Creeping Thyme Seedlings Help

Ams_38562(6B)April 6, 2014

I started a bunch of creeping thyme from seed. Out of 1,000 +/- seeds I have about 100 seedlings. My question is when can I trasnplant them out side. I know the temperatures ect. I was wondering how long they should stay in containers.. They are still so small even watering them they fall over. Ive gone through alot of trouble with these things and would hate to plant them just to have them be killed when it rains :/ here is a picture of them. they are maybe 1- 1 1/2 inches tall.
Thanks for any tips!

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I have found them difficult to germinate too. Though 100 of them is quite a bit!! This year I decided to sow the rest of some seed I bought 4-5 years ago and only 2-3 of them germinated. I did have much better germination the first couple of years, but I remember that it wasn't impressive.

They are pretty delicate for a long time. I remember reading that its best to plant them somewhere protected the first season, and move then to their permanent residence in the fall. I assume that that is if you are planning on using them in a pathway. Once established they are pretty tough. Mine have come back strong and have spread fairly well over the past 4 years (in zone 4)

That doesn't answer your question - they can certainly take some cold weather once they are hardened off, so I think planting out time will depend more on how you are using them and how exposed they will be to the elements.

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Very informative, thank you! I started mine (very) early indoors in trays under light and on gentle heat. None grew to over 3/8 - 1/2". I lost my patience and put them in the garden hoping for survival but they all died. Evanston, WY. Zone 4 @7,000'.
I guess they are slower and WAY more delicate than I thought so I will try another tray (7/2014) and keep them potted inside until spring 2015 when I can acclimate them on my deck.
Thank you for the knowledge on delicateness!

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