what's wrong with my pumpkins???

cornaliad(9)August 13, 2014

We planted these pumpkins approximately the middle of May, they were doing great until the last few days. Now they look sick, they have what appears to be little white bugs all over them also. Anyone have any idea what is going on with them and what I can do to save them???

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Here is a better picture of what the leaves are looking like

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ibilous(6 Mykolayiv)

Looks like aphids.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there is a garden clinic forum for such questions...

you already know its a pumpkin ... the purpose of this forum

and gourds/pumpkins are covered in the garden cornucopia forum ...

welcome to GW.. just trying to guide you to the right place ... please come back often ...


ps: well cared for plants take care of themselves on some level.. the fact that it looks like they are growing in a bone dry parking lot.. might not be helping it.. a stressed plant becomes much more subject to attack.. as compared to a healthy plant ...

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Not aphids, distribution is too uniform and on the pumpkins too.

Appearance of mildew (requires only one dew or minor wetting episode to form) and dying leaves (age, underwatering) of mid- to late-season squash (includes pumpkins) can occur suddenly.

Almost looks like the patch was wetted and then had sand or other soil particles spread on it.

Any irrigation or water trucks keeping the dust down on those drive-throughs nearby? Vehicles speeding by?

Pumpkins that have turned orange may not increase in size, you may want to pick those, rinse them, store in a very cool and dry place, they may last until Halloween.

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Thank you for the responses. If it is mildew and there is soil or sand that got on them, what can we do to save the whole plant, not just the orange ones we have?? Should we spray them with an anti fungal or something?

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