lilac: 'Miss Kim' anyone?

vieja_gw(z7NM)March 6, 2014

I have an old fashioned (?) lilac that is bigger than I want now & saw a 3' tall x 4' wide lilac called 'Miss Kim' that I was considerinfg buying. Has anyone had any experience with this one? Was wondering about the fragrance, depth of 'lilac' color & if it was prone to leaf mildew? Here in the hot SW the lilacs seem to do better in partial shade as the flowers last longer but even in our dry climate the leaves seem to get a mild ? 'mildew' later in the season.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have it ....

i am not crawling out over 2 feet of snow... to eyeball it..

but if i had to guess... i would say its about 4 foot tall ... and 5 foot wide ...

and i dont know if it suckers like the regular ones ...

flowers are similarly smaller ... i think its supposed to rebloom ... and i think i do recall a late bloom ...

i dont recall them being knock your socks off fragrant ... maybe just because the flowers are smaller ...

i dont recall seeing any mildew ...

sorry.. thats the best i can do ... not being able to walk out there ...

i presume... like all lilacs.. it can be kept in check thru proper rejuvenation pruning ...

mine is in full MI blistering sun in sand ... never watered once established... near bulletproof ...

you dont get any hotter than i do ... but for a longer season, of course ... night humidity might be much worse.. and that is where the mildew comes in ...

i never tried growing flowering shrubs in shade ...


ps: if this says anything ... lol.. i searched my thousands of plant pix... apparently i never took a pic of it... lol ...

Here is a link that might be useful: if all these pix are miss kim ... they all look bigger than claimed... but definitely not as big as the plain old lilac

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Thanks! Wish we had some of that snow to crawl over.... been the dryest year ever here ( we are high desert/mile high) !

I was wondering also if there is a way to graft from a great small, beautiful purple fragrant flowered lilac that is 20+yrs. old & have no idea the name! In this high, dry climate fragrance is diminished anyway.... esp. in the 20 or so peony plants I have had babied here for many years (already peaking out of the ground: MARCH! for goodness sakes!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google: propagation of lilac ...

i got all mine thru suckers... the big ones, i mean ...

they probably also root ...

i have never heard of anyone going to the expense of grafting them ...

what are you thinking.. grafting to dwarfing root stock????

google: grafting lilac to dwarfing root stock....[see link.. curiosity got me...]


Here is a link that might be useful: who knew.. lol ... learn something new each day.. and once i do.. i go back to bed.. the kids can find their own way home from school today... lol

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No, just had an idea to maybe now get a start of this old dwarf one I have now (beautiful fragrant blooms!); wasn't sure if it had been grafted or not . I can dig a sucker as you do or if a sucker would grow true to the top?!

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jerseygirl07603 z6NJ

I shovel-pruned Miss Kim. The color of blooms was washed out and I didn't care for the fragrance. Seemed stinky to me, not the lovely lilac fragrance I was expecting, but of course everyone smells things differently. Otherwise it was a nicely shaped shrub with no mildew.

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Thanks for the warning !! I didn't pay that much for the plant at Home Depot so I won't be out much if I also don't like it! Descriptions are rather vague when describing colors, etc. when one reads a label. I may try a root cutting from the small ? variety of the old one I have. It has nice coloration, great 'lilac' aroma & no mildew. Is not in direct hot sun all day so the blooms maintain the color & remain longer than another I had in full sun years ago. I also guess the newer one called ?? 'Bloomerama' -or something similar sounding- hasn't preformed as described either?!

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jerseygirl07603 z6NJ

I have a small Bloomerang purchased from box store in fall 2012. Got a sparse, second round of blooms in Oct 2013, not impressive. The jury's still out on this one - too early to comment - it needs to grow on a bit. I'll give it 3 years to shape up or ship out.

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Thanks for the info. on this one I also had in mind!!

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Hi, I am posting on this forum 1st time, just because I saw your question.
I have Miss Kim, personally I really like the smell/aroma. Love to sit beside it...the flowers are much smaller than 'regular' lilac & last long time. I had mine in a wooden tub for abt.3yrs, so it didn't grow that big. Has been planted in garden bed & it is still less than 4'tall. I never had any suckers. It bloomed less first year after transplanting, otherwise covered in flowers. They are rather 'washed-out' color as jerseygirl mentioned.

My friends have older Miss Kim and it has been in ground since they bought it. After abt. 8yrs it is taller than 4' (I estimate 5-5.5feet, maybe touch more).
I am mowing and definitely planning on another Miss Kim...and getting rid of some of the lilacs that are now on property.


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