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bconzelmanJuly 11, 2011

ok sorry for the alliteration. Anyway I feel like I spend a good amount of money on plants and I'm not getting my moneys worth. The lilly I have has no blooms, doesnt seem to be growing and doesnt cover much surface area. The Cattail I have is nice but I guess I should have gotten something that blooms. I bought some other plant that looks like a douglas fir branch thats slowley invading the whole pond and looks like hell.

Everyone here who posts pics has great plants that cover the pond and make the fish safer but 'm worried i'll have to spend 200 bucks every year since I live outside philly and I'm unsure if they'll die ever winter. or how to care for them and winterize them. do I need to feed them additional nutrients or something?

I also feel like this is a major reason my fish keep getting seen by this damn heron.

Any advice for a new pond guy looking for plant cover?


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Waterlilies respond very well to fertilizer. I use Jobe's Tomato Spikes since they are cheaper than Pond Tabs. I use them once a month during the growing season. I plant hardies in cheap plastic oil pans in clay garden soil. IMO they do not do nearly as well in other media.

Do you know if your waterlily is hardy or tropical? A hardy should be fine from year to year sunk to the bottom of the pond. Tropicals require specialized care indoors...

The one that looks like Doug fir sounds like parrot's feather, I like how it looks but it is very easy to prune by pulling. Might or might not be hardy for you.

Yes, plant cover helps avoid heron predation.

You can get plants for postage or less expensively from other ponders rather than paying a ton from specialty nurseries...most grow very well and people have extras. Some will trade for land plants as well. There is an exchange here on Garden web and others if you google.

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