sunflower seedlings flopping over... help!

pokokpenyuApril 24, 2007

my sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, from a packet of yates seeds), germinated about 5 days ago. they were growing fine, if a bit leggy. but today, suddenly, they're starting to keel over! help!

the soil doesn't feel too damp, so i don't think it's damping off. my cat did try to attack it, so maybe it got damaged? what can i do? should i repot? should i add soil? should i try to stake them with a chopstick?

would really appreciate any ideas or advice! thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: close up photo of the sunflower seedlings

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mscratch(z6 S.E. Mo.)

They need light that is why they are so leggy. You can do all that you mentioned but it comes down to them needing more light.

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thanks for the tip :) i transplanted it last night, and put it under florescent light. looking much better today! yay!

Here is a link that might be useful: transplanting process and pix of how they look today

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Try direct seeding those sunflowers in the garden about May the 15th to May 25th. in zone five. I have never had a success transplanting a sunflower. My past attempts at potting and transplanting have done what your's are doing.

Plant them at least twelve to fifteen inches apart. Use two seeds per planting and cull for the best of the two. Cut do not pull your cull. Pulling will harm the keeper's small tender root system.

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I wish I could, but at the moment, I'm gardening out of a balcony, which means I have to rely on pots, pots and more pots. I planted them about 2-4 to a pot, depending on the size of the pot, giving myself a 50% chance of failure.

They are looking alright so far. Still standing upright, and new leaves are forming. Hopefully they keep that up!

But I'll be moving soon to a house with a raised plant box. Planning to plant a whole row of sunflowers - mixed between Mexican and this one. Not sure if I should transplant what I already have or leave them as it is. Maybe I'll just start afresh. Wish me luck! :)

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