Replacement options for Oleander

scw75March 20, 2007

Hi All. I'm new here. I have 15 oleander around my pool which have grown fast and provided great privacy. The bad news is they are developing leaf scorch and nothing I have read about leaf scorch is promising. I need to phase them out with something that will grow FAST and also provide nice privacy. I've been recommended viburnum and wax leaf ligustrum. What do you all think? Are these good options? Any experience with them? Other recommendations? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Don't use Viburnum suspensum, whatever you do. The foliage has a dreadful stench in hot weather. You don't want that around your pool. Wax myrtle is another possiblility.

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Have you considered photina or crape myrtles? I can`t grow photinas here, but I attempt to grow crape myrtles.

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Red tip Photina (SP?) is beautiful, but grows huge and could easily spread enough to out grow the area.

I have seen Skip Laurel nicely used as a backdrop for a pool. It is not a litter problem around a pool. Just make certain no clorine or salty water is constantly splashed onto its root zone. They need moist soil, but the soil also must be fairly well draining.

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Sew, I wont suggest, I have no idea of Texas plants....but I must ask you something.

Oleander....I'm familiar with my plant in a 10" clay pot...has grown wonderfully, blooms OK...maybe a little later than I'd like...but I've been told that oldeander is a favorite plant in the south...but it has one distinct is a beggar to dig out...its roots go down....pretty soon, they talk chinese.

Is this a true you think you might have problems removing their roots.
Don't mean to throw cold water on your plans....especially from out of the pool.....but thought I'd ask.

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Thank you all for your replies. My husband pulled out one of the oleanders today and it wasn't difficult at all. The roots really were not a problem. I had planned to hire someone to do it. I replaced it with a southern wax myrtle. Two landscapers recommended it for its fast growth.

I love red tip photenias because of their growth rate but they both warned me against them because of potential diseases...even though I see a lot of beautiful, disease free ones, all over the neighborhood.

Well, 1 oleander down, 14 more to go. Thanks again for your help!

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