sick ligustrum?

LMN1013March 22, 2014

I have tons of ligustrums surrounding my backyard. All look really healthy except 3. It's odd because they are in the middle of the healthy ones (leading me to believe it's not a soil problem?)
I moved into this house less than a year ago, so I'm not sure how long past that this problem has been occurring.
Are they sick? Do I need to dig them all out? I have posted pictures of the sick ones next to the healthy and took some close ups as well. I would love to save them if possible, as it will require some work to take them out,however, I don't want the others to die so will so what is necessary.
Thanks for the help!

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Here is another photo.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google rejuvenation pruning of flowering shrubs ...

and fast forward.. and do it all this spring ..

doubt if you can kill them .. and they should reflush with some vigor.. with no insult to the root mass ...

they can be invasive in some areas.. if its your area... feel free to find something better ...

they probably wont be all that hard to dig out... just sharpen a good shovel.. and have a saw ready.. there are usually only one or two larger roots...

i would .. frankly.. not waste money on curing anything that might ail it ... and would hope.. in removing the entire top... if there is any malady ... i am getting rid of it ...


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