Moonflower Momma!!!

soozeesully(4)April 15, 2010


Never thought I would be saying THAT again, especially at 40!

So, I followed everyone's advice, and now have 22 new Moonflower babies!!

Planted April 3 at 11am in peat cups (WalMart) and they were born on the 9th! Yes, the 9th, 6 days later.

NOWWWWWWWW, my question is how do I raise them?

They have reached the top of the plastic dome that they were born in, and I removed that yesterday. I'm keeping them moist, but with still some vacant peat pods, I'm wondering if I still put the light on them?

My oldest are getting very tall (3inches) and are only carrying 2 leaves.

Any advice as to where I go from here?

I live near Shawano, WI, and our soil is very acidy as we are on the river and surrounded by pine trees.

Thank you all in advance :)

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Great job! What kind are they? 'Moonflower' can be used to describe a lot of different flowers such as morning glories to daturas.

FYI for next time, the dome should have come off on April 9th when they germinated.

I would get them under shop lights. Lights should be between 1-3" away from the top of them to keep them stocky and not stretching for the light.

Temps: 50-60 is ideal, but warmer wont kill them, maybe make them a little leggy.

I would transplant them into 16 oz cups or 3-4" pots. This will help build a stronger root system and watering will be easier in a larger container.

I would bottom water once the top 3/4 is dry, do not keep them moist. Constant moisture promotes dampening off and a weak/shallow root system. I would fertilize with a 1/4 solution once a week as well.

.......depending on exactly what moonflower you are talking about, you can't plant them until may 15th or after your last frost date. Plant them in full sun and amend the soil with some organic material.

I hope that helps.


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