Simple mistake has me puzzled

futuredep(5b)August 21, 2014

Good afternoon all,

I am a "somewhat" experienced plant-grower, that has recently taken up vegetable gardening. Though I have read up on some of the different plants that I am trying to grow, I made a simple mistake that has left me a bit puzzled.

In the same starting container, I planted a seed from a store-bought lemon, and expected it to germinate within a few weeks, since I did follow the advice to strip the outer shell via water/cold. However, about a month passed and still, nothing. So, I dug around a little (lightly at first), and could not locate any germination or even the original seed. So, I cleared it out a little bit and planted a sugar baby watermelon seed. That, as in the attached photo, is in the middle of the three sprouts (I can identify that one as I have another that is identical, and I have grown them before.). That being said, I now have three things sticking out of the dirt, only one of them I actually know what it is.

I attempted to look for lemon tree beginnings on the internet and found the lighter sprout (far right) to look quite a bit like a lemon beginning; there are two leaves embedded in the dirt, with a stock growing in the center. I've seen a few photos of lemon sprouts having two similar leaves right at the dirt level while a stock grows up from its center.

Then, we call into play the tallest sprouting on the far left. It, too *kind of* reminds me of the dark green color of lemon tree leaves, but I have not seen anything like it in my research of citrus plants. I know I have only dropped lemon seeds and the sugar baby watermelon into this dirt.

Head spinning? Mine is. I know it may be a bit too early to tell exactly what each sprout is, but if someone might be able to tell me if I just didn't wait long enough for the lemon to grow, I would appreciate it. I imagine the lemon would not like to be cared for as a watermelon, nor the watermelon as a lemon. And I just realized... melon and lemon are all the same letters!

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This is another angle of the same...

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I'd say that the one which is a deeper green is the lemon. To me, it looks more like the seedling of a woody plant (essentially a shrub or tree) as opposed to an herbaceous seedling (a soft-stemmed plant).

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