Help identify this growing in my backyard

cookncarpenterAugust 9, 2014

I thought this volunteer was a weed, but it kept getting bigger, and now little purple has flowers!... any idea what it is? A bush, a tree?
So Cal Coastal, if that helps

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Solanum laciniatum ? or other Solanum

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thank you aswhad, I looked that up and you could be right, although the leaves are more broad than the examples I saw on line.
Either way, if it is a poisonous tomato of sorts, I'm guessing it's and undesirable, and should be cut down and dug up?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Maybe Solanum rantonetii. Both S laciniatum and S rantonetii as well as many other Solanums are grown as ornamentals in gardens. Yes, they are poisonous to a degree but so are many other plants we grow, including Tomatoes and Potatoes.

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Thanks both of you, it does appear more like the S rantonetii, I guess I'll just leave it and see how it grows and what it looks like mature. Since It popped up by itself, I guess it wants to be there, ...although it still looks like a big weed to me right now ;)

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