Plant with a lot of buds?

lazymann(6)August 28, 2014

Does anyone know what this is?

This was from a bunch of seeds I planted in a growing kit. Unfortunately, I threw away the envelopes that held the seeds and I did not write them down so I have no clue what this plant/flower is. I believe I only was growing flowers so I believe this is a flower.

However, it could be a weed or something else I suppose. It got really big after I took it out of the container. It is taking up a lot of space if this isn't anything I might as well get rid of it or transport it. I just want to know what this could be. I wish I kept the bags for the seeds or wrote them down. I don't remember seeing a plant/flower like this so it could just be some odd plant they mixed in?

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It's a chenopodium album, it could have been part of the mix...if the mix was for wildlife sustainability and not just flowers.

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It's also known as lamb's unwanted weed in my garden, although there are lots on here who will say keep it and use it for food.

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