adidas(6/7)August 23, 2014

Is it?


P.S. If it is Chelone (glabra?)....has anyone reading this post ever grown these from seed? It is the one seed I can't ever seem to germinate....I buy seed from prairiemoon and everything else I've ever bought from them has germinated to some degree but not this...any tips :)?

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Chelone, yes. Germinating seed is not impossible. May need a period of cold (stratification). Here's one recommendation: "These seeds germinate rapidly depending on species and origin. If germination does not occur after 3 to 4 weeks a cooling period of 2 to"4 weeks is recommended."

Good luck.


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Thanks for the ID Gary! Actually, I wintersow most of the plants I grow from seed and I've even had luck w/things requiring 2 cold seasons for germination. But the chelone's just never germinate....I've tried them for 3 yrs now :(

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