Pruning my Winter Berry

kkgoodieMarch 10, 2009

My Winter Berry shrub needs trimming because it is growing in a really strange shape. It is loaded with berries each winter so I don't want to trim too much. My question is whether it will sprout out from where I trim or not? I want to prune only one side lower to the ground in hopes that it will sprout out new shoots on that side so it won't look so lopsided. Is this possible?



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You should be able to do some shaping-up pruning without harm and probably anytime soon in your zone.

Prune winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) if it looks unkempt or leggy after the berries lose their ornamental value in winter or the birds eat them all.

Responds well to pruning. For increased fruiting, prune in early spring to increase branching. Or since common winterberry flowers on new growth, any pruning could also be done in late winter before the new growth begins.

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