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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)December 21, 2007

I was inspired by the "wicked dish" ( LOL, Chelone).

So I searched for more pics of my youth....

#1 Sweet Sixteen, plus friends:

I was so proud of my brand new taffeta dress, until I saw the exact same one on one of the other girls who was considered the most scrubbiest in High School.( Sorry, but that is the way teenagers think...)


Seventeen...with more friends:

That is a circle skirt that I am wearing. I loved it!


Seventeen, and a the cabin in the Idaho Mountains that we lived in for a month or so.

(This is one of my favorite pics of myself).


Eighteen, and a military wife.

A cheesecake pic espacially for Chelone...:-)

I had my oldest sister take this. I sent a copy to my husband while he was based in Germany.

(I haven't worn such short shorts in over 40 years!)

The next picture is for Kathy. If I remember right, she asked about my African Violets.

I took this pic this morning.

Feel free to add pics of your youth to this thread.


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Yowza, girlfriend! those shots are great. I love circle skirts, too, but boy, do they take some yardage. And you have to let the bias hang for a few days to get a vaguely even hemline.

Nice cheesecake, too. I'll bet Betty Grable would be envious. :) I like the smile and rolled up dungarees, too.

That's some fleet of African Violets you have, Marian. I think they're the prettiest things; the flowers remind me of the sugar one you find on expensive "store boughten" cakes or on Petit Four.

I don't have any shots from my misspent youth, at least not in this house, and it's sorta bummin' me out.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Fun shots indeed! You seem quite tall in your photos...but you speak about being short. Perhaps you mean you are shrinking these days. I am.

I remember what I thought was a smart skirt from about 1957. It was made of felt and had a French Poodle on it. ARGHHH how ugly! It probably had rhinestones on the dog collar. There were lots of crinolines then that we starched and starched using various methods. One technique was using wax paper. Whenever I see kids wearing dumb stuff I have to remind myself I had my share of it once too.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Was just getting ready to take off to meet the "old garden girlfriends" for a little get together, when Marian's post caught my eye.

Wow were quite a looker and what a pair of gams! :-) I bet I would have loved a circle skirt too...*Love* the picture of you in Idaho too! You look just like The Farmer's Daughter...and *so* young!

The African Violets are pretty too! :-)

TTYL! Eileen

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks) ! "Yowza" indeed! Time and tide have taken their toll ! I don't weight all that much more than in those is just redistributed.( Well, I guess about 20lbs is quite a bit ? ) Thanks for your appreciation for the pics, including the violets.
BTW, I had a lot of "misspent" in my youth too...just in a differant way.

Marie, I was 5'2".( Am at least 2" shorter now.) The friends in the first pic just happened to be shorter than I.The Dark-haired gal on the end of the school's railing was at least a head taller than I.
I have a pic of the 2 of us together, and it is rather humorous.I called us Mutt and Jeff. She and I remained in touch for several years after high school.
I don't recall ever having crinolines.

Ei, all of the pics of me are in Idaho. Only the cabin was way up in the mountains, at a place called Featherville.It is now a ghost town.

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When I was in Jr. High, Marian, the vogue was to wear your bell bottomed jeans too long, so the back part of the hem was worn and frayed. I could ride the bus to school (lived more than 2 miles away) but was one of the last to get dropped off so I opted to ride my bike in good weather. It was faster. BUT... bell bottomed jeans were easily caught in the chain of my bike. I rolled the legs to mid-calf out of necessity.

I was one of those little geeky, "brainiac" kids (the ones everyone made fun of, even as they called us for homework answers that very night). So, I adopted the rolled leg dungarees and wore ARGYL knee socks and SADDLE SHOES to further highlight the "faux pas". I knew instinctively that I had nothing to lose by doing so, LOL. Little did I know I was simply echoing the "bobby-soxers" that trailed after Frank Sinatra in the '40s. Too funny.

And I LOVE Poodle Skirts! AND, I was one of the few girls who actually knew how to turn a pair of dungarees into a jean skirt... it was rather a nice "cottage industry" for a geeky kid with good sewing skills!

Anyone remember adding decorative braid to the hemlines of your favorite jeans?! Michelle, Eden, Ei., Brenda?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I wish you could round up pics of you in your Jr/senior highschool days.
Around here the jeans are still worn too long, and are all frazzled out. It looks awfully tacky to me.
I never had a bike, and never learned to ride one. I frequently dreamed that I was racing up and down hills on one. :-) None of my siblings had one either. We rode horses instead, and skied in the wintertime.
It is obvious that your sewing talent started in your youth.
Speaking of being "geeky".... that wasn't the name used in my day, but I definitely was not of the "in" group. I guess that is where I got the feeling that I was "poor white trash"! I still occasionally call myself the objections of my friends. Thaak goodness that has all changed, in my thinking. I consider myself just as good as anyone else now.

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OK, Marian, here's a newsflash...

The "style" you see on kids today is EXACTLY the same thing that was "totally cool" when I was in Jr. High. I look at the kids around town, smile and speak to them, and walk away thinking... WHEN DID I GET SO OLD? How did it happen so fast?

lol, thanks for reminding me of those fun years and that marching to the beat of your own drum can be a GOOD thing afterall!

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Great pictures Marian. My mom must be 2 years younger than you, born in 1935. I've seen some of those cheesecake pics of her. My parents went to the Blue Ridge Mountains for their honeymoon and my dad took lots of pictures of my mom dressed in short shorts and perched on cliffs.

Chelone, I remember the hiphugger bellbottoms that drug on the ground. The bottom few inches were always wet in rainy or winter weather. We used to put a put an elastic band around the leg to keep them from getting caught in the bike chain. My friends and I all had Schwinn Continental 10 speed bikes. Mine and my best friends were both baby blue. Saddle shoes came back into vogue here when I was in high school and so did argyle knee socks. I remember having a pair of two tone brown suede and a pair of the black and white saddle shoes. And we embroidered and sewed patches on our jeans here. Oh and we wore macrame bracelets and chokers. And does anyone remember wearing those skin tight Jordache jeans that were all the rage in the early 80s?.

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Marian, you were quite a dish! Nice photos.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I'm trying to remember the blouse that I had on with the circle skirt. I think it was rayon. The shoes were sandals, with a strap around the ankle. I never cared for saddle oxfords, but they were popular at that time too. I prefered penny loafers, and still do.

Yes Eden. Your mom would be around 2+ years younger than I, but probably in high school pretty much the same years, since I dropped out in my freshman year, and started over again the following year. Then I got married, and didn't go another year. My first freshman year was in 46-47, but my senior year was 51-52. I dropped out again before graduation, but got my GED after moving back here.
The month's stay in Featherville wasn't a honeymoon. It was because of a job that we were there.

Thanks Norma, I wish I had felt better about myself at the time....

Chelone, I have always marched to a differant drummer than the majority. :-) I just wish I didn't let it get me down sometimes, ( like during this season), but I agree, it can be a good thing.

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Marian - I'll second or third the "dish" verdict!! I love the young military wife photo. There was no way in the world I was ready to be married at 17. I was quiet and bookish and totally immersed in school and my violin at that age. I married at 26 and even that felt young - definitely not ready to raise children till my thirties. I don't think my true personality emerged till my third decade.

Chelone - I too took to the sewing machine early but with nothing like your skill or patience. I think I wrote about the bikini I made in 3rd grade out of 60's daisy print towelling. I thought it the most glamorous thing in the world till it got wet and bagged down to my knees. We used to rip apart the bottom 12 inches of our jeans and insert triangles of denim to make them more bell bottomed.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I suspect my parents let me get married at 17 because they figured it was the safest way to go. I started dating at 15. As it happened, I was 25 and married to Nolon when our son was born. We'd been married 10 months and 10 days. I 'think' I had had at least one miscarriage while married to the first husband. Everything worked together for the best.

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Marian, how I enjoyed these pics you posted. I could see those wavy edges the photos always had back then , and I can tell you I never had legs like that on my best day !
And wow, a newlywed at 17 ..I can't even imagine such a thing though I know it was not unusual at all even in the 50's for young people to marry at that age-usually the summer right after graduating from High School.

Thank you also for remembering to post pics of your
violets. They are so pretty ! One plant that I have just not mastered !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am glad you enjoyed the violet pics, Kathy. And I hope you have a nice visit in Oregon.

Re: my legs...I had to work at 'fixing' them. I was double-jointed in the knees. They bowed out backwards, and looked like they had a kneecap on the back! I practiced standing with them flexed foreward. In pictures when I was facing the camera I appeared to have bow-legs,since they were bowed backwards. I don't know at what age they no longer did that. I just now tried to make them bow that way...they won't. :-)

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Marian, those are great photos. Ahhhh, the memories.

We had "squaw" skirts; probably not politically correct today, but that is what we called them. They were 3 or 4 tiers gathered onto each other and may have been circular.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, Marian, what a great series of shots! Thanks for sharing them. It's fun to go through old pictures and trip down memory lane. I used to sit with both my mom and my grandmother and go through their old photo album and listen to the stories that went with each picture. Hope you do the same with your grandaughters.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Penny loafers! YES! I agree, I still like them. Wore them all through highschool.

Anyone remember circle pins? And how about the black and pink phase?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sue ! I have 'never' sit with my GDs and showed them my albums. I sure hope I remember to do so the next time they come. Thank you for mentioning that! (Maybe someone can remind me???)

I know 17 seems very young to get married but it was not uncommon back then, or even much longer ago. One of my former SILs ( born and raised in Missouri) was married at 12 and a mother at 13! Now THAT is too young! Several of my Golden Year's friends are still married to the husband of their very young years. One in particular says she has been married all her life...LOL. ( It is her brother who is preaching for us now. He is the same age as I.) She (Freda) was younger than 17 when she and Billy got married.

I am enjoying everyone's memories, and this continues to stir up more for me...:-)
I have been giving more thought to the pics,and think the first misrepresents the height of the friend next to me. If you notice, the pic is not level...the photographer has us tipped! The line behind us is at the same position on both me and the girl next to me, and should be horizontal.
Also, in the cabin porch pic, do you see what I am doing with my left hand? apparently fingering my rings. LOL!
( I no longer have those rings.I took them to a pawn shop when Nolon and I needed money, and never went back for them.)
I also notice that my hair style changed frequently. It still does...:-), but is about the same color...naturally... (too bad the pics aren't in color).

It seems I remember seeing Poodle skirts, but never had one. I 'did' have a tiered skirt like gld mentioned ( Hi Glenda ) For those who never experienced a circle skirt...they were so fun to whirl around in. Like the famous Marilyn Monroe picture, only even more so the faster you whirled...standing straight out from one's body. I believe we all wore slips beneath them, therefore not too much would be exposed. :-)

LOL, Mary, I am still laughing about your 3rd grade bikini !

BTW, Kathy, I still have my old Starflash Brownie camera, and am sure it would still take those wavy edged photos, if film was available for it.

Marie, what were "circle pins"? And I don't remember a " black and pink " phase. We probably didn't have that in Idaho.Eastern fashions were slow to get to Idaho ( no TV then), and some fashions probably never made it, or caught on.

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Great pictures Marian! Thanks for sharing them. Its so much fun to see how the styles change. When my kids were born I saved the JC Penney catalog so that some day they could see what the styles were like that year.

'bug I still have a pair of penny loafers (Eastlands) that I wear with jeans. I don't have a penny in them though.

We wore saddle shoes in high school in the mid 70's. We called the wide leg jeans "elephant bells"

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The circle pin was worn on the blouse/shirt, at the neck usually. It must have symboized something, though I haven't a clue what! I found the page below which shows not only the poodle skirt but the circle pins and even pettycoats. The page is done in black & pink! And now they call it "vintage clothing". That hurts!

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Michelle, how I wish I had had the presence of mind to have saved such things when Tim was born! Smart move!

Marie, that's an interesting link. Thanks. I have a 'circle' pin that the Birds and Bees magazine sent me. I suspect it is meant to be a replica. It is the right size, but doesn't match any of the pictured ones.

LOL..."Vintage" ! I guess that is what I am. :-)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Great pics Marian. Thanks for sharing. I really love looking at these snapshots from the past.

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Marian, PLEASE make the time to sit with your granddaughters and share your memories. If you're able, try to record them in some way.

This is heartfelt. I have only scattered memories of "family stories" and now that Mum is gone there is no one left to serve as "reference librarian". It seems trivial now, esp. to YOU... but when you are gone all that will be left to your granddaughters are pictures full of nameless faces.

PLEASE consider this. I know from whence I speak. Your friend, Chelone. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I wish you all would share your pics of you at the same age range. That would make this thread lots more interesting!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - I love the glam shot with the gams! :-) We have a glam shot of MIL too that we've got framed on the wall. It's a classic. You should have that one printed as an 8x10 for your granddaughters. It would be something they'd treasure I'm sure.

I love loafers too - I have a beat-up pair on the back porch for wearing in the garden when I don't need boots and a nice pair of tassel loafers that I wear with black dress pants. The loafers are at least 15 years old now. I bought them at a shoe store that was going out of business - I think they had dug out old stock that had probably been in a back room somewhere for years! The two pairs I bought were the only ones in my size or I would have bought more!

I've noticed a couple of years ago the similarity in some clothes with those of my teen years in the '70s - horizontal stripped sweaters,platform shoes, low rise pants (aka hip-huggers in the '70s) and some bell shapes appearing on legs. It reminded me of my teen days when mom used to pooh-pooh my desire for trendy clothes by saying things like 'we wore platform shoes in the 1930s - they're old fashioned things...; miniskirts are from the 1920s...' and I'd do the teenage wail - 'but hese are different....' It's true though - a lot of fashion trends seem to recycle every 30-40 years or so.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well Marian, when I was a young girl (10-14 yrs.) all the smartest girls were wearing Angora sweaters and plaid wool skirts. I wanted one of those outfits in the worst way. In fact I had this recurring dream where I would open my bedroom closet and it would be filled to the brim with angora sweaters and matching wool skirts in every color imaginable! I console myself by imagining they were really itchy...LOL! Another fashion which I greatly admired were when the girls would wear those turtle neck or cowl neck sweaters and have a pendant on a chain suspended in the air by the turtle neck...LOL! The most popular girls would wear their boyfriends initial. ring on the chain. :-)

Chelone, I never had the braided bottom on my jean, but know what you are talking about. I do remember a favorite pair of bell bottom jeans, which I embroidered with words like Love & Peace. My finest creation was embroidering PicassoÂs Peace Dove on them...I was very proud of that (wonder now if it really *did* look that good. :-) Every time the jeans got a small hole or tear I would embroider around it with flowers and designs. It got to the point where the jeans were almost all embroidery with very little actual jean showing...LOL! I finally had to give them up when I could no longer squeeze my fanny into them! :-) Wish I still had them, I bet they would fetch a nice price on Ebay!

Okay Marian, no glamorous pics of me IÂm afraid, but for you IÂll post a couple of pics of what was the style when I was a teen...
Anyone remember handkerchief tops?:

WasnÂt I groovy...LOL! I really enjoyed seeing this picture again though. I remember I loved those jeans too...they were the kind made up of patches of jean material. And on the little radio is what was my favorite perfume...LÂHeure Bleue Perfume by Guerlain....check out the size of that bottle...LOL! Yea, I went nuts once I had my first real paycheck! :-) IÂm not sure what the other two perfumes picture there were. And that statue...I forgot all about that statue...I just *loved* it. It was given to me by my sister, when I was going through a little dark spot in my life. I remember it was a woman with her arms wrapped around a younger girl and on the bottom of the statue it said "You are loved". My sis was always just the sweetest sister you could hope for. Unfortunately, my mom broke the statue, knocking it over by accident. I was heartbroken...but I know mom felt awful about it too.

Okay, hereÂs another picture of me...donÂt you just love the "fro"...Yikes! A good picture to share with those who *think* they want curly hair...LOL!

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is so you can see another favorite style of mine...those shirts from India with the embroidery and mirrors....remember those? And check out my good friend MartaÂs bells and the kerchief head wear. I met her at my very first job downtown (Chicago). She was such a sweetheart and we hit it off right from the start. We are pictured there at work. The reason IÂm sticking out my tongue is because Marta was pregnant at the time and didnÂt want it to show in the pic, but another employee kept insisting. Finally, when I saw they were getting ready to snap one, I stretched over Marta and stuck out my tongue...LOL!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, advice well recieved. I just wish I would remember to do that when they are here. Their visits are so brief....
All of my photos of my earlier days have the names, dates, and locations on them. I learned to do that when my DSs and I were going through my mother's photos and saw many that we could not identify.

Susan, that sounds like a good thing to do for the DGs, but that photo in particular is so dim enlarging it would lose all features. It might make a 5 by 7 pic.
How fortunate you were to find those shoes! I have had similar 'luck' at yard sales. I really don't care for most of the modern shoe styles, Besides, they are just plain uncomfortable !
You are so right about clothing styles going in cycles. I have seen a small 'sweater' come back that we called a bolero. I don't know what is called now, but certainly not that.I still have mine. It certainly is 'vintage', LOL.
I don't recall having a problem with fashions, either with my mom or with myself. I have always prefered to wear what I like, and what I think looks good on me.

Eileen, I remember the Angora sweater and wool skirt phase. It if course, was past my 'time'. Those wool items ate me alive!!! Thank goodness they are improved.I do have a few wool skirts, but not the ones you spoke of. I have turtle-neck sweaters, but never cared for the cowl-neck...too gobby! LOL
WOW! You are a beauty in that pic! How old were you? I am afraid the only perfume I had when young was the cheapest available, mostly Blue Waltz. I still have a bottle full of the Blue Waltz dry perfume Sachet!It has to be at least 60 years old! I just opened it and it smells! Not 'nasty' but not too great either! lol. I haven't used perfumes in years because of my allergies. I even avoid scented hairsprays, mostly because they attract biting insects in warm weather.
I like your little lamp with the hobnail chimney. Sorry about the statue.
HA ha... your hair looks like mine after a perm! It's what I call my 'Richard Simmons' hairdo. Not my favorite style, but practical.
I vaguely remember those type shirts, by don't recall them being from India.
So funny about the kerchief! That is what our middle GD was wearing when last here! Tim was questioning her about her 'style' but she just shrugged him off. Remember the pic of her working on the farm and Tommy watching? She has a red kerchief on!

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OK! drum roll... I scrounged around in the VERY cold attic to find these, you guys.
Bathing Beauty c. summer '59. Marian, TRUST ME, I could teach you to swim. :)

And here's Dad with me "ridin' shotgun". Note, if you will, the lack of a helmet.

And here's a quick shot taken at a favorite cafe in the very small community we moved to when I was 14. The town my forebears inhabited many years before...

And these portraits were on Dad's bureau until he died.

And his favorite from spring 1972:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Perfume! I always bought Mom either lilac or lily of the valley. I remember when she told me she never wore them.... ;-)

Chelone, I like Spring of '72 also!!!

I'm off soon be with family-. It's not warm there, but THEY ARE!

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The date is wrong on the first shot, more likely summer 1960.

But I could DEFINITELY teach any non-swimmer to swim, of that, I'm CERTAIN!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Whoopee ! Pics from Chelone! And they are GREAT . I do hope you didn't get chilled in that cold attic. If you were only an infant in 60 you must be 11 in the 1970 pic. You look older...more mature...and very pretty. Lucky you to have had those kind of stilts. We had to use tin cans! I love the one of you behind your Dad on the bike. You were 14 in the cafe' pic? Either a very short 14 year old, or a very tall Dad! Thank you, thank you!
I wish I could have learned to swim, but am not willing to try now! I did have Tim take swimming lessons when he was small. I am sure the girls can swim also.

Marie, actually lilac was my favorite perfume ...:-)
I did wear it in my younger days.
I hope you have a wonderful trip, and a wonderful visit.

It has been dark and windy off and on all day. There is snow in our evening and night's forecast. They say not much is expected, but I've heard that before! I have seen several inches of partly cloudy. LOL

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Whoa! Marian!

I was about 8 in the shot where I'm wearing the polka dotted parka. I LOVED that parka. It was reversible! olive green on the side you don't see. I had ORANGE ski pants to complete the outfit. It was a White Stag parka, and I can still see the stag that was attached to zipper pull. Mum and Dad were big on making sure their kids were able to play outdoors in foul weather. GO OUT AND PLAY! was a common refrain in our home, lol. And neither my brother nor I perished as a result!

I am delighted to be able to participate in a small way. I'm ridin' hard on 50 now, a little thicker in the waistline than I'd like, but overall? I'm feelin' pretty good about things.

Tickles me to be able to indulge you just a little bit. ;)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Eileen, I hope you do not mind...I copied and pasted your email message here.

Hi Marian!

I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying all day to respond to your post in your nonseasonal post, but am having no luck. I don't know if the problem is with my computer or with the website, but every time I try to log in I get this message: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate"; and it won't let me log in. I wanted to let you know that cause I didn't want you to think I was ignorant in not responding back. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for calling me a beauty! :-) I was 18 years old in that picture. Believe it or not *I* never thought I was very attractive (maybe I hung around with too many cute girls...LOL)! But looking back at myself now, I think...was I crazy?!? I would give anything to look like that now...LOL!

Also, would you tell Chelone I think she was a real cutey and that one portrait pic of her...I can see our "Chelone". I would like to know if she is on a pogo stick in that one pic? You are right...she *is* a real cutey and I love her coloring.

Anyway, if you don't see me posting for awhile, at least you know why. I'll try again tomorrow. Also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your separate post. So fun to reminisce. You were a very attractive young woman and I so enjoyed your description of your circle skirt...yep, I think I would have loved to have one of those myself.

TTYL! Eileen

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"Those were the days ....."

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Marian, I've so enjoyed your thread but alas have no pictures to contribute. I will add that by high school I was well into retro/thrift shop chic, so I'm not even sure what the mainstream styles were, though hip huggers and disco/jordache jeans sounds about right. My influences were Joan Crawford, Carole Lombard, Roz Russsell, lol, tho I generally dressed in jeans and hoodie sweat shirts, to my mom's eternal chagrin, and I remember vaguely having some "earth" shoes, funny earnest little numbers but great for walking. One year I sewed a floral on cream background jersey Betsey Johnson miniskirt/crop top ensemble, white stockings, black wedgie platform shoes, which put me close to 6 feet tall, wore it one time to school, then basically let friends borrow it. Loved the clothes, hated the attention such an ensemble brings, kind of a lifelong conflict, lol. My next-door neighbor was a bobbie-soxer, I guess, and one day she showed me the contents of a cedar chest with all her college sweater sets. I nearly died from envy. I managed to wheedle an intense fuchsia wool short sleeve sweater with a little collar from her for my senior high school portrait, which my mom has stashed somewhere. Maybe I can dredge it up.

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A few pictures from my local park this morning.
floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK
Names of these two plants?
Can someone help me with the names of these two bushes?...
NEWBIES: dealing with heavy clay soil
i praise the Lord.. i have never had to deal with it...
ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
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