Frog eggs for sale online?????

futureprodigy88July 16, 2008

Where can I find frog eggs for sale you know of any websites. I prefer frog eggs instead of tadpoles. I would catch them but the nearest pond to my house is 2 hours away. So does anyone know of any website. Thank you. Emal me at

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Futureprodigy, before you buy frog spawn, take a moment to read the post by Mikeygraz, sent in last week.
The whole thread is linked below.
You will have to scroll down to see his post.

Here is a link that might be useful: About frogs and toads etc.

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You can get frog eggs for sale at www.carolina
They have bull and leopard frog eggs

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When you're through with your demonstration of frog development, keep the adults in an aquarium or kill them. Please don't release them. The places I know that sell frogs eggs, sell them for educational purposes only. They're not meant for stocking ponds and are not screened for diseases. Not unlike the little turtles that are illegal to personally own because of the health risk, but still can sold for educational purposes.

Also, the species of frog eggs you receive may or may not be what you ordered. The companies will substitute depending on availability. Usually this is stated somewhere in fine print but not always since the "product" is meant for educational purposes. You might very well receive eggs from a species not native to your area.

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Hi futureprodigy

There's been some excellent info about the dangers of buying critters mentioned already but here's another blurb that was just on the news that's pretty scary to Koi keepers. The disease may have been released by letting Koi into the lakes. I'd hate to see our frogs hit with something new :-(
The link is below.

On the bright side, my new little pond is up and running - sort of, kind of ugly and bare looking at the moment - and last night I think I heard a chorus frog? and got the beejeez scared out of me by a leopard frog near the pond this morning! It's only a little pond but all these more experienced ponders are right, "build it and they will come" :-)
Cheers, TC

Here is a link that might be useful: Koi disease article

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Please don't buy bullfrogs if you live West of the Rocky Mountains, they aren't native and are causing severe problems out here for native wildlife.

Personally, I would not buy any frogs online. Build your pond and they will come although you might have to build some container ponds without fish to raise them successfully. I did.

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I remember how shocked I was when I found frogs in my first pond. My back yard was fenced on 3 sides by a cinder block wall and the fourth side by a wooden fence with the bottom 3-4 inches buried in the ground. The nearest ditch\canal was maybe a half mile from my house through more fenced yards. To this day I still wonder how they found my pond but they did. Don't buy them. They will find you.

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like others i need frog eggs! I am doing a science experiment to see which of three types of frogs will take the longest to transform. To get an accurate measurement of time they need to start as eggs!

I dont need many eggs maybe 2 or 3 for each species... Help?

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