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anisebDecember 14, 2007

I'm going to see if your instructions work for me. Thanks, Kathy.

This is my computer area. I took this a few weeks ago and it is "as is"


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hey there, well done Anise.

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Nice set up you have there ! One thing I didn't mention was re-sizing the pics, which I always do before posting , mostly to prevent putting to big a file on the message board. I use Photoshop and there are default re-sizing options for various applications (e-mail, message boards, blogs etc) and I always re-size to 680 x 420 (or maybe it's 620 x 480) and you will see that is the typical size of many of the pics on the Idylls. I was able to click on your photo to enlarge it for viewing.

Kathy in Napa

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I love the way you did "it" so that I could click on it and view it in a larger format!.....our "office" areas are very similar in feel....at least I think so :)

I'm off to shut the computer down....


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Hey, good for you! I use picturetrail so resizing is not an issue for me (but obviously one more thing I have to learn). But it is a real drag when pictures are so large that you have to scroll from side to side to read the text.

I see your area is considerably neater than is my own. :(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I like the laundry screen saver!

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OO, I love the play on the PC - those are spreadsheets!

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Cynthia, how clever of you. Spread sheets! LOL
I'm glad some of you noticed my screen saver. I really enjoy having one of the few remaining clotheslines. I love hanging the clothes on the line, the way they look as they hang there, and the wonderful smell of them when I take them down. I'm also thankful for my dryer as I am not interested in hanging out our underwear and such.
I took a few pictures of the clothes on the line and liked them so much I used one as a screen saver. My husband thought that was crazy so, to double his displeasure, I took this picture of the computer area and then used it as a screen saver. We live to aggravate each other and this was a good one on my part.
I was shocked and horrified to see that I'd opened my entire web album to the whole world. I didn't intend to do that. Maybe you are all nicer than me and don't look at anything beyond the posted picture. I don't have any secrets on there but it sort of felt like I was walking through the mall naked or something. I'm slow to warm up to people and to bare my soul either in person or virtually so this was more information than I am normally comfortable with.

Thanks for your nice comments and suggestions. Anise

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Anise, it didn't even occur to me to look beyond the photo you posted until you mentioned that, so I did! You have a lovely family. What a squared-away desk!

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Way to go! (I didn't peak ;-)


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Hi Anise, What a nice area you have to post from. I noticed the screensaver too and liked it! I have to admit I did peek at the albums that had pictures of your garden too. Not what looked like family stuff though. From the looks of it you'll fit right in here. You look to be an extreme gardener like the rest of us. We love pictures so post away!


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