Nellie R Stevens Spacing

laylaa(7b)March 9, 2008

I have searched and found a lot of info on Nellie Stevens holly, but does anyone have advice on spacing from center? The goal is a privacy hedge, there is ample room and they will be allowed to grow naturally. I have grown them before and love them, but not used them as a hedge or planted them close together. I've seen spacing suggestions from 4-8ft apart and that's a lot of difference a few years down the road. Thanks in advance!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in my world... all it depends on .. IS YOUR BUDGET ....

if you can afford twice as many plants... plant them 4 feet apart ....

if you cant afford that many plants.. put them 8 feet apart ...

and all that is a function of how many years you are willing to wait for your privacy ....

research the annual growth rate .... and see how long it will take to fill in ... e.g. .. if you plant them 8 feet apart.. and the space is 6 feet [taking into account how big they are when planted] ... and they each grow 1 foot per year [a year or two after becoming 'established'> ... then it will take 3 to 5 years before they begin to touch ...

cut the spacing to 4 feet .. and you cut 2 to 3 years off the result ....

aaannnddd ... noting space is not an issue ... and if budget is not an issue ... go for 4 ft apart within a row ... with two rows ... second row offset by two feet [meaning closer to you] ... which probably means they will be about 3 feet apart between plants between the rows ... i know what i want to say.. but am not sure the words are working .... maybe i fixed it.. or confused you further .. lol

sooooo ... you have to answer your own question ... imho ..



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Thank you, Ken. The privacy is secondary and an added bonus, with a primary goal of birdscaping. I want the berries and shelter, and birds love these plants for both. My previous NS grew flippin' huge and I'd hate to make the mistake of putting them too close - which I've been known to do. :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if screening is the goal .. i do NOT understand how they can be too close ...

if you are looking for specimen planting .. letting them achieve their own potential .. then yes.. spacing is an issue ...

sounds like you are on the right track ... though i personally .. might zig zag them .... rather than a straight line ... more interesting ...

good luck


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