Sprouted Seedling and Sunlight

aztomn(SE MN 4a)April 14, 2010

Last year I did very well at my first attempt to sprout my own vegetable transplants (thanks to GW). I sprouted them and moved them directly underneath CFL lights, potting up, etc.

This year I have (Had?) decided to skip the CFL and just move them directly outside as soon as they have sprouted. Most have done well except broccoli seedlings that wilted to death within hours. Do cold season vegetables sprouts need "special treatment"? Did I just get lucky with the others? The first few seedling have only come up within the last couple of days and are outside. The majority are still in the "incubator".

By the way, outside is: An old glass door leaned up against the house. It isn't air tight as the sides are open. The wind isn't blowing them over, but definetly able to "flow through".

Any words of wisdom?

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why if you had such good luck last year did you decide to change it up this year? I say, if it's not broke don't fix it. =)

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aztomn(SE MN 4a)

Very good point! : )

Last year I started a lot of transplants under 4 - 4' bulbs. It became very crowded under there. I am working on a lot more this year and do not have much room or time and was hoping this would give me more area to grow in. I had such good luck I was lead to believe this would only be easier. Natural light should be superior to a bulb, but I am starting to eat my words!

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It may have been too hot for your broccoli where you had it, put it at the back. Sunlight coming through the window will be the strongest and hottest near the window and it can raise the temperature by 20 or 30 degrees even if the sides are open. It does little to protect the plants at night, so they are subject to tremendous temperature changes. I know there are people who do this, but it is far from ideal.

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