Willow cuttings: please advise

prinesurf(6)March 24, 2014

Hoping someone can clear up a question for me.

Background: In the past I have just taken any old cutting from my nishiki or coral snap willows and just put them in the ground to reroot without much thought (some successes)

Now I carefully cut a dozen 1/2-1" diameter 18" cuttings.. (with several 12-18" smaller branches still on them) I cut these 2 weeks ago March 4 (still dormant) I have placed them into a bucket of water in may garage with rooting hormone. I noticed all the buds are now opened!

My questions are...
1. can these barely rooted cuttings sustain those budded branches, or should I have cut them off to say 3" each? Can I still cut them back if needed?
2. How long to leave them in the water (I barely see any roots)
3. Going forward what is the best cutting to take? size and location on plant (as in new shoots or an old 2" branch)? how to best prepare each cutting? When is best time to take cutting? Then what?

Thanks as always for the great advice and help I always get!

Next up, I will post about some dwarf Arctic willows that are just growing crossed and branched in every direction, need help straightening them out! What a mess.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Now I carefully cut a dozen 1/2-1" diameter 18" cuttings.

===>>>> you are trying to root one inch wide cuttings???

i doubt it will work ... you are expecting too much instant gratification ...

i would try something smaller than a pencil ... to 1/8 inch ...

willow is used for rooting other things.. seems like using a rooting hormone would be redundant ...

i would take a one gallon pot ... with damp media ... insert about 6 cuttings.. and tent it with a one gallon baggie.. and put it in shade on the north side of a building ... and come back in 2 or 3 months ... and plant them next fall ..


PS: my gut tells me... that you can not produce.. enough roots .. fast enough.. to support all the leaves that will pop out early.. and then the stick will just dry out too much ...

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Thanks for that! What I was looking for. Recall in past I just took random cuttings and put in ground , never thought about what size they should be.

So you recommend pencil sized with NO side branches?
so as to not have to support leaves.

Should I toss out my bucket of cuttings or can I salvage? How? actually most cutting are 1/2-3/4"...


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