Bell Peppers

sunshine9April 3, 2014

I am new to growing bell peppers. I have Orange Sun and Purple Beaty seeds. I planted them approximately 5 weeks ago. They germinated approximately 18 days later. I only got approximately 1/3 of my seeds to germinate. I had placed them in a dome with bottom watering on a heat mat and used a mix for seeds not potting soil. Once germinated, I placed them under my lights (T8 fluoresents) off of the heat mat. They are within 1-2 inches of the light. The plants seem to be growing very slowly. Is this normal for Bell Peppers? Do these plants look ok?
Thank you in advance!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Peppers are slow growers but part of your problem would appear to be overly wet soil and pots - which peppers don't like. The peat/cow pots are notorious for moisture control problems at best and peppers prefer to dry out a bit between waterings.

Overly wet soil causes the roots to have difficulty - slow growth, root rot, lack of sufficient air, poor drainage, etc. are all issues that can arise. Try cutting back on the watering and see if they don't perk up quite a bit.

Also with T8 lights - get the plants closer. Just a 1/2" hair above the top of the plants. 2" is definitely too high.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your help! I will definitely try that.

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