Lake/Pond Muck Pellets

Kim_2014July 29, 2014

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum but a long time 'lurker'. My husband and I recently purchased a cottage and the water frontage has some weeds and mucky areas ("sludge"). I was wondering if anyone has tried using those Muck Pellets that are on the market and if they had success? They're purchased under a variety of names but all basically function the same, by breaking down the muck using beneficial bacteria.
I've recently purchased some to give a try and will monitor it to see how well it works.
From what I've read it's not a quick fix but it environmentally safe and cheaper than some of the big machines that take out the muck.
Thanks for reading!

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

Since you've already made the purchase it doesn't really matter now. The good news is these products don't do any great harm, it just adds a tiny bit more waste to the water.

These products are complete scams. The bottom line is bacteria populations grow to their environment so an environment always has pretty much the max amount of bacteria it can support. There's no real change adding some more, but some people "see" improvement which the scam depends on.

Improving the environment for bacteria growth has a much bigger impact on the bacteria population. However, even that doesn't have a noticeable impact on muck. Muck is pretty much the end result of bacteria, it's basically soil.

Bacteria myth.

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