Snow Fire

intris(6)February 5, 2013

I recently found a website selling "Snow Fire." Does anyone have any experience growing this rose bush? I read some unfavorable reviews, but I'm holding out that this bush just needs the right zone to grow in (it's a kordes for pete's sake!). I live in zone 6b. Any experience/advice would be helpful.

Thank you for your time. Below is the link to the "help me find" section of Snow Fire.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help me Find - Snow Fire

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seil zone 6b MI

It's hardy for me but not very vigorous and VERY disease prone. Blooms also ball in high humidity. Not a favorite of mine and I'm seriously considering ditching it.

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Thanks for the tip. I loved the blooms, but I can't tolerate a disease prone bush.
Any recommendations instead?

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Not in your zone, but---I've got a Snow Fire which is well over 30 years old. I never cared much for the blooms which sometimes look a little odd. It has wicked thorns and suckers a few times a year. That said, it's one tough bush, existing by the roadside in a very hot summer location. I would not remove it out of respect for its determination and longevity. Haven't had much trouble with disease.

I'm not much for suggestions since my zone is so different from yours.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

For red with white reverse, 'Osira' (another Kordes!) is very good. Weeks (wholesaler) is apparently distributing 'Fire And Ice' this year--I've seen it at my local garden center. That is a spectacular red with white reverse florist rose.

Neither of these may be hardy in your zone--perhaps others would know--I don't as cold-hardiness is not an issue here.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh my yes, I forgot about the thorns!!! Snowfire is armed with billions and billions of them!

I have Fire n Ice, which is red with a white reverse (Fire and Ice is a yellow/white rose with red edges AKA Cherry Parfait) and so far it's been a weak grower for me. It's only a couple of years old but hasn't shown any vigor and blooms rarely. It gets one more season to improve and then it's out of here.

There aren't a lot that are truly red with a white reverse, which is a favorite of mine, but I have Love and the miniflora Snow Ruby too. Love is beautiful but slow to repeat and of the two Snow Ruby is the better, healthier rose. There's another miniflora by Frank A. Benardella called Liberty Bell that's red with a with reverse too but I don't know anything about it. Rosie O'Donnell is red with a yellow reverse and Ronald Reagan is red with a pink reverse. I've seen them both locally and they were lovely but I don't know about disease or hardiness.

I should check out Osiria for my collection!

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I have it ad it does very well for me. And since I saw socks12345 is zone 9 and I am 8b, it would seem that maybe it needs a warmer climate to thrive.

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I own Rosie O'Donnell. I like her blooms. This will be her first full year in my yard. I got her on closeout sale at the local nursery for $6. The owner said that Weeks roses would not be producing more Rosie's because the name was so unpopular. Has anyone else heard this?

I really don't mind thorns on my bushes. I am more offended by the thorn less roses. The poor things have to have some way to protect themselves from animals and small children!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Sorry, meant 'Fire n Ice'. Thanks for correction, seil.

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Ronald Reagan has much better form. Hope that this one survives the winter well here.

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Here's a pic of my Snow Fire, from a few years ago.

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

I've never grown Snow Fire. I do have the mini Snow Ruby, from Heirloom; I've only just had it 6 months, so it is not fully grown. Seems to prefer the cooler weather here, which might translate to mid-summer where you are. Not a particularly fast growing rose, but disease resistance has been decent for me in blackspot country, and it is capable of some absolutely gorgeous blooms with very sculpted hybrid-tea-like form that holds pretty well when the weather is not too scorching hot. Most importantly, the contrast between red and white is quite pronounced. I used to grow the mini-flora Merlot, which has a sorta-white reverse a-la Ronald Regan. That was quite healthy and pretty but with not as many petals per bloom. Obviously, neither of these roses is anywhere near as big as Snowfire would be. If you're seeking a full-sized red and white, I'd vote for Osira: so-so vigor but fantastically formed blooms.

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