tulips101(5a sterling il.)March 18, 2013

Last year i had my full grown Dapne Carol Mackie split on me and i was wonder if i could cut off the part that is almost completly seperated and then dig upthe rest of plant it so only the good half is showing.I have had it since it was real small.
Or do you think it is a bad idea and just get rid of it or please does someone have better ideas.
The plant is little over 3 foot high and and about 3 feet wide im in zone 5 and the plant is facing south .If i can just cut it off and move it can i take cutting from it and try to propigate it.

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Carol Mackie pretty much inevitably splits from the weight of snow or even less obvious causes. It's also notoriously difficult to transplant, so I wouln't try digging it up. If you can nurse it through the coming season long enough to take some cuttings from new growth, you may be able to root them. Sad to say, though, the original plant is probably a goner.

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

Concur with gotta enjoy Carol while you have her and accept that you will not have her forever. And we don't have snow here!

Definitely try to keep it going long enough to take cuttings. With this kind of plant I try to take cuttings on an ongoing basis so that I can replace the mother plant when it expires.


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