guest room ready for our friends who are coming for New Year's Eve.

Michelle, glad to hear you should have a chance to see Kenzie. Hope your weather is clearing up.

Time to hop in the shower for the "command performance." Flickr upload is only 32% complete, so I'll post photos later. TTYL,


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Here are some photos of yesterday's snow.

Panicum 'Northwind' had been bowed over with the ice, but it stood up again to catch the snow.

The table and the deck railing have nice piles of snow.

Hydrangea 'Limelight' also held up well under the snow.

The stream is still running under the snow.

We may get another inch today. We're headed down to my SIL's today to see some of my side of the family. Have a good Sunday!


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Beautiful! V., I'm always surprised by the ability of our grasses to spring back even after they've been weighed down by heavy snow. I think grasses are fantastic.

Yesterday's chilly snow has given way to today's rain. I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 50 degrees today. The salon was still 72 degrees at 5:15 this morning. On the coldest days we've had so far it's been in the mid-60s when I've gone to tend it first thing.

Paint is drying as I type. My JulieJob is to finish that project today. And do laundry. Will await reports on the "Best Christmas Gift" in the following categories:
1.) your favorite
2.) significant pet/child's favorite
3.) spousal favorite

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Beautiful calendar, V.! I love being able to view it.

Your snow is pretty, too, but I'm glad it's not at my house.

Chelone, I'm in a mood this morning, so maybe naming gifts will lift my spirits:

I got a funny little pair of turtles that hang on to the side of my plant pots.

The cat got a fishing pole with a mouse attached (filled with catnip). She's provided hours of enjoyment already..."fishing for the cat"

Nick got new socks with no toe seam - that was the first gift he wanted to try :)

Today is party day and I'm just not in the mood. I'm trying to get there. Wish me luck :)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good afternoon all,

Weve had a lovely Christmas overall, the only disappointment is we didnt see DD at Christmas because shes pretty sick with a cold. We are both recovering from one as well so it seemed the best thing to do to have a visit when we are all recovered from our various viruses.

It seems like roast beef was the dinner of choice for many of us. We went to MJs for Christmas Eve and she fixed a tenderloin roast that was out of this world. Christmas Day Doug and I hung out and chilled out in our jammies most of the day (recovering from colds) and then decided on take out Chinese for dinner. LOL. Funny the things that work out really well for us. We had a great day watching reruns on TV and snuggling in our favorite chairs wrapped in quilts. The weekend of rest has restored both of us to our normal good health so we will be ready to party on New Years Eve. LOL

My favorite present from Doug was a pair of heated boot liners! Woohoo! I tried them out yesterday and they are wonderful. The batteries are built into the liner and they actually kept my feet warm in the blind for five hours yesterday. It was right at freezing and snowing so they are wonderful. Oh yes, rechargeable too.

What a lovely calendar V!!!! beautiful photos!

Saucy, sorry you are in a mood. Been there and done that. Why dont you come up this week to see all the coleus etc under the lights. They never cease to cheer me up in the winter doldrums. Maybe we can meet for lunch at Tower Hill sometime soon as well.

Eden, so great you had a terrific holiday!

Michelle, Im delighted youll be able to see Kenzie.

Kathy, would love to know how you make the shallot-pinot noir sauce? Sounds fabu-fabu! Amazing that you are pruning roses now.

Chelone, I lol over the chocolate thing with Rex. We had a very similar incident many Christmas Eves ago. Remind me to share the details with you the next time we get together.

Cyn, I want to see that movie too.

Mary, so youve gotten a new computer??? Hope you brother makes it for a visit!

OK must run for now, hello to one and all!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hello all in Idyll-land!

I think I missed most of the last thread - boy you guys sure do get away from me!

First, Merry Christmas to you all, although belated, and my best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year. 2010 already, Holy Moly!

Let me be among the first to complete Chelone's survey:

My favourite gift was a book from SIL who drew my name in the family draw thing we do. The book is titled "All Dogs Have ADHD", and had ADHD facts illustrated with dog photos. Too funny, and apt as DSIL is a Learning Disabilities expert, TCS has been diagnosed and we are plodding along, and we have our two silly little beasts as part of our family too. Lots of chuckles and lots of interesting characteristics. Loved it.

Favourite gift for TCS was Lego Mindstorms, NXT 2.0, a robotics building kit with USB connectors, bluetooth technology etc. Way out of my realm, but my little 8 year old has most of the robot built and is now working on the "brain". It is essentially the only gift we bought for him and he is totally enthralled.

We did well for DD too - a large oil pastel portrait of - wait for it - her dog. The artist did a beautiful job and she was blown away.

Spousal favourite? A gift certificate to an acquarium store, where he went on Boxing Day to buy pumps, filters, tbes, and any number of fishy type toys.

As DD had to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Christmas, Boxing day, and today, we had the big turkey thing (No, I don't mean her BF *LOL*) and gift exchanging and sitting around with wine and shortbread on the 24th. That meant the 25 th was very calm and relaxing with lots of leftovers, TCS labouring away with DS on the robot, me having a much needed nap in the morning and DH the same in the afternoon.

News Flash: Waatch for new porgram form the mind that brought you the Julie Job!




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Hi everyone! Glad the festivities are over, and things are getting back to normal around here. Skip is napping on the couch, and I made ham, cabbage and noodles with leftover ham from Christmas. Kids are coming over for dinner to help me get rid of the rest of leftovers. It has been snowing here on and off all day. My throat is a little scratchy. I made a strawberry, banana, blueberry, pineapple, and coconut creme smoothie to get some antioxidents in me. I don't know if it is my imagination, but I think I am feeling a little better.

Michelle, I am so happy you will get to see Kenzie, and I know she will be thrilled to see you too!

Ei, how nice to have you stop by. Always a treat.

Saucy, hope your mood passed.That was me yesterday, I don't know if it was exhaustion or what. I think winter is like that. Yesterday I went to the gym, swam, sat in hot tub, steam room, then sauna. Felt much better afterwards. I am really lucky to have such a nice gym close by my house. They have something for everyone. Then I came home, and took the dogs down the street to the park so they could run. It does me (and them) good to get outside.

Deanne, glad you had a peaceful Christmas, they are the best.

Chelone, you can come over here and paint my bathroom, now that you have the salon finished. I am having a hard time deciding what color to use. I was going to go with seaside colors, but Skip said he is going to put in tile. That could take months. So I am thinking I will just paint the walls a similar color to the tile, that way when it takes him forever to get the tile in, the walls will blend in while waiting. By the way, I did get my trim mitred:) And believe it or not, Skip has a compound mitre machine. Who knew? I haven't stained it yet. He is going out of town soon, I will do it then, and post pics. It is easier for me to work when he is gone.

V, very nice calendar! Thanks for sharing.

Hello to everyone, I have to run. Skip's video is at its end, and the music is repeating and repeating, I can't take it, lol. And kids are due to be here for regular Sunday dinner.


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Julie sounds like the gifts at your house were a real hit. Can't wait to hear about the new program. There are many Julie Jobs on my list for the winter.

Deanne good to hear you and Doug are feeling better. Electric boot liners sound perfect for birding in the blind.

Saucy, I hope your mood picked up as the day has progressed. The turtles pot hangers sound cute. Bob can't stand seams in his socks. I'm sure Nick will love them.
Niki got a new mouse too and had the stuffing coming out of it in no time. I had to restitch it this morning.

Chelone what are you painting? You need to complete the list of favorites too.

I am hard pressed to choose between My digital photo frame and a framed print of our family name done in various pictures of rustic letters. I have always wanted something like that.
Julie Wyatt's favorite here were legos and Knex. He doesn't quite have the skills the that his brother Jake always had with assembly. But he loves them. Sounds like TCS has a good mind for them.
Jake got his first real truck. He says it is pre scratched/ pre dented / and custom faded, but he is thrilled to have it.

V, I like your snow photos and enjoyed seeing your calendar. To funny that your DIL chose two of the same pictures. You have a lot of snow. Ours is like sugar frosting. Enough to enhance the season but not enough to make trouble. Right now the flakes are huge.

Mary, I hope you brother made it there to visit. Enjoy your mum and family. Good to hear you have a reliable computer again.

Kathy, Is your family still with you? Working outside in 50 or 60 degree weather sounds good to me. How nice your BIL lent a hand with the pruning.

Cindy are you and Chloe still enjoying down time?

Waving to Cyn, Candy Ei and Eileen and all the rest of you. Have a lazy afternoon.


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drema, your bathroom project sounds just like mine but reversed. I want the tile Bob wants the paint. Its been half done for over a year.

A couple of the kids came over to help clean up leftovers here last night. Some things have been frozen. Out of site out of mind. Bob and I have allowed ourselves to eat stuff we have been staying away from. Now it's get back on track time. I need to get some activity going too. It's hard for me in the winter.
How nice that Skip had the miter saw. Did you cut it yourself?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Howdy from Alberta! DSIL is one of six, so we are still doing the food thing at different homes. Today we had a simple soup for lunch and I mainly stuck with the broth! Skyler is at his Mom's place and so we are enjoying some peace for a short while. Last night DD had a hockey game and so we all went to cheer her on to victory. Reminds me of years gone by.

I'll try to answer the Chelone survey.
Christmas day was sensational outdoors and we all got to go for a walk in the sunshine and hoarfrost (at minus 6 C). DD was able to go on her cross country skis. Just gorgeous and memorable!
For me? First the trip out west, next, I think the warm fur lined leather mitts from DD.
For baby? A lower front tooth and playing with wrapping paper. She stood up solo today for 5 seconds.
For Skyler? A child sized quality left handed guitar and lessons. Too many action DVDs and so on.
For DD? A set of David Attenborough movies and FOUR containers of Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter ice cream.'
For DSIL? Probably the new flat screen TV with amazing sound that will truly test Skyler's new hearing capabilities.
For DH? His new camera. No question about it.
For Indy? Turkey and mashed potatoes.

All are busy making an owl puzzle at the moment, this being the only "down" day for a while.

Fun to see the calender V and Julie, good to hear your update! And now good to read Norma's update too! Drema, I'm jealous of your outing to the gym! I hope DD is better soon Deanne and that you get to have your small family gather together soon!

Maybe Michelle is with Kenzie right now?
All the best!

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Feliz Navidad amigas
Im in wind down mode today as the guests have all departed and Im spending the afternoon washing sheets and towels . Doobie has spent the last few days in the garage sleeping on the hood of my car which I outfitted with sheepskin and a couple of area rugs- he always goes into hiding when canines appear, and BILs 2 were among the honored guests. Hes still out there as I write I dont think he realizes that the hated creatures are gone.

Gifts ? We downsized the quantity substantially this year , but the quality was excellent, much to my surprise the BILs gave a Bose Wave radio-something Ive coveted for years but never wanted to spend the $$ on.. I have it set up in the kitchen in a location that will allow it to be heard clearly in the back garden if I crank it up enough. DS got me a really nice new windchime..he bought me one several years ago that is my favorite and its started to fall apart . DD bought me one of those cool digital photo picture frames ; Ive hung it in the kitchen where it will be safe from stove and water debris, but viewable while doing dishes ..currently it is cycling through a Ruth Bancroft Garden slideshow. My DS bought my DD a new laptopshe has been using hand-me-downs for years , and her braved the Black Friday crowds in the middle of the night (which is mid-afternoon for him, lol) to get a really great deal. Mr Baby of course was the recipient of most of the gifts !

Deanne, Ill post the sauce recipe for you sometime in the next couple of days .

Julie, nice to see you here ! What nice gifting went on in your family- a great idea the pastel portrait of your DDs doggiemy BILs would love something like that .

BILs treated us to see AVATAR yesterday afternoon- it wont win any acting awards but it was exciting and really beautiful and imaginative, 3D to boot. That technology has come a long way since the days of Andy Warhols Frankenstein . One of the trailers was for a new Disney version of Alice in Wonderland which is a Tim Burton 3-d film staring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter .As I love both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton this will be a must see for me !

Hi to all, more later, and apologies to Chelone for both babies and dogs seen below ..

Before the festivities From Christmas 2009

Aiden and his fave gift .. From Christmas 2009

Toby reading the paper From Christmas 2009

Merlin with his favorite gifts From Christmas 2009

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Norma, love Jake's attitude!

Today was sunny and warm. I'll bet it hit 50 or so. We relocated the wood pile. The fools have been pulling logs out from the bottom in their fruitless attempts to capture whatever rodents are seeking refuge from them there. Of course, they have been doing this since fall when my beautiful anemones happened to be in exactly the spot where most of the logs landed. Idiots. Found some bugs that were the most wonderful, vibrant green color on some of the logs. No idea what they are, but they sure are pretty. The way things go around here, though, they probably have voracious appetites for anything that manages to survive the thundering herd.

Hope everyone is enjoying a cozy evening. Halftime is over and I am heading back to watch the Eagles.

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Since pics speak louder than words, here we go with some of the highlights of the past few weeks:

The Village Materializes ...... Kyle (DS), Lauren (DSGF) and Rich (DH) did most of the work, with Kyle in absolute directorial role. Think Lauren saw a new side of him...LOL Lots of fun and lots of hours, but boy, did it bring back memories:

Assembling "components:"


The bones:

Power Ignited:

The End Result :-)

A Cornfield Park Patio tradition:

Sleep in heavenly peace....

Later, everyone!!


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Well hot damn Martie-how many cats have a monogrammed blanket ?

Kathy in Napa

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Wow Martie the village is quite the deal.

Love Boo's blankie.

Cyn thanks I liked Jakes attitude about the truck too.
Geesh the cost of insurance prohibits him driving anything new even if they could afford it.

Kathy, I have been going through family photos to upload to my digital frame. I hadn't thought about hanging it. It is sitting on the table by my chair for now.

Hi bug, the fav gifts seem appropiate in your family. What kind of camera did DH get? Both DILs here got new cameras. So some of the pictures I took were on their cameras. I need to get copies.

Think I will call it a night. Norma

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Sheesh, am I the last to straggle back in my comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers? So many Idylls posted in the last few days I should stitch on a scarlet S for slacker! In trying to catch up on two Idyll titles plus enjoy Woody and Dremas threads, Im sure to forget something I want to say and have to pick up on it and apologize later.

We had a wonderful Christmas and feel blessed, though it saddens me to know the season was melancholy for others. Right this minute, you are uppermost in my mind, Michelle. I know you were heartsick a few days ago and I fervently hope youve been able to have Kenzie for a visit. Sending best wishes that this situation will lighten after such a wrenching couple of weeks.

Must mention how much I enjoyed the article on your husband, Denise. What an adventuresome career hes had as a pilot boat operator! Just recently, I watched a documentary on mighty ships, the Faust and Emma Maersk and was fascinated by the skills of harbor pilots and the operators that take them out. Oh yes, he must have many great stories!

Norma, Im with you on all the eatingoooh my. Every night Ive moaned about how full I am and yet, there I was the next day bellying back up to the table or buffet exclaiming over the food.

Chelone, the simulated fruit is magnificent., all thats missing are bunches of simulated cranberries! Happy to see another enthusiastic review for the crustless cranberry pie. My culinary skills are limited (thankfully DH likes to cook and grill out) so I have two prerequisites for cooking and baking: 1.) good 2.) easy.

Favorite gift this year for me was a Kitchen Kettle thats a combination cooker, steamer and fryer (for when you gotta have crusty fried shrimp, fish sandwiches or home made sweet potato fries) with a temperature dial control. DH loves his new GPS system and both kids seemed thrilled with their favorite magazine subscriptions, of all things! Still no pets here but Drakon looks rather pleased with his new leash

Hi to Deanne, Drema, Saucy, Marycongrats on getting that new computer up and running! And to bug, safe trip home with lots of photos, yes? Ei, nice to meet another Idyllyour posts sound so charming, I see why theyve missed you. Martie, that village is wonderfully elaborate!how long have you been collecting the pieces? Love that pic of Boo, hes grown so big and sleek! Marian, hope your shoulder is still improved and youve not suffered any set back.

Vsuper photography, as usual. I especially love the background trees in the deck picture, my eyes keep going back to them. Kathy you out did yourself on the decorations and the mantel is indeed, fabulous as is Mr. Baby and his blue eyes. Eden, to make it less confusing for you between myself and Cyn, just remember.Im the elf, lol.

And yes, DH is irresponsible with a camera in his hands. And no, he cares not about composition, using the flash in your face or what position you might be in at the time.

Health tip of the day: Have an eye exam yearly

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Beautiful pics V...they're all wonderful but I think the 1st pic of the prairie grass may be my favorite. It captures the midwest and *your* beautiful land perfectly. Looking forward to checking out your calendar.

Martie your village is awesome & I love Boo's blanket! :-)

Kathy the 1st shot says Christmases of my memories...or maybe only my dreams...lol...beautiful. *Love* the pic of Aiden...I think the shadows make it perfect...that could be a card. And what can I say about the puppies...I've got a weakness for black & white! :-)

So glad to hear things are looking up for Michelle. I *do* hope she is with Kenzie right now...that's a wonderful thought Bug.

Great to see you Mary! :-) Hope your dear brother was able to drop in and I'm guessing your favorite Christmas present may be him?...or perhaps the new computer. :-)

Drema's smoothie sounds yummy.

Okay...my favorite gift is a tie between a framed fun picture of my son being totally out of character given to me by son & DIL or the standing light with magnifier (gosh I can't spell anymore and I'm too lazy right now to look it up)but it makes jewelry making so much easier for these old tired eyes...or maybe it's the book my DH gave me called The Life & Love of Trees...it is breathtaking...

I can't top my sister's gift to son & DIL...she gave them a kindle! But I comfort myself in believing that he loved the leather dragon scale agate bracelet I made him almost as much...

She also bought my DH a Kindle! I don't think I was at the top of hubby's list either...lol!

She bought me many things too, but I think my favorite was the replacement Dirr book...I had worn my other one out till it no longer had covers or an index and was graffitied (sp.?) with my notes.

Well anyway I think my sister was thrilled to see the "thril* on all their faces. She said it was just her way of thanking all of them for all they did for her this year. I had an idea of giving my sis a fresh start and one of my ideas was giving her place a big facelift...everyone in the family came and pitched in...they were amazing. Everyone came to help, even my cousins, nieces, nephews,etc. She now has a whole new kitchen, the place is completely repainted and recarpeted, she and I even went shopping for new furniture for her living room and diningroom. It looks wonderful...but the best part was her smiling face and all the smiling faces who helped make it happen!

Here's what I think was my oldest brother's favorite Christmas present and I get to cheat and sneak a baby in too! :-)

my new grandnephew...Guess you can see the joy on everyone's faces...lol...I love this pic even if it is a little blurry.

And here is Scout's favorite Christmas present...a new dino the dinosaur and a new baby blanket covered pillow to rest his widdle head. No, I don't love him *too* much! :-)

BTW Woody I got a kick out of Misty's Christmas. She and Scout would have a ball together at Christmas...that's his favorite thing to do too...that and tearing up the empty Christmas wrap rolls. Maybe he inherited that from me...I have many fond memories of Christmas wrap roll "sword" playing with my brother. :-)

Christmas Treasures:

The hutch holds grandma's plate:

Also on the hutch is the plate I gave my mom on DS 2nd Christmas. It was always in her hutch on Christmas and now it's on mine:

Mom's first ornament after she & dad married:

My mom made this angel in her ceramics class about 40 years ago. She always put a Santa candle in it because, as she said, "the angel was dreaming of Santa". So imagine my glee when shopping with a friend at a resale shop, I found a Santa candle! :-)

I treasure this very special gift from my German neighbor. She did this cloth all by hand and she does the most beautiful fine work...it's as nice on the underside as it is on the front side:

sorry...being short I couldn't get high enough to get the whole thing.

And of course my elves who I've had for about 25 years now. Dear hubby made the ladders:

And finally...my own "nature made" Chihuly glass sculptures :-)

I guess I should have put these on a separate post, but my first intention was just to share a couple but I just couldn't choose. Also, I don't understand PB...the first time I tried the pics were way to big and now they're a little small...oh well!

Sweet Dreams All!

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Martie, I was sorry to see that Boo did not offer a photo-op in the Christmas village... I was wondering how long you've been adding pieces to the collection, too. And, did you know, that quality, full-size simulated pineapples are virtually impossible to find?? they're always too wimpy, measuring barely 3-4". Also scarce are pommegranates. ;)

Chilhuly in ice is very nice. Christmas really is about traditions, isn't it, Ei? It's always such fun to see everyone's treasure emerge from storage and hear the little stories about them.

My favorite gift: 3 matching white wastebaskets for the Salon and a very nice extension cord with multiple outlets.
Spousal gift: two pair of wool Wigwam socks (no seams!) that will make outdoor work considerably more comfortable.
Cat gift: tissue paper wrapped catnip bombs placed on the purposely naked lower branches of the tree. And used wrapping paper.
Dog gift: (aside from the truffles) Steak tips cooked to perfection and administered at the completion of stupid pet tricks.

Kathy, I think it was you that mentioned Pink Martini. Funnily enough Santa delivered, "Hey Eugene" to me. Every time I hear something by them I like it, a very smooth band. Also delivered was, "The List" by Roseann Cash which I give very high marks. Evidently, when she was 18-20 and riding the tour bus with Johnny he began asking her about older songs she knew... turns out she didn't know many of them and began making a list of what her father considered essential songs for her to know. She has recorded some of them and since I know you appreciate "good country" I think you'd like it, too. Toby is a Rat Terrier?

My sympathies on being under the weather, Deanne. Good to know you and Doug are perking up; hope DD is, too. I like the turbo-charged boot warmers, a perfect idea for you as you huddle in your blind racking up the Audubon quality birds pix.

I am painting two notion racks and the frame for a dressing screen (leftover white trim paint from the exterior of the house). And I've pickled a thread rack (not my brightest idea of late, a TON of work) and the frame for the mirror. I have to put satin finish clear coat on both of those before putting them up on the walls. I am nervous about moving the mirror without breaking it (it's huge and awkward to handle).

Hope Saucy's party was perfect and she's no longer "in her mood". :)

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Well Candy, its nice to put a face with your name. Perhaps that will help me remember you from Cyn. Cute picture. Please tell me Drakon's leash is not just to keep him from being stolen. I think GPS's were popular with the guys this year.

Ei, what great treasures you have. The table scarf is amazing and LOL at your Chihuly glass sculptures.
What a nice thing you and family did for your sister.

Chelone I'm picturing the dressing screen and mirror now. That sound perfect for the salon. I am fond of the useful gifts too.

The sun is shining off and on this morning so I may try to catch some rays on a walk with Rebel.

Trying to decide on a time to take sons and DIL's out for dinner as giving them that for a present was my way of getting to spend quality time with them. Need to do it before the end of the week as appointments and other things loom for all.

Kathy was Aidens fav gift a school bus?


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Hello everyone

How great to see so many photos and catch up with everyone, especially those we don't get to hear from all the time!

Good news - my brother and niece and nephew arrive Wednesday night. Everyone is thrilled.

Another of our best presents is shared by Annie and myself. Instead of a ridiculously expensive school trip to France she had hoped to take, she and I are using a couple of frequent flyer tickets and spending a week in an apartment in Paris over Spring Break. I love Paris and while my French is pretty poor, I know the city well and we are both looking forward to a fabulous time in museums, sightseeing and eating.

Present giving is really just for the children here but DH did receive a beautiful hunk of Stilton cheese, smuggled in from England by Mum. So far he's saved it for himself...

David's best gift was an expansion pack for the scale model of a roller coaster he is building in the basement. He spent over 6 hours Christmas day adding in extra loops and turns for the working train.

My Mum's best present I think was the crewel cushion I made for her. We both love flower embroidery and the Jacobean pattern was lovely with all the bright colored wools. Thanks Deanne!

Clousseau's favorite gift was licking out the turkey pan!

And our clever chickens supplied us with beautiful eggs every day, yesterday the Aracaunas produced the first pale blue egg. It's almost to lovely to eat.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Crustless cranberry pie is warm and waiting to be eaten soon! My favorite present was the begged for chicken noodle soup made by DSIL today. Big fat chunky noodles,mmmmmmmmmmm.
Party here tonight but DD will be at another hockey game. Tomorrow we leave for the country once again, to a different relative's ranch. Skyler will manage to join us late in the day. Arranging things with his mother has been most strange.

The owl shaped puzzle was completed a few hours ago. YEAH!
I hope to share photos when we return. In the meantime, I'm thankful to be able to pop in and see and read about you all!

Warm hellos to all from minus 15C country!

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Mary the trip with Annie sounds like lots of fun.

GB, Lots of activity there for you and family. Enjoy!

My walk with Rebel felt so good. Cold at first and then just refreshing as I warmed up.


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Time ran out for me , but I liked Vs Zazzle calendar site better than the one I used ..Im going to create a calendar for myself-I need one for the awfice and if it goes well I will do multiples as gifts next year. ..nothing like planning ahead !
Back to work today, but I am going to go half days on Wed and Thur , hoping to begin Christsmas décor demolition and the 1st wave of rose pruning. And the garage is a disaster area. Ill be starting seeds there in Feb so I need to try to get all the crapola stowed , and another electronic re-cycle run is needed.

Martie, the village is looking as spiffy as ever !

Norma, Im going to get a couple more memory cards specifically to load up for the photo frame, so I can rotate the pics. I never even thought of having one of these and its very cool ! Of course my family makes fun because I have all plants and no people loadedunfit mother that I am, lol.

Well Candy thanks for giving us a visual ! Many of us have met in person and its nice to have a mental picture of those with whom we share our lives. Love the gargoyle dude !...especially with his dusting of snow.

And how great is it to see Eis elves again ! And I must say I love every photo of Scout.

Chelone, "The List sounds right up my alley-I will check it out for sure. I do own "Hey Eugene"Im looking to expand my collection this year of music CDs, have not bought any in awhile. Im going heavy on jazz and classical . Toby wandered on to my BILs property when they lived in the forest on 2 acres- they think he escaped from an abusive situation. We speculate that he may be fox terrier and maybe some hound ..he loves to run and has very long legs. He is slightly smaller than a German shorthair.

Norma, Aidens gift was more like the trucks that you see hauling new cars. It makes a truck-like honking sound when you push a button.

Mary, how fabu that you will take Annie to Paris in spring !

Hi bug !

Ok, all for me tonight , big waves to everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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Kenzie's favorite gift was the Barbie Show Horse complete with real working bathtub/shower and lots of things to make the horse show ready.

Rick and I don't exchange gifts anymore. After shopping for all the grandkids it just became stressful to shop for each other. Most years I don't miss it, but this year on Christmas eve and Christmas day when we sat here just the 2 of us, I did think it would have been fun. Sometimes we pick something out for ourselves. This year he got a compound miter saw. So he's ready for any project I think up. I will probably consider the bathroom reno my gift. I'm on the hunt for some new furniture also.

This is the longest Christmas ever. We still have 2 more celebrations to go. None of my siblings, who all live out of state made the trip, so they will come on the 9th. DS, GF and my parents will be here on Saturday. Seeing Kenzie brightened things up, but there are so many concerns that will needed to be straightened out in the coming months.

Candy, nice to put a face with the name.

Ei, what wonderful sentimental Christmas decoration you have. Years ago I had those same Santa candles.

Kathy, what fun to see more pictures of Mr. Baby. I'm curious as to how far away from you he lives.

Norma, we take each family out for a meal for the parents birthdays. It's a nice way to spend quality time with each family individually.

V, the calendar turned out great. You had such appropriate pictures for each month.

Mary, the trip to Paris sounds like so much fun.

I've not read all of this Idyll, but it sounds like a lovely holiday for all.

We had too much fun to take a lot of pictures, but this one shows Kenzie as she picked her favorite ornaments and placed them in more prominent spots than I had them (all in front and near the bottom)

A few snowy pictures. The first shows the little path I scooped so Kenzie could play in her playhouse. The 2nd is the road in front of our place, as you can see its hard to tell where it is.

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Wow! What a winter wonderland, Michelle! Kenzie looks right at home redecorating your Christmas tree. She'll remember making her way through that snow to see her playhouse. The landscape is so different in Florida :)

Kathy, that was a whirlwind week with your family! I don't even have pictures of my own kids anymore. They quit being as easy to capture as a bee :)

Chelone, my mood is still here and likely to last for a while. The boil on my chin has receded, but my disdain for unsupportive spouses has not. I am tired. Tired of doing it all on my own. Don't worry, I'll be fine (at least that's the page I'm on today).

I continue on with Half the Sky. If you can get through the gruesome stories, I think it is a wonderful book. I need to start figuring out what will be next on the nightstand.

Have a good day, my friends. Jake's off to ski with a friend and Sarah is coming to work with me to file and enjoy a mommy/daughter lunch :)


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Wow, Michelle, you guys sure got a dumping of snow. I'll bet with the wind the drifting is really something. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with Kenzie after all the stress and worry. She looks very industrious rearranging the "bigga biggas" to suit her. We enjoy the traditions of Christmas and that entails swapping some items. We give each other a list and we set a limit. Anything on the list is fine as is something not on it. But we sure don't go overboard. I absolutely love the tree in that pretty urn. You are definitely full of good ideas and I'm certain the compound mitre saw will be put to good use very shortly. :)

I'm in from the Salon and the stove is burning nicely. I took the back panel (nicely detailed cardboard) off a recycled bookcase while the fire came up to temperature. The bookcase is very poor quality (faux woodgrain over particle board=ICK!) but it was free and with a propriety sanding and a couple of coats of paint it will suffice until something better comes along. That's the project for the day since it's going to be very cold and windy outdoors.

I love the gargoyle chained to the deck, Candy. Cracked me right up. :)

Perhaps one day I'll see Paris again. I loved it. And recovered nicely after spending a day/so in abject horror that I was unable to "easvesdrop" or understand public announcements with any ease. ;) You and Annie are going to have a wonderful time, Mary. What a lovely thing to look forward to for spring vacation. Do I hear the strains of Cole Porter's "I Love Paris" in the background... mais, oui! I believe I do. Please show us one of those delicate blue eggs, if you think of it.

It's hard to remain cold when you're out for a walk with the dog, isn't it Norma? There is a warming element to the level of enthusiasm they demonstrate when you look at them and say, "Would you like to go out for a walk?". As long as I have a hat, warm gloves, and sensible footwear I adjust pretty well, too. :)

Time to get about my day's chores, friends. Later.

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I've been amusing myself looking through seed catalogs this morning. Which brings me to this...you knew it was coming, Chelone!

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LOL Eden.

Michelle I am happy to hear you had some time with Kenzie.
Your picture of the shoveled path to the playhouse certainly shows the amount of snow you have.

We have some really cold weather headed our way so I'm thinking another walk is on the list for today. Got to work off those christmas goodies somehow.


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Darn I think my pictures have made the thread too wide. Its odd, since I upload to Photobucket and they resize automatically, but I'll take them off and hopefully the thread will return to regular size.


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No Michelle, it was already too wide before you posted your pictures. It's from some pictures earlier in the thread. It was great to see Kenzie but not so great to see all that snow.


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The wide thread thing is kind of strange- it looks like one of Marties village pics 'migrated' to be next to another one horizonatally, but if I open the Idylls at home it's normal. I don't think it was like that when Martie originally posted either.

Eden , I might need a different banner out here, my Dutch Iris are up !

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! I¡¦ve gotta make this quick because I have to get to my exercise. Yes, the New Year is almost here and yes, I'm doing the same old resolution that I do every New Year...mundane as it may be, it at least gets me started. I want to lose 20lbs. I *swear* I lose the same 20 lbs. every summer and gain the same back every winter. It's aggravating! Lol! I wish I wasn't such a bear. I was doing really well last summer and at a weight that made me happy, doing a video called Leslie Sansone's 3 mile walk. I really like it cause it's challenging enough to get my heart pumping, but not so challenging that I'd want to give up. You're moving the whole time, but you¡'re not bouncing around and you're never without at least one foot on the ground. Plus I love her stretches and the realistic looking people in the video. Anyway...so that's where I'll be going in a few minutes.

Update. Okay, I meant to post this early in the a.m., but was afraid it would take too long and then I'd put off Leslie, so I did Leslie first and now am back to finish my post.

Michelle...I'm so glad that Kenzie got to spend some time with you. I'm sure being with you was as important to Kenzie as it is to you. Keep your spirits up and never give up...things will work out in the end. Kenzie is lucky to have such a caring and loving grandmother.

My fingernails are painted dark purple and I really like it! :-) My DIL had a manicure and was wearing this dark purple colored polish on Christmas and I admired it on her, so I went out and bought myself a bottle. I'm usually not much for nail polish. Have never had a manicure, pedicure, massage (though the garden girls are talking about a pamper week-end and maybe I'll give it a try if I can swing the funds). Anyway, I don't usually wear nail polish since I'm always playing in the dirt and I never thought I'd like a dark polish, feeling it was really for the young ones, but here I am wearing it and loving it. Simple little things that make you feel good..lol! I do wear polish on my toes...it always lasts so long and I really like red, *yes* *red*! I guess I wear red because it reminds me of one of my clients when I was in the garden biz. She must have been in her 80's and she *always* wore red polish on her toes...I thought she was so cute. She said she wore it cause it just made her smile whenever she looked at her toes. :-)

Saucy...sorry to hear you are in the doldrums. I guess we all go through those times, but I also know that you'll work your way out of it...you're such a happy positive person. At least that is how I imagine you to be... someday I hope we'll get to meet in person.

Chelone's comment about Julia got my attention. A couple of months ago my group of young gardening friends and I went to see the movie and loved it. A couple of weeks later we had Julia night. We made Boeuf Bourguignon, scalloped potatoes, peas, a salad and Chocolate Mousse with orange for dessert and of course drank lots of wine...lol! It was a lot of fun. I admire Julia's culinary skills (she is indeed a master chef) but her recipes are a little too involved for me. I got her cookbook as a wedding gift and have to admit that I've rarely used it for just that reason.

Brrr...it's *cold* here; 10 degrees according to my thermometer. Thinking of Norma and her walk. I really should be out walking Scout, but I just can't get the gumption up yet, maybe later. Other than the brr temps. it is a beautiful day...sun shiny and all decorated with snow. Everything looks so clean and fresh...lol...*yes* I *am* trying to psych myself up to get out there.

Thanks for all the comments on my Christmas treasures. They are all very special to me. I know it's a little silly to worry about, but I do wonder what will happen to them when I'm gone; all that history, memory and tradition. Don't know if DS & DDIL will ever have children and I am the youngest in my family. I *will* give the elves and ladders to DDIL some day in the near future (she has always admired them) and the plate of my son, but the rest of the stuff, I don't know that she would really want them. Probably not, they are mostly just important to me. I was thinking I might type a little history on paper and put it with each item. Then, if they do get sold at least the person who buys them will know something about where they came from and that they meant something special to someone once. Okay, I guess this is a little bit of morbid talk..lol...just something that has been in the back of my mind.

Candy... *love* the pic of you...you look happy and I bet you are a lot of fun. Would you believe...I have the *exact* same elf hat...lol! When I was at that resale shop with my friend (where I bought the Santa candle) she spotted the elf hat and bought it for me. She said I had to have it as it just spoke "Eileen"...hmmm...not sure what she meant by that...hope she wasn't making a derogatory statement about my height...lol! Anyway, I wore it out of the store and all the way home. :-) That was a fun day.

I am excited for Mary & Annie...what a wonderful adventure. Some day I too hope to get to France. Hope you'll share some pics when the time comes.

Speaking of Christmas and gifts...this year I made a lot of the Christmas gifts. I've been delving into making jewelry. It was a lot of fun and I think everyone was happy with their gifts. I made crystal Christmas tree earrings for all my gardening girlfriends except for my BFF Anita. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pics. Anita (my friend not my sis) always wears copper bracelets for her arthritis and I thought to make her a necklace that would go with her copper bracelets. I made the necklace out of sterling and added a copper pendant and some sterling and copper beads.

Here are some I did take pics of...sorry they're maybe not terribly clear, I'm not very good with taking close-ups.

This set was for my SIL (her birthstone is the garnet):

This was for my niece who loves moonstones:

This was for DDIL who likes bold Art Deco jewelry:

And I made my sister 2 sets. She likes brown topaz, but after I made the first necklace I thought maybe it was not practical for every day wear or that it would be too old fashioned for her, so I made her the 2nd set as well:

I wish I had taken a pic of son's bracelet - it was my favorite. Mostly because it was the hardest to make since I've never made anything for a guy before and I wanted it to look *manly* but still creative and interesting. He and DDIL are into Fantasy and SciFi books, so I took that as my cue. The bracelet is made with soft deerskin leather (I love the feel of it) that wraps around the wrist 4 times. I strung just a few interesting sterling beads along with a dragon scale agate, 3 tiger eye stones, and some onyx on 2 of the leather strings, but just a few of each to keep it more in a man's style and then I strung a small sterling dragon head charm on it and finished it with a sterling hammered clasp. I hope I don't sound full of myself or boring you with all the details...I was just tickled that it turned out nicely and that DS really liked it. DDIL said I should make more because they have friends that she knows would buy them. Well, maybe that would fund my outing out to the spa with the girls, but I'll have to think on it some more. The construction of it is a little tricky to me...it needs to fit the individual right. I used my husband as a model while I was constructing DS's. The problem is you would want it so that the two leather straps that have the beads on them would be in the front and the other two plain leather straps wrap around the wrist as well. The hardest part would be figuring out what size to make each leather strap as it wraps around. I haven't figured that out. Is there a standard man's size wrist? I mean, practically speaking, I couldn't adjust them to whoever bought them so I'd like to find a happy medium that would fit most men with possibly a little wiggle room for size differences? I'm lost about that. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well, I've finally run out of steam...do I hear a collective sigh out there?...lol!

P.S. I removed the Christmas pics because I didn't want to slow everything up too much with all my pics.

I love the countdown Eden. :-)

P.S. I hope it's okay to ask, but is FB where so many of the old Idylls have gone? It's too bad...I would really love to "see" them. Do you guys talk to Babs, Sue, Monique, Cynthia, etc. over there now? If you do, please tell them all I said "Hi".

In remember of EP:

"still the seasons come and go, new generations of all things; folks grow old and children grow, flowers bloom and birds still sing"...we all have to learn to 'go with the flow'... like it or not. Cheers to all!!! EP

She was really such a wise and special lady and still thought of often by me.


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Looks like I missed the pictures with Kenzie, Michelle, but the important thing is that you were able to have her visit. Somehow, things will work out even though youre discouraged by the issues. Kids know when theyre loved and that sense of security helps reinforce their well being in troubled times.

Kathy and Chelone - youre right, Drakon (Greek for Dragon) is my pet garden gargoyle that I festooned for Christmas. Norma, he weighs in over 50 lbs so I doubt hed get taken from the backyard on a whim, lol. Always been fascinated in their architectural use, including collegiate campuses but mostly European churches and cathedrals. Now Mary and DD are going to Parisa chance to see the famous ones at Notre Dame de Paris, woohoo Or I should say, Oooh-lala! What a fun trip youre going to have!

Saucy, hang toughjust probably one of those phases we all deal with. Years pass and then you reach a point where you have to do some serious pondering and getting a mood on is the result. Funny you mentioned you cant get pix of your kids anymoreme either. I dont even think about the camera because they're all about digis and cell phone shots.

Drema, more photos of Ginger needed - shes going to get big on us, fast, and lose the puppy face!

Ei, loved finding another post from you! Your photos are wonderful and I experienced the same déjà vu as Michelle with the Santa candle. I recognized it immediately! Im such a sucker for nostaglia and items from the past hold not just memories but stories to be told. You sent me into gales of laughter about having the same elf hat and a reference to your height. I top out at just 5 ft. so I thought I probably held title to being the shortest Idyll as well as one of the oldest. Love to see a picture of you in your elf hat, ohand that purple fingernail polish, too. Lol, I went with a an iridescent lime green this year!

Beautiful jewelry! The brown topaz is my favorite. So nice how you personalize what you made for each person.

OK, Im running out of Health tips of the day so I might just as well melt your hearts (yesyou too, Chelone!) by making this the final one.

Health tip of the day: Know when to say youre sorry

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Can't stay as I need to clean the mess in the kitchen...but had to share this with someone...

So today I made homemade Italian Wedding soup. I had some French bread, but it had become a little soft. So I decided to do what my mom had taught me a long time ago. If you place the bread in a paper bag and then put it in the oven at 350 for a few minutes the bread will be warm and crusty again.

Anyway, I popped the bread in the oven and decided to finish reading my friend's email. I figured I could read her email quickly and then get back into the kitchen to take the bread out of the oven.

So anyway I'm finishing with the email when my husband comes into the room and says (very casually)..."Hey Ei, you have a bag in the oven that's on fire." lol! Do you believe that? I just don't know about men sometimes. I say "Well, if it's on fire, why didn't you take it out of the oven." "Well, I didn't know what you were doing or why you had the bag in the oven...maybe it was suppose to be on fire." LOL!

He really needs to learn how to cook something. Oh well...what can I do? He can sure aggravate me sometimes, but he also never fails to make me laugh...

Well gotta go and clean up the kitchen. BTW, I put out the fire (it only burned about the top half of the bag and the bread was still fine)but I have ashes strewn about... :-)



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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh and okay, maybe I used a few choice words as I was racing to the kitchen to put out the fire...

But now Mr. Smartypant's is playing this song by Lyle Lovett for me:

She hates my mama
She hates my daddy too
She loves to tell me
She hates the things I do
She loves to lie beside me
Almost every night
She's no lady she's my wife

The preacher asked her
And she said I do
The preacher asked me
And she said yes he does too
And the preacher said
"I pronounce you 99 to life"
"Son, she's no lady she's your wife"

And I can't remember
How I met her
Seems like she's always just been hanging here off my right arm
And I can't remember
How I ever
Thought that I just couldn't live without a woman's charm

And even though
She loves the smell of french perfume
And even though
She walks around in high-heel shoes
All I know
Is I'm the one who pays her price
Man she's no lady she's my wife

:-) Can't help it...the man makes me laugh and well, it's all true, except I don't hate his mamma or his daddy...LOL!


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Good evening friends..
Tomorrow Ill work a half day and start the deconstruction of Christmas décor our forecast promises rain on and off over the New Year, so I dont expect much rose pruning will be done. BILs are reporting snow in Portland tonight.

Ei , I do enjoy the personalized, hand made gifts. Your jewelry is so pretty and Ill bet matched up nicely to the recipient ..There are quite a few of us on Facebook , but most will visit here as well. Some post more on FB and some post more here .
Lol, your tale of the firey bread bag..

Now that I am home, Marties post is normal and there is no side-scroll needed. Go figure.

Later all, time to cook up some grub,

Kathy in Napa

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Here are the resized pictures. The scrolling thing was weird. Now that I'm home its fine. Must have been a GW thing.

Ei, I love the jewelry. Each one seems to be so well thought out, especially the one for your DS. Maybe you can get a picture of him wearing it.

The house is getting somewhat back in order. I'll leave the decorations up until after Saturday when we have our final gathering here.

-10 this a.m. brrrr.

Tomorrow night we will take Kenzie out to for dinner - her choice. I suppose McDonalds will be the choice. I plan to bring a few games along to play. Since its an hour round trip it doesn't make a lot of sense to bring her here for the few hours we'll have her.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well thanks for letting me know Kathy. Do you hear from Taryn? If you do, please tell her "Hi". She wrote to me once about a year ago. She was having some troubles at the time. I wrote her back, but never heard back and that was about the time my computer crashed. It wiped out my whole address book. In fact I lost everyone's email address. If you hear from T, Jain, & Honey please tell them "Hi" from me too.

I'll be dismanteling the Christmas stuff too, except I'll leave the tree and the outdoor decorations until New Years Day. No plans for New Years Eve this year. Will be with friends on New Years Day seeing a Fab Four (cover band) with friends...it should be fun. And of course Paul & I will do our traditional New Years Hike with Scout. Plan to be back here before then, but if I can't get back before then...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Have a wonderful time with Kenzie, Michelle.

Thanks about the jewelry, but I'm going to have to take them off and not sure if I'll post pics here anymore. I know you said PB automatically sizes your pics, but it doesn't seem to do that for me, either they are too small or too big and it's frustrating for me.

Good Night All!


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Ei, I use Picassa and I can choose the pic size when I post-Picassa is free and I use it for photo organizing and editing , and I use the Picassa web album for posting here. There are also no ads- I like that ! I usually choose 640x429 or thereabouts. Taryn was before my time ans was Jain, but she has a blog , linked below ..Happy New Year ! I'm so glad you are posting and hope you will stay awhile !

Kathy in Napa

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Good Morning Idylls..just a test here , Martie and Chelones posts from this morning have dissapeared, no posts from today on dicussions either.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:56AM
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Yes, everything from this morning is gone, including a new non-scrolling Idyll 466 and a half that I started. I think this Idyll was up to 51 posts so we lost 5 plus the new Idyll. Wonder if they'll be restored?


    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 12:27PM
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My first comment of the day was that the scrolling back and forth was very frustrating and wondering if we should abandon this thread and start a new one. Woodie agreed so I did that and posted the following, which luckily I still had saved. I won't start another one in case the missing posts are restored.

Martie if you could just take down the double picture that would solve the problem for those of us having trouble I think.

Here's a repeat of my earlier post, with some revisions...

Good morning, Still packing things away and cleaning out the refrigerator here. For some reason, every year after Christmas is over I feel like reorganizing everything. Lots of pitching stuff going on here from magazines, to cleaning out the pantry to tossing sad looking plants. Wondering if anyone's doing any New Year's resolutions? I don't do resolutions, so to speak, but do usually think of a couple of goals and/or changes I'd like to work on for the year. One of mine is going to be eating related. I think they call it "eating cleaner". I've got a few more ideas rolling around in my head too that haven't quite jelled. One thing I probably should work on is less internet time. We'll see about that one:)

Ei, Thanks for sharing your jewelry with us. What a neat hobby. That's another of my ideas for the new year, finding more time to work on creative pursuits.

In answer to your question Ei, yep, there are quite a few Idyllers who are on FB. I took a quick count and came up with 21 of us who have FB accounts. And yep, some post there regularily that don't post here much or not at all anymore. Sue, Monique, Cynthia, T, Brenda, Jerri to name a few. Babs has shown up there, but not much and not in awhile. There are also those who have FB accounts but rarely post there. Then there are many of us who still post in both places. It's lots of fun over there, lots of daily sharing going on and lots of pictures. They're so much easier to post there. I like the privacy aspect of FB myself. Some say you don't get as indepth with conversations there, which is true, but if you're chatting back and forth with someone all day, it's surprising how much you know about what's going on with them. I like both places but sometimes don't have time to keep up here.

I've got the rest of the afternoon to finish boxing up Christmas and putting it back on it's shelf for another year. Definitely not as much fun packing it away as it was getting it out. Hope you all have a great day!


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Ei, hysterical! I just read both posts (bag on fire and Lyle Lovett) to DH. I'm not sure he was quite as amused as I-too close for comfort, perhaps? I'm leaning toward no sense of humor...

I have come down with a cold-blowing and sneezing all morning-ugh. DH suggested dinner out at one of our favorite local spots for the first time in ages. I am determined to go despite my uncanny resemblance to Rudolph at the moment-not to be confused with Candy, the cute little elf!

Love your photos Michelle. Hope dinner with Kenzie tonight is full of laughter for all of you.

Candy-oh no! I will miss your health tips.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 2:44PM
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Thanks, Eden. I haven't had any scrolling issues. According to Murphy's archiving laws, I'm fairly sure if I post this crapulous photo of me in a bathrobe giving Ein his Christmas Eve bath (he was invited for dinner too), the rest of the thread will be safely preserved for posterity. So here's the thread-saving photo:

So nice to see Kenzie make her idyll photo Christmas appearance, along with Candy the Elf. Ei's jewelry gifts are wonderful. Judging by the incendiary bread crumbs story, Ei and her DH make quite the comic duo.

V, Gorgeous prairie calendar. The scale of Martie's village surprises every year. What a production! Chelone's window pediments came out smashing. Our house is still in full holiday regalia til after the new year. I did bake bread, and it is still magic, and really so much easier than all the other stuff I made. David and TCS's gifts sounded pretty cool, the rollercoaster setup and Lego. Nice assist by the BILs in taming Cecil B. And Paris in spring, Mary -- jealous! And what a lot of family 'bug's DSIL has.

Gifts are always low key here. Dune gave me the book The White Garden, which I read day after Christmas. Very puzzled by this technique of using historical figures as plot props, like turning Leonard Woolf and John Maynard Keynes into Soviet spies, not to mention characterizing Virginia Woolf as a pathetic victim. Fast read but slightly appalled by it.

I'm laying low today. There's a light drizzle, perfect day for starting seeds indoors. Yesterday I took my mom and the niece visiting from Wyoming thrift-shopping. She's here on winter break, staying with my mom, an arrangement that brought much relief to her parents. I'm looking for an old beat-up piece of furniture to repurpose into a closet/armoire thingy. Niece finds lots of hipster clothes and gets a tip from the cashier with a face full of iron where the nearest tattoo/piercing shop is. Niece says she needs "jewelry," and I had noticed that one of her earrings lost a back, so it all seemed pretty harmless. I drop her at the shop, parked in the 24-minute zone. Checking out the crew loitering outside the shop, I opt to keep my mom inside the car. Niece returns approx 5 minutes later with the ear plugs that gradually increase the size of the piercing hole in the ear incrementally. Which was kinda sneaky of her, the little stinker, since that's technically more than jewelry -- it's body altering. Her parents detest what she's been doing with the body piercings, and now auntie will seem the enabler. After lunch she asked if we could go back and have the plugs put in by the "cute" guy there. Knowing she'd find her way back, come hell or high water, I opted to escort her back, waiting with mom in the car again, and she had the plugs put in, probably less than 1/4 inch round. She's 20, willful, silly, boy-crazy, and flush with holiday gift cash. Also gets straight A's, attends college on scholarship. She's had loads of piercings already -- eyebrows, tongue, etc, but still, what a family "public relations" disaster. Now she's looking for where the party action is for New Year's Eve. Oy! If we can just keep the rest of her visit uneventful till the plane takes her away on Sunday...

Are the holidays over yet?

Hope you feel better soon, Cyn, and that a day in the recliners was all Deanne needed to head back out to the bird blind in the electric booties. Saucy, I do hope you feel supported here! Waving to all.

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Hello everyone

Here is today's basket of eggs:

I'm still figuring out our new computer and the new picture hosting site DH is having me try out. While I'm typically a quick study, new things on the computer seem to take me forever....


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Add me to the ones having scrolling problems.
And to the ones on Facebook.
I was having to open my entire page to see the
previous threads. But this one is much worse!
Cutting your sentences short, as I did here,helps.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Scrolling is maddening here too... Marian that is clever - I'm only reading what I can see on the left side of the screen.

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My post from this morning is gone too.
Oh well I meant what I said. LOL

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 7:48PM
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Since we can't read this thread I'll settle for posting a few pictures from Christmas Eve at home and Christmas at Jen's.

Dr. Isabella


Jenni and Kate

Papa and Kate


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I was thinking maybe the scroll issue had to do with ones web browser- I have IE at the awfice and Firefox at home. I tried opening the thread at home with IE, which I still have on my computer, to see if that was the problem, but it looks ok . So at work I have the sideways scroll bit, but not at home. Go figure. So , I guess if we all post madly we can get to 100 for the New Year ..

Wow, Eden , that Dr get-up on Bella is sure an upgrade from what we had when we were kids ! Not to mention the vegetable stand.

Denise, nice deal that the bathhouse can double as a doggy spa for Einwho looks pretty content in the water. Did you tart him up with frou-frou boutique doggie-shampoo ? And thank you for the term crapulous which I feel might need to be the antithesis of Fabu-Fabu.

Mary, what a beautiful bunch of eggs ! You should do the pin-hole thing and make a permanent display-not like your going to run out or anything, lol. I must assume that the feather ladies are warm and comfortable in their winter lodgings. I was at Whole Foods today and noticed that the book store which is in the same shopping center had a big 20% off banner up, so I wandered over and came out with 7 books . I am woefully behind on reading; I always used to read at least one a week , but I have slowed down to a crawllike Eden this is something that I have as a goal for the 2010; to get back up to pace.

All for now, may post again just to move things forward. !

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Okay...I wasn't going to say anything
about the scrolling, but yes I'm having
a problem too.

Good idea Marian...I'll try to keep
my post short too...though that
really *is* asking a lot...lol!

So you are on FB too Marian? Hmmm. It
took a lot for me just to feel
semi-comfortable posting on GW,
so I don't think I'd ever join
another chat room, but
sure miss "seeing" all the girls.

Thanks for the link to Jain, Kathy.
I plan on checking it out more later.
But I did see lots of beautiful pics.
Jain's amazing! Thanks too for the
Picassa suggestion. Maybe I'll give
that one a try...I'm with you on the
advertisements on PB.

Oh no..no more health tips..don't stop
now Candy...I've been loving your pics.
The little beagle (?)is a heart melter. :-)

Sorry about the cold Cindy...see Candy
we need more health tips! :-)

And where is this mysterious Eileen I
hear you guys talking about? I can't
wait to meet her so I can say
"Welcome Eileen"...that will be fun...LOL!

Mary the eggs are *beautiful*. I
remember in an old Martha Stewart
mag I had she had a bunch of beautifully
colored eggs in a basket that she
collected from her chickens and I
remember thinking...how will she ever
eat them...they are too beautiful
to crack....I'm thinking the same
thing now. :-)

Eden...I really love Bella...she is
such a character, so into everything
she does...that's great! She'll make
a great doctor some day, actually she'll
make a great whatever she wants to be.
That Kate is pretty darn cute too. Are
you having twice the fun with two? :-)

Omigosh Denise...is that the addition
you did earlier this year? I *love* it!
Looks like something right out of the pages
of this book I have called
"Creating the Peaceful Home".
And actually, I think you look pretty
schnazy in your bathrobe. Ein is sure
living the life of Riley.

Okay...off to do the things I
should be doing...

And a "Hi" to Norma...sorry I
missed your post.


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And by the way, Select Seed catalog in my mailbox tonight !

Ei, we have had 2 posts I think from Eileen, but not heard from lately ...c'mon out Eileen !

Kathy in Napa

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I'll post again to move things along.
I think Martie must have two picture tags
on the same line and that's causing the
scrolling problem. It's happened before
when someone posts side by side or too
large photos.

Mary, your eggs immediately reminded me
of Martha Stewart too. Such soft colors.
So pretty.

Candy, thanks for posting your photo.
It does help to be able to "see" each
other I think.

Another on who loves the bath house,
Denise. Does Ein enjoy a bath? He
doesn't look like he minds it. Sounds
like your niece is keeping you on your
toes. I don't miss the days of raising

So what's everyone doing for New Year's
Eve? It's probably my least favorite
holiday. We'll have Bella here. Megan's
working. We may go out for an early dinner
and maybe a movie of her choosing. I'm
choosing the restaurant though. No Happy
Meal for me.

Michelle, I'm so happy that you got to
spend some time with Kenzie. I know you'd
eat all the McDonald's in the world as
long as she was there. So would I for that

Ei, on FB you can totally control who reads
what you write due to privacy settings. Much
more so than here. No lurkers!

One more post down on this crazy thread.


    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 9:54PM
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Kathy, the two seed catalogs I got yesterday brings my total to 11 so far.


    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 9:56PM
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No scroll issues on my laptop.
I didn't even realize there was an issue.

With no lurkers, we'd have no
Candy, Kathy, Cyn or I Lean.
It's a trade off :)

I love the egg basket,
and I'd blow them for an omelette
just to save the eggs, too.
Now that we get farm fresh
eggs from hens who live the
good life, I think of you,
Mary, each time I crack one.
Ours are covered in droppings
and feathers, and I often wonder
if yours are too!
I wash mine before putting them in the fridge.

Ein looks like he enjoyed the spa treatment.
I enjoyed crapulous, too, as that
sums up my mood sometimes :)
Of course I feel supported here,
and just typing how I feel helps some.

The moon was so bright shining
in my window this morning that
I was prompted to exclaim,
"that moon!" just like in Moonstruck.
It was low in the sky and was
shining right in the window
across from my bed...right onto our faces!

I hope GB is keeping warm
and having a wonderful
time with her grandbabies.

I can't believe it's been
a decade since we all thought
the world would stop
(I didn't believe it for a second)
and anarchy would rein!
I did work in HR at the
time and had to do a great
deal of upgrades to make
sure our systems didn't
think it was 1900...

Good night all.


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You're right, Saucy. We wouldn't have new members without having lurkers too. It is a tradeoff. I just think that sometimes we think we're more sheltered here than we really are. In "real life" I'm a pretty private person and I guess that's why it creeps me out if I start thinking about people reading Idylls like a cheap novel, lol. So I just really try not to think about it.


    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 10:37PM
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I forgot
to shorten
my lines
in that
last post:)

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 10:38PM
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Scrolling issues here, too, so time
To mobilize and move things along. Ill
Just sit here with my glass of Riesling
And fire off posts. Should type
In the box though as this processor
Insists on capitalizing the first word of
Each line!

Cyn feel better soon! Colds are such a
Miserable nuisance, at least youre on break
And can get rest instead of soldiering on
At school. I did finally locate a few
Health tips I misplaced in the wrong
Folder but those are the last. Might have
To start posting just a random pic of the

Denise, I wish I knew how the bath house
Came into existence; it looks really cool.
Ein looks so well behaved I bet you didnt
Even get very wet. And yeah, your robe
Appears classy compared to my fuzzy fleece.
The niece was active in her quest for piercing
Before she arrived so her parents know she
Doesnt rely on enabling. Hope shes not
Stressing out your mom, geeez.

Michelle, what a sweet little face your
Kenzie has! I know a grandmas girl
When I see one and that has to be her
Very own pint size garden shed in the photo.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:02PM
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Lol Eden
Reading the Idylls
like a cheap novel !
Maybe one day we'll make
the NY Times Book Review :

"Stunning in it's grasp
of the human condition, heartwarming
in it's unconditional friendship,
and the pics , by god, are simply Fabu-Fabu.
The Idylls are clearly the most
outstanding read of the year -possibly the

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:03PM
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LOL, Kathy

Cheers! To a rollicking good review...

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:10PM
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Candy, you shouldn't have said anything. I thought you were just being poetic or something by capitalizing the first word of each line:) And I agree that the first thing I always think when I see a Kenzie photo is how sweet she is.

Kathy, there's an idea. Let's publish it and all split the profits, lol!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

JUST back from an amazing Alberta
ranch visit. Still too much food, lots
of snow too.

No computer woes detected from this laptop.

Not able to do photos or detailed updates
from here.

Loved the egg photo as well as Ein's
bath shot. :)

Can't wait to share horse photos....

More later.
Joy to all!

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:21PM
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Welcome back 'bug !

    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:42PM
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Mary, gosh! Those delicate pastel
Shades remind me of desert watercolors.
Have the girls been laying these the whole
Time or is this unusual? Maybe its the
Cold weather, lol. No, seriously, Sorry
If I missed the explanation but the scrolling
Does interfere with concentration.

Norma, your comment about your
Lost post struck me as hilarious!

EiIm waiting for a picture of that
Purple nail polish.

FB must have a very different format that
People enjoy. I suppose it depends on your
Computer habits, right Eden? I think you
Mentioned talking off and on during the day
So being at a desk or near the computer a lot
During the day would make it appealing.

Good to see a post from you Saucy! Now, I
Must clarify my prior status, lol. I had the
Highest scruples when I found the Idylls. I
Realized I had to either quit coming back
Because lurking was not for me OR I had
To knock on the door, which I did, and the
Dog beater let me in.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just a quick post to help things
move along.

Welcome home Bug!

Candy...If I can get up the nerve
I'll see if I can scare up a pic
of me in my elf hat...but I do
mean scare...lol! After all, us
5' gals gotta stick together.

And who said "I Lean"? Do you know
that's how I introduce myself to
little kids? I tell them my name
is "Ei" (and I point to my eye), "Lean"
and then I lean over. Kids have
a hard time with my name for some
reason. My brother used to call
me Eeany because he couldn't say
Eileen. Unfortunately the name stuck
for many years, due to my short
stature. :-) I make sure everyone
gets it right the first time now...

Eden...do you worry about someone
busting into your privacy there?
Plus, I don't understand the etiquette
thing (though I've been reading
a little about FB). I guess I'm
just paranoid. :-)

And I have to 2nd Eden...Kenzie is a
doll. Of course Candy if you saw
all the women in Michelle's family
you would see why Kenzie couldn't
help but be such a sweet & pretty girl

Chelone...I've had a serious
jewelry problem ever since I was a
little kid. As DH likes to say
"Ei is easily distracted by shiny
things...kind of like a crow that way"
I hear you on the earrings...
I've lost many an earring myself.
Now I only buy leverbacks or the
old fashioned pierced screwback type.

Good Night All, if I don't see you
tomorrow I'll see you in 2010.


    Bookmark   December 30, 2009 at 11:57PM
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Hi 'bug! We're having a little marathon
here. And I'm getting a head start on
New Year's Eve :-)

C'mon now, Kathy?...you still awake?

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 12:09AM
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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

P.S. Candy...I do believe that Marian
is a might on the petite side too.
(sounds so much nicer than short...lol)
Right Marian? ;-)

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 12:10AM
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Does she have an elf hat?

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 12:20AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Health tip of the day: Always wear sunscreen

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 12:32AM
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OK, I'm turning this over to the morning gang
to finish it up. Time to go to bed before DH
comes in and finds me with my forehead on the
keyboard :-)

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 12:50AM
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Well, that was fun!

Ei, I was referring to the new "I Lean"
because you are just "I" to my Idyll eyes.
My husband thinks its funny to say "Hygiene" to me
because part of my name is Jean. He likes
to joke that when we got married
it was, "I Nick, take Eugene" Let me
tell you, he's just full of 'em.

The cat is behaving strange this morning.
She's behind furniture and up and
down the stairs. I must have a mouse.

Glad to see GB is back! Looking forward to
hearing all about the trip.

I guess I'm going to get off of the
computer and get ready for work.
I'm trying to get things all
wrapped up there. I am thinking
of new adventures for myself.
My resume is going to get
a makeover this weekend :)

Have fun! I like it when
you chat it up around here.
Though my mind has a hard
time with the shortened text.
Of course my mind has trouble
with a lot these days :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

You are right Ei, I am a mite on the short side.
I used to be 5'2", but am now only 5'. :-(
But my dear mom was only 4'10".

No Candy, I don't have an elf hat. :-)

BTW, for all that was happy that my shoulder
and arm was better....thanks, but it isn't . :-(
I am almost sure I will have to resort to that
painful shot.

The resident hooved rodents are having a hard time
finding food. They are keeping our yard well pruned.
I am afraid there may be little above ground plants
left by spring. I wish they liked hay. Oh well, I will
still have all my potted plants, and trees. :-)

Anyone staying up to see the New Year in tonight?
I fizzled out on doing that several years ago.


    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 9:59AM
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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Okay - this thread is a hoot - you have to admit! Frm the doublewide to the mini shorts we've got going on, it's quite a challenge to read, GW, -- I do believe it's a GW issue...

I tried to post a few days ago and thought it was the stinking Vista program here that seems to freeze - I definitely have issues pulling the threads up when there are lots of photos (what a bummer) from home, le grand sigh...

So I've now missed most of the delightful (Im sure) sights of Ei's jewels, and Kenzie photos (but I see a couple got reposted) so Im so glad to see.

Mary - those are indeed glorious Easter basket type eggs -- too pretty to eat!

I've been running around doing vet appts., trying to find cleaning service, the annual squish test (which I uncategorically declare having been the very worst, most painful one I ever endured -- I think I have black and blue bruises today from it - Never before has that happened), and other fun things. I dont think FB is conducive to enlarging one's circle of NEW friends so that's something that's sad -- and the trivia knowledge that can become so helpful and important from sharing things -- LOL -- I am today very thankful for Sue's information about new toilets -- and was able to throw the word brand Toto into my plumber discussion when the need for a new toilet (2 in fact) has arisen early this a.m. -- if I need new ones, I dont want to know in the future there will be flush issues -- so -- gee, where would I have ever learned that most valuable info to file away for future use? I doubt Toto comes up in "conversation" on FB, LOL (altho I did just thank Sue for that knowledge)....

Ei - Im with you about losing the same 20 - it happens to me every year -- and Im right back to the Dec 2008 position - so yep, it's back on the list for starvation Jan 2010.... But my other resolution (which I rarely even make) is to get control of the house and clean issues - thanx to Saucy's suggestion to keep looking for that "magic" when I was stood up by the first cleaner on Monday, I have a service coming in on Monday to at least get me going -- Im hoping to make it a monthly event somehow (& will gladly give up a new cell phone or other indulgences to make it happen in the imaginary budget)...

Well, I better see if this posts.... and how wide, LOL.
I'll be hunkered in for the Eve - it's been sleeting here -- no cranberries to be found at a grocery store, so I guess no crustless cranberry pie that I hope to do tonite...

Waving to all, and hope to check in again later...


    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 10:41AM
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Checking in from the awfice here..
as we continue the Express-Idyll..

Ei, lol Eeany .

Marian, is that bursitus (sp?)
that you have going on ? My BIL has it too,
I leant him my oral surgery ice-packs while
he was here for Christmas, and it helped
some. He too is trying to avoid the
shot.No stay up till midnight here for me ..
The last time I did that was 2000.


Kathy in Napa

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 10:54AM
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Hi all, still here and enjoying reading and looking at all the wonderful photos! I have to admit I'm not quite so comfy yet at just jumping in and posting but I'm sure I will get into the flow.
Kathy in Napa, Saucy and all maybe it's too confusing since Full Bloom is named Eileen? If so you can just call me Shade, that's what they do on the hosta forum, either way doesn't matter.
Kathy, I have my Select Seed cat. too, there are some goodies in there, I must restrain myself!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 10:54AM
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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, I went to an orthopedist a year or so ago for
the left shoulder, and ended up getting that
horrible shot. I am not exactly sure what he
diagnosed the problem to be. I thought rotator cuff,
and that may be it, although it was not torn.
It may be partly from the boney spurs in my neck,
pressing on nerves. And partly from arthritis.
I have always said I was defective merchandise, and
needed to be sent back to the factory. LOL

BTW, I am not even trying to read the posts that are a page and a half wide!
I find it very easy to read the short ones.

The temps started out in the 30s this morning, but are
to start dropping soon. I have done all my outside chores.
Wood in. Ashes out. Trash burned.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 11:06AM
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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Howdy again!

I'm home... in Edmonton, not Ontario yet.
That will be Sunday or Monday.
We were away at DSIL's oldest brother's ranch.
Heaven for dogs, cats, horses and family.
Photos later.
Missing Phoebe and the felines,
though I sleep better without 3 cats in my bed.

Marian, I seldom make it past midnight, but
perhaps I will if I get a few naps in today. ;)

Cindy, check the frozen food section for the
cranberries. That's where they store them to
preserve them.

Time for breakfast here and then some chaos
regarding Skyler visiting people at different
locations with different parents. UGH!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 11:08AM
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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Shame on you guys...I should be
outside snowblowing the drive...
instead you entice me here. :-)

Welcome Eileen! :-) You know I
just *had* to say it, but sincerely
glad to meet you.

Lol Saucy...your DH is a card.
Can't help it I love humor and
the cornier the better. I nearly
spit out my coffee on "Eugene".
Have to admit it took me a minute
to get Hygiene. :-)

Sorry about the shoulder Marian.
I've always thought life was a
bit screwed up. Seems it should
be easier as you get older, after
all the younger ones can tolerate
it better. And we should have
our full set of brains when we're
kids so we can make good decisions.
And then have lots of fun and no
worries as we get older. :-)

Hi Cindy...it's good to see you.
I'll be hunkered down NY eve too.
Like Marian,I'm over the partying on
NY eve phase of my life. I agree
with Eden, it's probably my least fave.
But going to a Beatles (cover band)
concert on NY day...should be

Lol Candy...where do you find all these
cute dogs?

P.S. Marian...ya caught me. I wasn't
sure whether it was supposed to be
"might" or "mite". But I can see now
why "mite" would make more sense! :-)
Love reading how old slang got started..
I should get a book.

I'm kinda enjoying these "off the cuff"
posts...maybe I could learn a thing or
two and not be such a blabber.

Now, where did that Chelone get off

Okay I off to venture outside...brrr!

Have a good day all!


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Sneaking in...

Hi there Eilleen II ,aka Shade-
we had a 'Shady Lady' guest from
another forum (New England maybe ?)
that joined us for one of our gardens
at IU5 . Glad you braved the waters again-
it takes awhile to get everyone squared
away. Don't give up the ship !

I'd like to get rid of 20 too Cindy, and have
done so before. The best approach was the
walking regimen, which I actually enjoy, but
it has to be at a brisk pace and at least 15
miles a week before it does any good. I don't
have a hard time cutting out sweets, but cheese
is another story !

Back later...

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I guess that should have been blabber-*er*.

Okay Candy, not up to the elf yet,
but here's my purple fingers for you.
It almost looks black in the pic, but isn't,
it's called "dark purple" and looks almost
like a dark garnet. I made the pic smaller
to save myself from the harsh realities
of a blow up. :-)

Well, I think this will be it for me
today. I've got to see if I can
find my mom's old "special occasion"
seafood salad. Think I'll make it for
tonight. I remember it's an olive
oil and lemon base with endive, shrimp
and crab, but I can't remember
what else was in it.

So off to the store with me. If I
can't find the recipe, maybe my
sis will remember it.



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, I do cheese and nuts instead of meat.
I'm not a big meat eater. Mind you,
I have more than 20lbs to get rid of.
Doesn't help that there's more company
coming tonight, so DD and I just prepared
an apple/cranberry/raspberry pie.

Some day perhaps we'll make a list of Eileens and
Cynthias and so on so this old lady can
identify who I am writing to!?

Hi Woody! Thinking of you and Randy and the doggies.

Laundry time...and maybe a walk. (-25C today)

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 1:26PM
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Dios mio, you Canadians are tough stock !
I am ashamed to say that I only walk if it's
above 45 ! What a zone 9 wimp I am..
I don't eat much meat either 'bug, maybe twice a
week-I think the volume of the cheese is my issue, lol !

I will be monitoring the situation closely
to see if Ei does in fact stay away for the
rest of the day.

Kathy in Napa

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Zone 5 wimp here. I'm a
fair weather walker. But
that's -25c, right? Which
makes it not soooo bad.

Ei, love the nail polish
color. I bought Bella a bottle
each of red and green sparkley
to wear for the holidays. I can't
remember the last time I had
polish on my nails. Makes them
feel like they can't breathe, if
that makes any sense.

Ei, no privacy issues for any of us
on FB that I know of.

I could go for the 20 lb. weight loss too.
If only we were all just a couple of inches
taller we'd be perfect, right?

Trying to move this annoying Idyll along.
We're almost to the end!


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Snowing here and will likely turn to rain which I hope doesn't freeze on surfaces. That diminishes the pretty part of it and increases the danger factor significantly. Eden, you are such a weather wuss! if you spend all your time counting the days until the vernal equinox you'll miss all the fun of the here and now. ;)

I have to make myself get outdoors at this time of year. The boundless enthusiasm of that brindle dope and the knowledge that a daily dose of UV and fresh air keeps the doldrums at bay is what inspires me. When I had horses and lived in a far colder place than I do now I never recall being cold in the winter. I dressed appropriately and was simply too busy taking care of necessary business to notice.

Incidently, I had no scrolling issues, either. And what is up with iVillage, anyway? maybe they should ask Spike for some pointers on how to run the site... . One more post to get us over the magic 100 number.

Lovely nail polish, Ei. Way back when (when I had my straight job and wore pantyhose) I used to have manicured nails. No kidding. I swore by Avon nail products and did my own nails. I could get nearly a week out of properly applied nail polish, and knew how to repair a torn nail. I used to love a deep burgundy or brown nail polish for winter, too. I never did manage to master the "French manicure" or the other style from the '40s where they used to accent the moons at the base of your fingernails. That looks super if you have long nails, BTW.

The big mirror is now on it's newly pickled frame, the thread rack is pickled, and the freshly painted pegboard rack is now in place in the Salon. I nearly had a stroke moving the mirror, it's 42"H x72"W and it's heavy. But it's done and it looks nice. I painted the dressing screen but didn't have the stomach to stand in line behind 2 dozen other women at JoAnn's (worst fabric store in the world), I failed in my mission to purchase fabric to cover the panels. I have to get the bookcase painted but am putting off the requisite sanding. I am goind to have the helpmeet assist me in putting up some shelf brackets to support some stereo components this afternoon, that will get them out of their temporary quarters (atop plywood across the railing around the stairwell).

Returned home with red wine, Champagne, potatoes, and milk. I will not be ringing in the New Year tonight, but we plan a celebration for tomorrow that involves a stuffed pork roast. Maybe Delicate Chocolate cake, too? Bagged cranberries are always in the produce department at the grocery store around here. I think they have the half life of disposable diapers and nuclear waste.

And yes, this is the hottest read out there, Kathy. The unconditional support of the Sisterhood, the matchless wit, and "tell it like it is" spirit aptly illustrated with photographs guarantees it, I think.

Hey Eden, why do you have chicken wire on the door into your kitchen?

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 2:32PM
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My comprehension's not the best when scrolling but I'll give a stab at replying to Chelone. It'll be one more post right?

Why do I have chicken wire on the door to my kitchen?

The door's there to keep the kitties out of the
kitchen. And the "screen" is chickenwire because
I like it better than regular screen. More see through
and I just like the look of it.

Chelone, the salon is really coming along. You're making it into a comfy yet organized work space.

I don't care how I dress...I despise snow...and don't think it's at all pretty...just cold and wet! Winter is not for me but I don't spend a whole lot of time
worrying about it. I'm not one to get the doldrums often at all. There's lots to do inside this time of year. Warm and cozy indoors! That's my motto for this season.

Bella and I are off to the bookstore.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My guess is that -25C is only -15F.
I'm still indoors though so far, with various duties.

Pantyhose? Chelone, do they still make them???
(Not much use on the farm... nor is nail polish
or lipstick, only chapstick.)

I need to grow about 10 inches I figure Eden....
and like Marian, I've been shrinking these days.

Back to baby business.

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Still no scrolling issues here, but this should put the wrap on the whole unhappy business.

I figured the chicken wire was a definite "look". Very clever!

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We are making substantial headway on this thread !
Home from the awfice so I no longer have to scroll,
But I will continue the columnar style to accommodate
My wide-screened friends.
2pm beer is poured (2pm comes early on New Years
Eve) Great White Beer from Lost Coast brewery in Eureka.

So maybe we should have a friendly 20pound a-thon this winter ?
And I say this as I am eating crackers and cheese and swilling beer
for lunch, lol. I do need to get rid of the leftover
Christmas cheese though.

I hope we will get a photo essay of the improvements
In the Salon Chelone. I didnt take a single photo of the
interior last summer , though I guess the myriad
Pics of vegetable world will have to do !

Eden, you cant go to the bookstore till you post a few
more times !

No nail polish here either..though I do like to
have the toes done upon occasion, since I rarely
use them for weeding, digging, or doing dishes.

Onward !

Kathy in Napa

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Well, it looks as though this title will be finished
By next year after all. Im glad we have no plans
To go out tonight, a nice change from other years.
Still, Im feeling a bit snarky because its likely
Someone will just drop by unexpectedly and
After the holiday rush, DH and I are ready for a
Quiet night to watch movies. One hates to
Answer the door in ones thermal long johns
Even if they do have a pretty floral pattern.

Ei, youre right the nail polish does look black
But dark garnet gives me a good idea of the true
Color. Your hand is very pretty, well
Manicured and sporting quite the ring!

Chelone, when are you going to post some
Salon pictures?! You are such a workhorse
In tackling major projects and perfecting new
Skills that you should be showing off these

Eileen, Ill be one to call you Shade. I recall
The name from the hosta forum, where I posted
A few times last summer, so it seems natural
And familiar to me.

Marian, that shot sounds scary but does it help?
Right away? Or does the shot have other
Unpleasant side effects? Ill keep my fingers
Crossed for you.

Health tip of the day: Keep regular bathroom habits.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)


over here....

(don't tell Kathy I was here).

But, after reading Eden's post
I now know what my New Year's
Resolution will be....

I'm going to grow 4"!

Remember...I wasn't here...


    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 4:06PM
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OK, your secret's safe with me :-)

    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 4:13PM
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Gotcha !

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Putting a fork in this thread.
Gratified that the idyll tradition
of Eden and Chelone sparring over
observance of days left to spring
is being upheld.

Ei, your hand and nails are gorgeous!
No painted nails here, ever, toes or
fingers. Drab suits me!

Candy, my cat Oskar would've made a
threesome on that toilet.
Marty and I, alone in our first
apartment ages ago, heard the bathroom
being used. We cautiously tip-toed
down the hall (expecting what?
An intruder with a weak bladder?)
and found Oskar perched on the throne,
with that fixed, glassy-eyed expression
cats get. Ah, old times...

Lasagna for five has morphed
into lasagna for eight and
possibly more (take-out order
has been adjusted!) The outdoor
fireplace area has been swept,
pots shoved out of the way,
rug laid down, chairs and benches
assembled. Indoors, have chased every
last dust bunny hopping over the
floors. We'll see how late
we make it. Happy New Year's Eve, idylls!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I'll give this thread another jab to make sure it's done, LOL --

Ei - love the nails and color (& the salad sounds major yummy!).

'bug and Chelone - Im sorry to report that the Giant food stores apparently dont know about the shelf life of cranberries - they can be found in neither fresh nor frozen form (luckily I have some of the latter in the freezer) -- I am not going to go on the NoVA quest to find the durned things today - I did however, decide, that an FB recommended ale could welcome in the new year - so Blue Moon it is...

Kathy - I had hard time stopping laughing at the "need to finish the Xmas cheese" -- I said tht w/ the fig/goat cheese appetizer -- until I discovered it seemed 5 lbs had hit the scales somehow.... so into the trash the last slurps went; and the ham to the freezer for travel to PA, etc....

Already hit the book store and stocked up on some mags (not enuf garden ones out right now, bummer); a couple of net flix, a pizza for later, and ta ta... I hope someone can start the New Year/ New Decade Idyll....
Jab, jab -- happy new year to all (Im happy to grow 4 Inches upward also if someone will supply the diet..).


    Bookmark   December 31, 2009 at 5:18PM
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