Lettuce Seedling Images

horseflysgardenApril 22, 2010

Germinated these about a week ago.

This is what's come up, and I've got some thinning to do.

They look really good, not leggy and are already popping their first true leaves.

Pretty exciting, planning on having some crunchy and soft salad in a couple months!!

Varieties are: Mesclun Spicy Mix, and Black Simpson.

Black Simpson under lights:

Another shot of Black Simpson:

Mesclun Mix:

And another shot up the Mesclun Mix:

Enjoy, and post yours if you would like too!

~ HorseflysGarden

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)


Thank you for sharing : )


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Soooo... about a week ago I planted mesclun mix seeds in my outside garden and voila! there are a ton of seedlings, the question is, do I thin them all out? Or do I do nothing and let the lettuce grow? I dont' know what kind is what as seedlings there are small differences and all but basically I don't want my lettuce to suffer, I want it to flourish and have some from every different kind.

will they just be fine? Let me know!

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Leaf lettuce is usually thinned only by eating it, enjoy. Al

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