Floating Fountain Using Water Source from Dual Discharge Pump

steve1young(7A)July 7, 2011

Anyone out there have experience in running a floating fountain, but without the standard pump that comes with it? I'd like to feed it from one of the outputs from a Little Giant WGP-95-PW (4280 gph w/dual discharge). The other output would feed a waterfall.

Reason for choosing such a large capacity pump is the ascent to the top of the waterfall from the pump (about 10-12 foot) and the desired width of the falls (about 1.5-2 foot). The fountain only needs to be about 6x6 foot in height/width of spray.

Reason why I'm thinking a floating fountain would be best is because the water level is variable in this natural pond (no liner). While the aesthetics of a waterfall on one end of the pond and a fountain on the other are certainly a major consideration, water aeration and low electricity usage are also major considerations. I understand this Little Giant is pretty good on low energy consumption and I hear it's a very reliable model.

Anyone use a floating fountain? Any words of wisdom to share? I sure would appreciate it.

Happy ponding, everyone!

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I have seen solar floating fountains in my searching. Haven't tried one thogh.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

I don't actually have any experience. But .... living amidst a whole bunch of retention ponds on sand - I've done a lot of observing. I have long suspected that many of the retention ponds (around here) that have floating fountains must have them on some sort of depth auto shut-off. So that if the water level drops too low the pump shuts off. Even though we are the sunshine state, I don't think a solar floating fountain is going to provide much aeration. Though maybe wind powered?


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