Hardening off Question

HillSeeker(3B)April 25, 2013

I'm attempting to harden off my European Greenhouse cucumbers & Melons and they are not liking it at all. The temperature is around 15-20 degrees C and haven't gave them too much light. I only put them out for 10 minutes today and they are really droopy. I've lost a few plants already from trying to harden them off as well over the course of the few days. I haven't had any problems with tomatoes or peppers.


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They appear dry, how dry is the soil? A good watering should help them jump back.

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I'm in a completely different zone than you, but my container zucchinis had the same issues. What I did was set them out in the sun in the morning, and by about noon, they would start drooping a little. I just totally soaked the soil they were in with water, moved them into a shady area to recover, then do it again the next day. It took about a week for then to get hardened off and stop getting shocked.

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When I bring my plants outdoors, I always put them in a cold frame I made out of old storm windows. I cover it with lightweight cloth to shade the plants for a day or two, then add more light as they adapt.

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