Comparing scents of roses

zone6-njFebruary 5, 2014

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well with you guys. Over here on the east coast, this is our third snow storm this week, and we are expecting a fourth on Sunday. Crazy weather! Stay warm.

One thing I do find interesting is being able to compare one rose scent to another, for example for those that have 'Radio Times' - do you have any roses that smell similar to this? How about 'jude the obscure'?

I'm curious about 'bishops castle' since it's on my spring order list. Many people rave about the fragrance, but would you say its similar to any other rose in scent?

Just interested to see if you know of any two roses that smell somewhat similar, austins in particular. I know all scents are different but if you found somewhat of a similarity I would like to hear about it.

Take care,


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I'm sure there will be those who disagree with me on this, since how we react to different scents varies from person to person, but here goes. I think the following roses smell very much alike. In ascending order of strength: Eglantyne, Brother Cadfael, Evelyn, Frederic Mistral. Munstead Wood fits into the previous group, but is so new to me that I'm still not sure just where it fits in this order of strength. I have other roses with lovely scents, including Jude, but they don't seem to fit into a group. Diane

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm terrible at scents. I can smell them but couldn't describe them to save my soul, lol! I only know what I like and don't like. For me Reine des Violettes is my very most favorite scent of all. It's glorious and strong and wafts across the yard on warm breezy days. Next would probably be Golden Celebration because it's vary tall and the blooms are up high and hang down over the side walk so the fragrance drifts down to you from above. Wonderful! Coming in at third is Double Delight. It always reminds me of my Mom because she bought it and loved it and used to cut them to bring inside. That's the thing about fragrance. It's so subjective and tied to so many things like memories.

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Thanks for the replies!

Diane - so Frederick mistral is the most scented from all of the ones you mentioned? Even more than BC? Wow I'm happy that's on my spring order! And I get a similarity between evelyn and jude the obscure, I don't know why!
How's FM as a rose?

Sell - you're right, you can relate many scents to a memory. Probably why I favor more over some. I love the fragrance of golden celebration, but I have to say the only fragrance that really caught my attention was Jude, evelyn and Sharifa Asma.

I have gertrude, but I only got one bloom off of her from a gallon sized plant last leat, so I'm hoping it gets stronger with time, the bloom was smaller and smelled nice but wasn't as strong as I read about. Hope that changes in the spring.


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