morning glory

RafnkApril 29, 2013

hi there, I am wondering, I just planted some morning glory seeds, and I am going to try to have the inside this summer, do u have some good idea for climbing "thing" I am going to have them in my window, and going to let them climb up the window, and i am also wondering if I can have maybe 4-5 plants in long and shallow pot instead of one deep pot ? so I can have the pot it in my fensterbrett ?

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I would use a panel of garden fencing. You can get them at any garden store and just choose one that fits your window. I've linked to an example of what I am talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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okei nice thanks, but now I ned answer is it okei to do this to morning glory seedlings?

because I have few in the same pot


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Should be fine to have several in one pot, but I would worry about the depth -- depending how shallow you mean to use. They have taproots, so they can be rather close to each other, but they need enough depth to send down their root.

The other concern would be the window height. The species I grew up with covered a 2 story house by the end of the summer. But, you can prune the top of the vine at any time without harming the plant, so it's not too big an issue.

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okei thanks for the answers! helps me alot :)

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Please be careful when you dispose of the dead plants.Do not let any seed get loose! Burn them in your fireplace if you have one! You may drop seed outside.

Morning glory is a very invasive plant! I have been fighting them in my garden and along my fence line since 1979.

I never planted them, they came with my land.

Even though I snatch any I can find out of the ground as soon as they sprout, they keep coming back!

I can see why some people plant them, they are pretty. But they will destroy a corn crop and/or garden.

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