A lush, sprawling climber please!

daisyhair(9 -Orlando)February 12, 2013

I have a corner of my yard on a wooden privacy fence I would love suggestions for a rose or two that will have the run of that spot.

It is about 20 feet (10 ft. in both directions from the corner).

Here is my problem... it only gets GOOD sun from 1PM until about 6...

My Austins are doing well with late day SHADE so I don't know about an Austin for the hottest part of the day here.. (they are all I have experience with so far) although I do water every day in the Summer.

Any suggestions?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Must it be a repeat bloomer? Because 'Fortuniana' can easily cover that space. It should be disease-free. In our no-winter climate, 'Fortuniana' blooms through the year -- and it is violet-scented.

'Fortuniana's blooms are larger and more refined than those of the double banksiaes -- white and yellow -- but in a no-winter climate, the yellow banksia will repeat through the year. (The white seems not to)

Another warm-weather rose that can cover ground, and which should do very well in FL, is the Cl. China -- 'Cl. Old Blush.' That blooms in the spring, scatters some summer bloom (in our conditions) and repeats in the Fall. (It can mildew, where that is a problem.)

Then, there is the lovely rambler, 'Silver Moon.'


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rross(NSW Aust)

Try Nancy Hayward, if you can get it there. I have one in my garden. It's taken over the fence. In fact, it's a complete thug.

Here is a link that might be useful: nancy hayward rose

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Campanula UK Z8

Pleine de Grace - a huge, sprawling hybrid musk from Louis Lens....or Darlow's Enigma is a similar type.

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About ten months ago I got a band of Brightside Cream from CFHRS rose sale at Florida Southern.

This rose shot out six and seven foot canes and has been an excellent bloomer. (The canes are horizontal rather than climbing. It is still in its pot and will be planted soon.)The flowers are large, in clusters and fragrant. Right now they are a butter-cream pale yellow and over 4 inches.

This rose preformed so well, I bought another this last fall. That one is in the ground and I have big hopes for it.

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Daisyhair, my Climbing Pinkie is in southern sun most of the day until sunset and doesn't mind the heat at all. He should reach 10 feet in all directions. I'm afraid Fortuniana would be too big for that spot, and mine did not rebloom. Clotilde Soupert, Climbing is big, too, but very flexible with gorgeous, fat, fragrant flowers. She loves Florida. Reve d'Or would be beautiful, bigger than the space also but flexible.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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Maryl zone 7a

I'd consider the Peggy Martin rose right off the bat. I've heard nothing but good about this survivor rose, and it was found growing in Louisiana which has similar heat/humidity conditions as in Florida. It is very disease resistant and is low thorned, not a bad thing for a large rose. What that rose went through and still not only lived but prospered is a truly amazing story. I've included an article about it that may be of interest to you....Maryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Peggy Martin rose

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g-in-fl(9a Florida)

I haven't planted my new baby yet, but as far as beauty goes, I don't think anything is more beautiful than
E. Veyrat Hermanos.

I have had a Peggy Martin in the ground for about 6 months (gal. size), and she has already covered an area of fence 3' tall by 5 ' wide, with many blooms and tons of buds. My soil is amended (prob 60%) with good stuff- I know that has made a huge difference.

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