common salmon pink quince

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5March 7, 2014

looks like the voracious rabbits have girdled all 20 or so of the trunks ...

i presume i am out of luck for bloom ... unless they can bloom on stored energy ....

but is there any reason to think otherwise.. that these are not 'run it over with the truck' plants... and with no insult to the root system... that i should not be back to a 4 foot tall shrub by fall ...???


ps: its the type that you can NOT make jelly from... we tried last fall ... if you recall that post ...

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I think they will recover. Chaenomeles are tough.

What method did you use for the jelly? I've made jelly from mine. Worked fine.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yes flora... we went thru all that in the old post .. and thx again ...

my method involved talking the mother of one of my boys friends into doing it .. gratis ... lol.... it didnt work out... lol ... i suspect she did not cook the fruit long enough.. prior to the actual canning ... i read.. that it was supposed to turn pink from cooking ... PRIOR to the start of the canning ....

regardless.. after 14 years of wondering.. we tried .... and it doesnt look like this year it will flower and therefore fruit ...


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Campanula UK Z8

I make jelly from cydonia oblongata tree quince.....not the tiny little chaenomeles quinces.....although they do fruit but such an effort compared to Vranja's fat golden globes of fragrance.....and those blossoms. Mind, I have medlars too but nothing induces me to eat them, bletted or otherwise.

As for chopping and hacking - chop away - they are tough as old boots and will come back from hard stooling (although it will take a season or two because they are not superfast growers.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

they are tough as old boots and will come back from hard stooling

===>>> well campy ... you just added two new comments to my lexicon ...

though i dont know if i can use the latter.. with a straight face ... lol .. perhaps when i do it.. i should increase its fiber ... lol


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