Mystery Seedling

sleepy33(5b KS)April 11, 2010

Ok, so I know this has never happened to any of you before, but I have several cups of seedlings which I have failed to label somehow in my endless transplanting and potting up. And I know that there is a name that plant forum, and I may cross-post there, but figured I'd start out here. At first, I thought they were petunia, but I surely do not remember sowing that many petunia seeds. They seem to be enjoying bright, full sun, so that's one clue. Oh, and they are some type of flower.Can anyone name that seedling?

And here's a closeup:

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Could it be Foxglove????

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sleepy33(5b KS)

It's not foxglove; I did plant a lot of that, so I have lots to compare it to. :) But thank you for trying, any other guesses?? I feel pretty sure it's an annual, since I didn't start it all that long ago. I know it is also not snapdragon, and I don't think it's dianthus. It looks almost exactly like petunia in terms of growth habit, but the leaves aren't slightly fuzzy like the other petunia I have that I know is petunia (because clever me labeled that one). But otherwise it looks exactly the same; all the leaves sort of form out of one central cluster, it's not like a stalk with leaves growing up it. So I think it's fairly low-growing. Maybe it is petunia, and just a different variety from my other ones. If it ever blooms, I guess I'll know; I just don't know if I should put it in a container or the ground or what.

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Brand new hybrid you'll make millions off of??? ;)


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sleepy33(5b KS)

Oh geez, I hope so!! Maybe the seedlings have been doing some type of Fantasia-broomsticks style magic and cloning and hybridizing in the basement while I wasn't looking? I put some of it in a pot a few days ago, and as you can see, the others are just dying to get out of that cup, if only I knew where to put them!

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It looks very much like a petunia to me. You might just have to wait until it blooms.

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

I love the dog paws and the ball in the picture.

Someone is dying for attention : )

How are all your wedding flowers doing? are some blooming yet?

My petunias and verbena are going like crazy!

Oh, and I agree, I think you have a million dollar new petunia~ :)


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I'm with oilpainter - looks like a petunia to me. I have been growing them from seed for years.

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sleepy33(5b KS)

Thanks, guys; they must be petunias. I don't remember buying or sowing that many seeds, and the last time I took a look at them, they were doing pretty poorly. So I guess, yay that they pulled through, but if anybody hears of a sale on terra cotta pots, do let me know, cause I am clean outta room for these guys! :)

Keriann- oh, now, you know my australian cattle dog mix just hates tennis balls and is not at all obsessive... How cute, I didn't even notice her little feet down there. She is lying on a welcome mat that is now 'matted' with her hair because I gave her her summertime haircut on the porch; I'm just glad the hair is out there and no longer in my house! Thank goodness for a Dyson.

The wedding flowers are really coming along pretty well. The alyssum has had blooms for just weeks now, and the zinnias are getting nice and big and starting to form buds. The snapdragons have been a bit disappointing; she wanted a variety from the T&M catalogue, and their germination was pretty pitiful. I do have lots of other snaps of my own I can sub in if they don't take off pretty quick. The dwarf sunflowers are still pretty small, but I have faith that they will grow pretty quick. I have been outside for the last two weekends all day long, planting out. It is not right to come in to work on a Monday more tired than you left on Friday!

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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Looks like petunias to me - very healthy and happy petunias at that.

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