Growing viburnums in pots temporarily

pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)March 6, 2013

I have three 2-3' bareroot Blackhaw viburnums on order from Coldstream Nursery (great source for quality native trees and shrubs by the way) along with an oak and maple tree. These trees/shrubs are scheduled to be delivered in two weeks. However, the area I plan on planting the viburnums needs to be raised up with dirt and will not be ready for planting for at least a month. Can I plant the three viburnums in pots until the area is ready? Thanks in advance!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would put them all in ONE POT ... with a mixture of dampened potting media and bark chunks/fines ... and put it in shade ...

and i would really try to get them in the ground.. BEFORE they leaf out ...

they do not need to be 'planted' in the pots.. they need to be 'held over' in the pot ... if you see the difference in the words ...

call the seller.. and insist they be sent DORMANT ... its just makes it all so much easier .. in z5 ...

in the worst case scenario.. i would leave them all potted until fall.. the next proper planting season.. should life get in the way of dirt moving ... though i might repot them into their own pots if this happens ...

and another alternative.. should the dirt come.. but time limited.. make small berms at the new height.. and plant the things... and worry later about moving the other 10 tons of new soil ...


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pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)

Thanks Ken. I actually specified that they arrive as soon as the ground is frozen and before leaf out. They are located in central Michigan so it shouldn't be a problem.

We actually have an empty lot behind us where I dumped all the black dirt that was excavated from our yard when our above ground pool was installed two years ago so I plan on using that for the bed. Should I mix it with something else (manure, mushroom compost) that I can buy in bags at Menards?

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