please help, my fish are dying.... pics included

loriquesJuly 16, 2010

HELLO. plz help me if you can i have fish dying. first a commet died. he had a white spot on his tail fin. then my butterfly koi got sick. she is still alive, but looking very bad. then my shubbuko did just now. i have pics for you all to see. the shubbuko never had a white spot, but he was hanging out on the top of the pond gasping for air and would not eat. i broght him and my butterfly koi in and but them in a salt bath and added melafix to the watter. today i did a 50% watter change and added the melefix again and the salt. i'm so worried about my koi she is beautiful and i spent a ton of $$ on her saterday.

i know the fish were stressed after a 6 hour ride home in the car, and then my pond had law ph and alkilinity. i have fixed that problem with ph buffer and now i am at the ideal range on them. but i'm so worried about my koi. can anyone plz help me. i am putting up pics of the fish that died.. brb. HUGS laura

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this gils are greenish white looking, one the one side the orange is missing, and on the top it looks kind of like a rotton fuit spot. this is the best way i know to describe it.. i'm getting pics of my koi and i will put them up in just a few min..

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pics of my koi are not working. but she has part of her top fin gone. it was all white a few days ago, she has scales missing behind the top fin on her body next to the tail. part of her side fin was white yesterday and now part of it is missing, and she has a new white spot on her head. she has been showing signs of being sick for 4 days now. the white on her top fin was the first sign. she was eating yesterday morning, but has not ate since. she is still sort of swimming but not really.

the watter she is in is testing
0 nitrate
o nitrite
75 hardness
120 alkalinity
6.5 ph

any ides of what i can do to save her???

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the medicine i am using is...


antibacterial remedy for koi and gold fish

treats ulcers, open wounds, fin and tail rot and rapidly repairs damaged fins.

i type what the front of the bottle said.

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i have another question. i don't have a tank and fliter to put her in. i have her in a styrophone cooler. but i keep adding new watter every few hours. i tried to put in my small pump and water fall spillway but the current was to hard for her. i don't get paid untill tomarrow to get her an air stone. do you think she is getting enough oxogen?? or should i go and get an air stone now. plz if anyone has any ideas plz let me know..

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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

I've got nothing except huge hugs. I feel so bad for everyone losing fish. This is definitely not the fun side of ponding. Surely some of the experts will be along soon to help you.

I'm wondering if that melafix would be a good thing to have on hand. I saw the name mentioned numerous times last night when I was searching online.


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i'm sure it would be diana. it seems to work for most all bacteria illnesses. there is another broader spectrum medician that also works for fungus. i want to get some of that also.

i have also been putting salt in her water. i have read alot of posts that say that 0.3 salt in the water works well for illnesses. but the pond man said i needed to do a 50% water change every day and then give new salt. we are going to get an aquarium for her tomarrow. she seems to be doing a bit better. she was swiming last time i cheacked on her..

big hugs., laura

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This is sad and I feel bad for you and the fish. First off I suggest (not in a judgemental way) that you stop trying to treat her and just provide the fish with a supportive healing environment. It is amazing how a fish can heal with clean water, and good food. Taking them out of a pond, treating them with chemicals, medications and such when we do not even really know what is wrong with them is a bad idea. This causes so much stress, and increased metobolic needs for a healthy fish let alone a sick one. Please trust me on this.

Clean water, good food, places to hide, stable temps and PH. This is what will heal a fish in the long run. Good luck and hugs.


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thank you lisa, i 'm so new to the fish, this is my first pond, and i have only had my fish for 6 days now. so i really don't know much, just what i have read on line and what the pond store tells me. i really aprciate your help and your input. she is still swiming a little. but she has not ate. i am just leaving her in a dark room, i 'm hoping this helps her to feel safe and calm. i so hope.

hugs laura

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my buterfly koi just died. she was swimming alot last night and i thought she would make it. but this afternoon she is gone.

her gills also were whitish greenish, does anyone know what this is. i'm worried about another koi who has a white spot on him today. i love these fish even though i have had them for a very short time. not to metion the fact that i paid well over 50.00 each for them.

i'm still putting malafix in the pond. but i'm concerned that this is not the proper treatment for them. thank you for any help at all..

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Hi, I'm so sorry to here of your loss and problems :( I feel your pain!

The best advice I can give you is CALL Dr. Foster's and Smith 1-800-443-1160
Tell them of your isses and problem, I PROMISE they will find the solution and/or products to help you!

I lost a few of koi to the Hole in the Head disease. I bought an infected fish from a pet store, and didn't quarentine it long enough. It infected all of my fish. I lost 4 before I discovered what was going on. I call Dr. Foster and Smith, described the holes in my Koi, and they immediately recognized it. And send me the medicine to stop it. And it WORKED!! The Meds even fixed holes that were forming, and the skin grew back over with 2 weeks!! Amazing products from them.
Before that, I had bought products from the same pet store I bought the sick fish from, and they didn't work. That's when I called Foster's and Smith.

Good luck with your babies!!
Call Foster's and Smith, PLZ!

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angelcub(Sunset 3b)

(((Oh Laura))), I'm so sorry for your loss. : ( That seems like an awful lot of money to spend and lose a fish so quickly. Have you contacted the place where you bought them? Maybe they have had some sick fish, too and can help. Did they have any kind of guarantee? I don't know much about things like this concerning fish. I've only bought from a local Petsmart with a great reputation and 2 week money back guarantee. Maybe someone else more experienced can advise.

Lisa, I am going to keep your advice in mind if I ever have problems. From another newbie, thank you for sharing your wisdom. It is very appreciated.


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I'm sorry you lost your fish. A couple of years ago I bought 4 small butterfly koi from a local pond place. They carry mostly plants and some fish. Within days of bringing them home two of them got some kind of fuzzy growth on their back fin. I netted them and quarantined them in a 10 gal tank (they were only 3" long each), put salt in the tank and melafix. The next day they were both dead with that same green stuff in the gills that your picture shows. The other two koi were fine and none of the other fish got this so I don't know what it was. I did learn lesson though--quarantine any new fish before adding to the pond. $50 each seems alot for small koi but maybe they are special breed or something. Mine were Japanese koi--butterfly koi which I know some people don't like. I like the long fins.

Your ph is low for a pond. Mine is well over 8. If treating fish it is better to stick with just one treatment--salt usually is the best. I think I actually killed my two koi with the combination of salt and the melafix (it coats the skin and some questionability about how it affects biofiltration). If you are just using salt, or any meds in a quarantine tank air stone is a must. I've treated fish before in just a 20 gal rubber tub--just with salt and airstone, minimal water changes 10-20% only. Make sure water changes are the same temperature and have been treated for chlorine and chloramines (if you have them).
Hope your other fish are okay. Good luck.

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thank you all for your input.

i did get her an air stone after i posted about it. i was so worried she did not have enough oxogen i barrowed enough to get the stone.

jalal, that is exactly how mine started. there was the white fuzzy stuff all over her back fin. i have not been able to find out what it was as of yet. but the other fish seem to be ok so far. i did notice a white spot on the head of one of my other koi he is all black except on the bottom he is orange. but he is eating and very active. i'm going to keep a very close eye on him and if it seems to spread or anything, he is going in a sick tank imediatly. i have been treating my pond with malafix so i hope it is nothing to worry about. i so hope.

i don't know if the koi are anything special or not. i'm so new to koi. but where i live there is a very limmited supply of koi, and the pond, pet store was having a koi show so i thought maybe there were a better quality. but since my ph was very low they would not refund or replace my fish. i did get some ph buffer to raise the ph to a normal range. i did this 2 days ago and the ph is still at 7.0.

but i only have the test strips. i'm going to get a more acurate testing kit as soon as possible. the cheapest i have been able to find is 40.00 and it only tests for 5 things. and no amonia test. but i'm searching the net for a better on.

angelcub, there is a petsmart about 3 hours away, but with that type of garuntee i'm definatly going there for my next koi. i'm going to call first to see if they have the butterfly koi. i just love them, they are so preaty. i have one butterfly left. he is yellow and black. a very lovely fish. he seems to be dong so good so far.

i thank you all for your help, and kind words.

any fish i get from now on are definatly going to go in a quariteen tank.. that is for sure.

i got my 60 gallon pond up and running today. as soon as it is stable and tests ok, i'm going to put my 3 commets in there. that should help with some of the stress of my other pond being sort of over populated. i also got a valve for my watter fall that regulates the flow. a neighbor had some sort of ball thing for plumming and he put it in. now the waterfall is going much slower and the pump is not pulling as hard. i am hoping this will also be less stressfull on the fish.

i'm doing all i can figure out to do. i hope it will work and keep my fish safe, happy, and healthy. oh yeah i also started putting in good bacteria 4 days ago. does this help with the fish staying healthy???

BIG HUGS, i so apreciate all of your help.. laura

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jkelee, thank you so much for the info. i'm going to call them first thing monday morning..

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i just found another commett dead. this one did not have any white on it or it's gills. the gills were bright red, like blood spots. it was eating and swimming slowly yesterday. i'm so worried about my fish. i spent a ton on them and they are droping left and right.

i have gotten very attached to many of them. and i just sat and cried and cried. i just don't know what to do at all.

the ph is still in the normal range. and all the other things on the test strip are testing normal.

i have another pond up and running and it tests fine also. i tried to catch some of the shubbuko or comments to move them but i think i 'm stressing out the fish to much so i gave up. but i thought if i take down the population in the pond it will make it better for the other fish.

the black koi still has a white spot on its head. it has not gotten any biger. and no other spots have showed up. it is still swimming alot, very fast and eating. i'm hoping it will be ok. his name is night hawk.. my son named him and he just loves his fish. i've gotten scared to go back out and look at the pond. it seems each time i do i find another fish gone. i love my fish. i just wish i knew what to do.

im still using the malafix. does anyone have any other ideas at all.

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Hi again Laura. I was looking at your other thread and if I'm reading it right this is a new pond? How long is it since you filled the pond with water and how long after that did you put the fish in?
Your ph is quite acidic for goldfish and koi. Also you had alot of fish for as near as I can calculate less than 700 gals of water. What did you use to bring your ph up? You don't mention ammonia readings at all. On a new pond the ammonia is the most critical and ph. Ammonia can kill fish very quickly. It can take a new pond up to 6 weeks for the good bacteria to stabilize the pond. Normally you put in a few fish to get the ammonia in the pond and watch carefully. Pond water that is too acid can kill goldfish and koi quickly. Also the ph from the place you bought your fish may be different from your pond. A difference of as little as three tenths is enough to cause problems for fish. Acidosis is too low a ph causes excess slime (which can look like a fuzzy coating on the fish), resting on the bottom, streaking of fins and death.
Watch your salt levels if treating your whole pond--only 0.1% levels in pond. Over that will kill any plants and possibly your fish.
Also water changes should never be more than 20% unless you have excessive ammonia or nitrite/nitrate readings. Too large a water change changes the chemistry and basically you are starting to cycle the pond all over again. Make sure you use a dechlorinator/chloramine remover if you have chloramines in your water source and that the water temp of water you are adding is close to that in the pond.
Hopefully things will start to stabilize in your pond. Good luck. Patti

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