Datura seeds and Brugmansia seeds

piksi_hk(9)April 19, 2011

OK, let me make sure this is correct:

Datura (Jimson seed) upward blooms with small black seeds

Brugmansia (Angel trumpet) blooms hang downwards with flat brownish seeds

I've received several packs of seeds with the names used interchangeably.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

That sounds right - Brugmansia seed mostly brown, and shaped approximatly like little irregular triangles. Datura is usually black, has more rounded corners/edges.

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I hate to pop your bubble. But my 'Double Golden Queen' Datura seeds are brown seeds and have some black seeds in the same package. The flowers are completely different, the plants are completely different. The Daturas are relatively small, 2 feet maybe. But Brugmansias can grow into huge shrubs up to 10 feet high! The Datura flowers usually do point upward or straight out, the Brugmanisa do hang down, thus the name 'Angels Trumpet', and are over 3 feet long each,and the fragrance is incredible, and you can grow them from cuttings and will get a plant much faster from cuttings. Daturas only grow from seed. Go on EBay and you can buy cuttings, or rooted cuttings of many type/colors of Brugmansias. And you will have a blooming plant in a few weeks after planting, and as it grows, it will bloom in huge flushes. Since you are located where the Brugmansia can grow all year and for many years, that is your best best. The Datura is an annual, and while you can get like 3-4 different colors and types of flowers from them, the Brugmansia comes in a nearly unlimited amount of colors and they bloom in huge flushes of blooms, and you can let it grow to a huge shrub, or keep it under control with cutting it back, and take the cuttings and plant them in water or soil, to root and get more plants fast. Daturas take a long time to sprout/grow to get a blooming size plant. I am growing the 'Double Golden Queen' datura right now ,from seed, and it has taken 3 weeks to get its first set of true leaves, it will be months before I get a blooming size plant. Frankly I have never seen a Brugmansia seed. I always grow mine from rooted cuttings. If I had my choice, i would grow the Brugmansia, its so much more fragrant, gets huge, and the flower is over 3 feet long! THATS a flower!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

The Datura is an annual that grows and blooms in shade to partial sun. The seed is easy to grow and grows as fast as most annuals. Just a mild frost will kill it to the ground, so don't plant it too early, as with tomatoes. The seed is formed in spongy balls, that should be harvested before they open and the seeds are lost. I have not had any reseed themselves as yet. The plant grows upright to about two feet with the flowers facing up. Mine are in shades of white and purple. Al

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A friend gave me some seeds from what she called a Datura plant. I have no idea about the blossom or anything else about it. As you can see, I'm in cold weather country so I'll definetly have to do pot growing.

The seeds are fairly small. Do I start them in a small container and keep transplanting? She told me they were quite good sized plants. Could you maybe point me toward a web site that will give me some info?

thanks in advance

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Shirley they make very good pot plants. For more information just google datura. Al

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