Viburnum Question

MelisaM72March 26, 2014

At my previous house, I had a shrub/small tree that I'm 99% sure was Viburnum. I don't know what variety, though. I was hoping someone here could help me with that. The flowers looked like the "snowball" ( or "viburnum grandiflora" ( that I'm seeing in a Google search. This was the most fragrant plant I have ever had, and I want another one! Does anyone know which viburnums are the most fragrant?

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I have a similar one, and it's called Korean Spice.
It smells even stronger than a lilac, right? Small 'snowballs' (probably 3 or so inches across) which are white, tinged slightly with pink?

If so, I would bet it's Korean Spice.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what i knew as the snowball bush.. was not a fragrant V ...

the fragrant one i have is Mohawk ...

the latin is: Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk'

and the key there.. is the burkwoodii ... its that second name.. in the trinomial ... that is going to be defining in searching ...

there are a bazillion Vs ..... what you should do .. if local.. is find out how to root them ... and go back and beg a piece or 3 to root the exact plant ..

you offer two pix... and to my eye.. the flowers look nothing alike.. the first looks like the old fashioned nonfragrant ..... and the latter my fragrant one .....

and therein lies part of your problem ... they differ in size.. [which you cant tell because there is no scale] ... thickness.. [the fragrant ones are much smaller and thicker]... etc ... i doubt you will find such by computer pix alone ...

the real trick here.. is to hit all the local nurseries.. when the plants are blooming .. and buy one that looks .. in person.. like you remember.. and smells as you remember... shopping online to memory.. may or may not work out.. for a specific plant .. but even if you fail.. specifically ... you will end up with some great smelling Vs

just like any other flowering plant.. buy it when its flowering.. to insure you get what you want ....


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Fragrant snowball is Viburnum x carlcephalum. V. grandiflorum is a winter-blooming type that flowers on bare branches.

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