Heavenly Bamboo from seed?

BigN_187(9)April 29, 2013

I picked a bunch of red "berries" from some mature heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica) plants today. I watched a couple videos on how to pick the mature seed pods, and how to open them and whatnot.

I have two questions.

1) Is it normal for there to be two seeds in one red pod/berry? When I open them, it looks like one whole seed but then it falls apart, and there are in fact two per pod.

2) What color should the seeds be? The ones on videos appear to be more light colored, while the ones I have are darker.

Do I have viable seeds to plant or not..?

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yes 2 seed is normal ...color?...if viable only way to tell is to try to germinate!
store the seed at 70 F for 3 months THEN at 40Ffor 3 months
Lightly cover the seed soil temp for germination 65-75F

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