Best No-Spray Yellow Shrubs

barbarag_happyFebruary 15, 2013

Sunshine Daydream, the yellow KnockOut, Limoncello-- suitable for a nice mass planting in an organic rose garden.
No doubt there are others, suggestions and comments please!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Depends where you are. What is healthy in California may be a giant black pustule in Florida.

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Oops forgot! Hot humid coastal Virginia, just north of the Great Dismal Swamp!
And west of Virginia Beach...

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fig_insanity Z7a E TN

Here it's :

Carefree Sunshine (another Radler rose, prettier than the Sunny Knock Out)

Limoncello (a bloom MACHINE),

Grandma's Yellow ("Nacogdoches Rose", up for designation as Texas' official yellow rose)


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

John, You can actually get Nacogdoches Rose to grow here? I've had mine 3 years and it hasn't done a thing! Is yours ownroot or on rootstock? Mine is ownroot, and I wonder if thats the problem...

As for blackspot resistant yellows, I haven't really come across many besides Limoncello. Even my Sunshine Daydream blackspots in my no-spray garden! A couple in the yellow family that are blackspot resistant for me are Caramella Fairytale & Music Box. I've also heard good things about Golden Fairytale & Teasing Georgia, but have no first hand experience with them. Other's have said Irish Hope does well, but mine is fairly blackspotted (but I may have a different BS strain than people who have done well with it).


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seil zone 6b MI

Julia Child is fairly blackspot resistant for me and blooms all season.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

John Clements used to claim that his rose Morning Has Broken (a single, if I remember correctly) was as disease-resistant as a rose could get. It has a very pretty shade of yellow and doesn't fade, or not very much (if I'm remembering correctly--haven't seen it for about 5 years now). I always wondered why it didn't take off and become more popular.


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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

'Carefree Sunshine' has proven itself in the toughest blackspot areas, including my own garden. It can get some cercospora spot, but this is a much lesser problem. In some years, cercospora has it looking a bit ratty by late season.

It is one of the first repeaters to bloom, and it gives fast, heavy repeat bloom throughout the season provided it is deadheaded. The soft yellow color mixes easily in the garden, and the dense, bright green foliage is very attractive. There is a slight, fresh fragrance. With deadheading, mine stays around 4' high and has spread 6' wide.

This is a wonderful shrub rose.

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I'll second, or third, Carefree Sunshine. While we don't have any blackspot pressure, it does get cold (-5 a couple of weeks ago). CS comes back every year, is covered in blooms, has that light yellow that goes with everything (as mentioned earlier), and can be deadheaded with reckless abandon (i.e. just whack it back with some regularity, a glass of wine in one hand and some shears in the other). Even freezing down to almost the mulch line, it will be 3'x4' in June.

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'Carefree Sunshine' & 'High Voltage' have done well for me in respect to black spot resistance & surviving z4 winters.

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Wow, thank you ALL for these responses.
Kate, I too have wondered about Morning Has Broken (I actually ordered it but received Mme. Plantier instead--!!)
I think I saw a mass planting of Carefree Sunshine at the Museum of Art in Raleigh NC & it was gorgeous and healthy.
Great to have another vote for Limoncello-- bloom machine is what we're looking for, as the gazebo in the center of this garden is becoming popular for weddings.
Not all Texas roses can handle our humidity here, so glad to hear that Nacogoches is good elsewhere, makes me want to try it!
I love Caramel Fairy Tale but it does get BS here---we included 3 plants in a Fairy Tale border and hope its healthy enough to stay. Lions Fairy Tale is currently the standout in the Fairy Tale border-- always has blooms!

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Morning has Broken is nice, not exactly disease free though, at least here in NYC. I've had it since it was introduced and it's not a single, but it doesn't have a lot of petals. Kind of nice actually. Very bright yellow against bright green leaves. But growing it no-spray, it gets kind of sloppy late in the summer. I was just thinking about that this morning and wondering if I should replace it with something else.

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Carefree Sunshine in my no spray north east Ohio garden.

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fig_insanity Z7a E TN

Tammy, my Nacogdoches Rose does very well. It's an own root from Chamblee's. Three years old, I think? I do spray occasionally, once or twice in the Spring, then I let my roses fend for themselves until Fall, when I MIGHT spray another couple of times. But NR hasn't needed much help. She's in full sun until 5pm, in an area with good air flow. That might help. I also dis-budded her the first year to force growth. I do that with most of my roses, unless I know they are rambunctious growers no matter what :)

You might want to dis-bud yours this year (early and often!), and make sure she's well mulched and fertilized. Sometimes they just get off on the wrong foot!


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buford(7 NE GA)

I would just like to add that the Great Dismal Swamp is aptly named.

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Buck roses such as Prairie Harvest and April Moon are disease resistant. There are also some yellow Easy Elegance roses.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

For an example of the Easy Elegance roses, Yellow Submarine has been hardy, healthy, steadily blooming, and a relatively non-fading yellow in my no spray zone 5 yard. Loosely shaped blooms and not any fragrance I can detect, but you can't have it all


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I love the fragrance of Prairie Harvest, nice bush and it repeats well. Like many yellow shrubs it fades to almost a cream color tho! Does well early in season but loses most of its leaves as season progresses.
I am growing a Meilland grandiflora called Sunshine Daydream-- makes a nice low bush. Not certain if it will have the disease resistance we need, so I bought one to test!
Any reports from Gulf Coast or mid Atlantic on Nacogdoches rose? Our humidity here is about twice that of Texas!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I'm probably coming in her too lete now, but recently I was noticing some lovely pictures of Austin's Charlotte--that is one really good-looking yellow rose on a bush about 5 x 4. You might want to give it a second look also.


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Sadly, Austins don't do well here. In fact the local botanical garden put in a huge planting (roughly 12 X 80 feet) and lost about 70% of the initial bushes. And they spray like maniacs, since the garden is composed mainly of hybrid teas.

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I have great results with Sunsprite. Have just planted South Africa,Teasing Georgia and Golden Fairytale. All three are supposed to be black spot resistance. JC does not do as well as Sunsprite for me in terms of disease resistance.

Checkout the rose list at NY botanic garden. They do not spray. I think they have Yellow Submarine.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

I don't spray, but the only two yellows that are quite winter hardy and that I have never seen infected with any disease after a few years in my garden are Golden Fairy Tale and Carefree Sunshine.

Golden Wings isn't bad here, but will get some late season BS. Same for Teasing Georgia.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

I forgot one. The Buck rose Golden Unicorn is also disease free here after 3 years. It is more apricot yellow than a true yellow, but a good rose. Just wish the blooms lasted longer in the heat.

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This is mid-Atlantic blackspot hell, so many roses which are perfectly resistant elsewhere don't do well here. Even the Bucks-- only the pink shrub Carefree Beauty hangs onto its leaves.
I have hopes for Caramella Fairy Tale, which we have in the garden. Elsewhere I've seen a lot of BS on Caramella FT but we have it in an ideal situation here, full sun all day. Cross fingers!
Am giving up on this idea for now. Others in the horticulture dept. were skeptical that ANY yellow rose would look good all season. So we are ordering an Earthkind tea, Mme. Antoine Mari, which has a uniquely delicate beauty. It's sort of a blush color with darker outer petals (we'll SEE just how dark they are in July & August!!).

Thanks for your help. Next season I plan to remove the worst of the nekkid Bucks-- Folksinger, Pearlie Mae and Golden Unicorn. So I may still get a chance to try a couple yellows.

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