Winter Birds

deanneart(z5Southern NH)December 21, 2007

So here are a few more bird photos from the last few days. I did get out while it was snowing yesterday so have a few snow shots to share

Dark-eyed Junco

And a Tufted Titmouse enjoying a sunflower seed that the photographer just happened to put on top of that perch.

I was able to take a couple photos of the dratted House Sparrows and was surprised when I realized that the male and female posed on the exact same spot on the same perch.

House Sparrow (male)

House Sparrow (female)

This was taken on the 17th in the last light of the day. I liked the moody feel of the light in this and the way the background light halos the bird.

Dark-eyed Junco

This was taken a couple days ago when the sun was out

White-throated Sparrow

Song Sparrow

And here is a photo of my new yard bird, a White-crowned Sparrow. IÂm north of their winter range so this is a treat to have this bird around right now.

Hope you enjoy


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow! It's always such a pleasure to see your photography Deanne. Loved *every* pic, but I'm totally charmed with the tufted titmouse...what a cutey! Love his little mohawk and those soulful big eyes! :-) The song sparrow with the leaves is true artistry...I love the coloring of those pics. And what a treat to see a White-Crowned Sparrow...he's very handsome (I'm laughing at myself because I have to scroll up to get the names...I'm so unbirded). Unbirded - Definition: One not knowledgeable in regards to birds. :-) Thanks for sharing!


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I'm like Ei and am "unbirded" but I still enjoyed each picture. You make each one look so special. Thanks for sitting in the cold to get these shots for us. Do you put a heater in your blind?


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I have bird (and snow) envy just due to your skills with camera. ;o)

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your talent.


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Such detail and color and awesome posing. We are so lucky to get to see these on our computers. Knowing the printing process in a book or calendar loses some detail. They are far superior to anything I have ever seen.
Thanks for sharing Deanne.

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Nice Deanne! Very nice! That White Crowned Sparrow is so cool. I know the House Sparrows are bad but they are cute in your pictures. Love the Junco on the snowy everygreen bough most I think. They're all just excellent though! Thanks!


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I love the Juncos, but Titmice are also favorites. But their crest has to be visible to show them at their jaunty best, methinks.

Just wonderful shots.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Both the White Crowned, and the White Throated sparrows winter here. I think the White Throated are more common though. Do you have Purple Finch there? I don't watch very much since I got the computer, and I haven't noticed if they are here yet or not. I get the females confused with some of the sparrows.
The Titmice are here year around. The little buggers keep carrying off all of Callicat's food!

Me thinks you need to submit your pics to a birding book company. They certainly can compete with what I see in my books.

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Now, this is my sort of bird watching, close up views with a glass of wine in hand and a warm comfy chair. Bravo Deanne - the photos are absolutely superb. You can almost imagine the bird's personalitlies. Definitely the best bird photos I've ever seen (the exception being your other threads of course LOL!)


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Really Deanne, these are absolutely field guide quality, and in fact better than most of the birding books I own right now. NO one could fail to i.d. a bird with your photos in hand. I hope you can find a way to get these out to the world at large ! Fabu-fabu to the max !

Kathy in Napa

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These photos are wonderful. I wish my birding book had such shots. I should look for a more expensive book, maybe the pictures would be better.

Did you know the juveniles of the White Crowned Sparrows have reddish brown instead of white on their crowns? They are our main birds now.

Keep taking these great shots and sharing, please.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Nice! You've even made the House Sparrows you hate so much look great. As I was looking through these pictures I just peeked out at the feeders and see that I have a white throated sparrow out there. It looks slightly different though with a white band along the side of the head. Guess I'd better get my bird guide out.

Thanks for sharing these.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks, very much everyone for your positive feedback. IÂm so pleased you like the photos. They are so much fun for me to do and more fun to share.

Sue White-throated Sparrows can be quite variable. The one shown here is a tan-striped morph as opposed to the white-striped morph that you have there. This bird is probably a youngster also because of the heavy streaking on the breast feathers. Some adults do retain some streaking but I donÂt think quite this much. Sparrows can be a real challenge to ID.

Gldno, thanks, I didnÂt know that the juvie White-crowned had red-brown coloring on their heads. Neat! This is the first one of these IÂve ever had here. There is only this one in a large flock of mixed Juncos and sparrows.

Marian, yes we do get Purple Finches here, they are our state bird, but I only rarely get them in my feeders. The females do look just like sparrows.

T. no, no, no No snow envy You donÂt want this We have way too much. But if you insist IÂd be happy to ship it all your way. LOL Thanks!

Michelle and Eileen, "unbirded"Â LOL


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Hey Deanne and Idyllers, just stopping by in a boring moment at work and I see this thread with these spectacular (no surprise) bird photos! They are all wonderful, but my very favorite has to be the first which has the junco not only in the snow, but with tiny little snowflakes on its feathers -- the wonder of the moment revealed! Bravo Deanne! I wonder if you use a fill flash to get the highlights in the bird's eye which bring them to life, as you the decorative painter know only too well. In any case they are stunning and remind me that I need to go home and fill the feeders tonight.

Say hello to Doug, and hello to all our Idyller friends out there from me and from Jim. I did get a wonderful series of sculptures from Inta BTW which maybe I will get some pics of after the New Year.


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