tomato question

John_JJ(5)April 3, 2014

im going to be transplanting my tomatoes to cups and im going to be feeding them for the first question is should i fertilize them before or after transplanting?
im using alaska fish fertilizer 5.1.1
should i use 1 tablespoon or half of one for a gallon of water?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

After and diluted to 1/2 normal strength.


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But its going to be smelly !

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How long after transplant right away or wait a while?

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twintoes(5b Nebraska)

I made a pseudo fish emulsion with some leftover canned alskan salmon with bone/skin. I pulverized it added some used organic coffee grounds to it. Added enough water to cover it, then strained it. This "juice" I added about 1/8th of a cup to about 24 oz. of water. It is amazing what it did not only for my tomato seedlings, but all of them. The tomatoes especially turned a really beautiful lush dark green in their leaf and stems almost had a purple hue. They are gorgeous! They love fish - little smelly buggers! :) This is my first time gardening - so it is fun - although a bit like taking care of babies - lots of pampering.

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twintoes(5b Nebraska)

I re-planted in the cup, and used the fish emulsion to water them - same day. Didn't hurt them at all. I did try to keep as much of the clod of starter mix that was around the roots with it, to reduce the shock of being transplanted. It's been about 2 weeks since then, and they are all great. You will see an immediate change in them with the fish.

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thanks, your tomato plant looks good.I will be planting mine in a cup today and using fish to feed them

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