Aphids - help!!

melroseApril 12, 2011

I recently discovered that many of my plants have aphids. I've planted seedlings for many years successfully. In March I went on vacation for two weeks and my neighbor watered. Of course, they were overwatered while I was gone so chalked up the slow growth because of that. Last night as I was inspecting the plants I think I have an aphid problem.

What's the best way to deal with it? I have about 75 flats and some look fine (like impatiens, lobelia, wax begonias, alyssum, ageratum, coleus). The worst looking are tha bacopa, vinca, browallia, diascia, fuschia and verbena. I'd really like to save what I can- with the volume and proximity I'm afraid everything may get it.

I have a fan in the area - does that help or hurt?

I'm planning to throughly inspect everything and do the following:

- spray any that do not look infected with neem oil

- remove the dead or heavily infected areas off

Typically I give a weak fertilizer at this time. Will fertilizing help or hurt??

Are any of the plants I listed as not infected more susceptible that I should be looking at first?

Advice is appreciated!!

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Aphids is also called plant lice. They very destructive but easy to control. As a matter of fact they serve as food for other bugs like ladybird and ladybug. Every insecticide lists then as one of the insects controlled. Sevin is very effective to control it. Don't throw away the affected plants they can recover if you get ready of the Lice.

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So this weekend I took a pretty aggressive approach to spray everything with Neem. I also cut off any dead leaves etc. Tonight I still saw a few aphids and so sprayed them. The instructions say to spray 7-10 days but I'm spraying whenever I see some of them. Is that a good idea? I'm pretty worried because I have so many plants going that I really don't want them to die. Also, is it helpful to get outside as soon as possible? Which I'm sure will not be a for a couple of weeks since it's suppose to snow tonight!

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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