#242 - The 'Two-Fer Tuesday' Idyll

veronicastrum(z5 IL)December 6, 2005

Don't ask what it means; just keep on postin'.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Don't ask what it means; just keep on postin'.

V. (it's a two-fer!)

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V, what great news about your daughter. How great it would be if she got a full ride scholarship says the one who just wrote the tuition check for Dave's next semester this morning.

Marie, David had a banking problem this week too. A couple of weeks ago he transferred money from savings to checking but the teller posted it as a withdrawal. When he went to balance his checking account it was $550 short. He hightailed it over to the bank pronto to get things straightened out. He doesn't usually move that fast, lol.

Michelle, I thought it was cold here this morning. How cold can it get out there where you are? You definitely will be needing a tropical vacation. Oh I remember that picture of Kenzie in your dress. We need more Kenzie pictures here. Please...
So sad about your coworker. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair.

I would love to join you all somewhere tropical. And if Brad works over the holidays I just might have the extra $$$. I wonder if Megan could find someone to watch Bella for a few days? And I wonder if I could convince myself to fly?

I'm cooking beef stew in the crock pot and it's making me hungry. I need to go scare up some lunch. The stew won't be ready until around 6.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Shoot , I opened the last thread to read it , then forgot how long it was , and posted . Don't bother going to the trouble of looking it up ... it wasn't that important .


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Marian, I read your question about legumes. The funny thing was DH and I just talked about it last week. We had pea soup and I said peas were legumes and he said not. I checked on line. I don't think all vegetables, but certainly beans and peas.
Now days when we disagree about something, I run to the internet to find the answer (and prove that I'm right;o) )


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LOL, Michelle on the running to the internet to prove you are right! Good for you. I am sorry to read of your former co-worker's prognosis. What a terrible thing to happen to someone (and their family) and, to me, it seems to just be more awful during this time of the year.

Count me lost during the French lesson...obviously I retained nothing of my years in middle school French classes. :o( It isn't surprising (I know me) but I am still disappointed to be shown that, once again, I'm not working with a photographic memory. :oP

I need one of those signs. You know the signs I mean. They just have one word on them. The word? Oh....it is *Stupid*. I'm loading the dishwasher this afternoon. Putting dirty dishes in, that is loading...correct? Well for some *stupid* reason, I grab a bowl and think that I'm going to put it in the cupboard. This is a dirty bowl, out of the load of dirty dishes that are already in the dishwasher that I am currently loading with MORE dirty dishes. Hellllooooo? I scare myself some times. Thankfully no one was here to see that brilliant move except the dogs and they keep things like that to themselves.

Have you ever read the little blurb by Andy Rooney about people needing Stupid signs?

Here it is if you aren't familiar with it or if you'd just like to read it again for a chuckle.

Stupid People - Andy Rooney

Stupid people should have to wear signs that just
say, Im Stupid." That way you wouldnÂt rely on
them, would you? You wouldnÂt ask them anything.
It would be like, "Excuse meÂoopsÂnever mind, didnÂt see your sign."

ItÂs like before my wife and I moved. Our house was full of
boxes and there was a U-Haul truck in our driveway. My neighbor
comes over and says, "Hey, you moving?" "Nope. We just pack our stuff up once
or twice a week to see how many boxes it takes. HereÂs your sign."

A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy
of mine, we pulled his boat into the dock, I lifted
up this big olÂstringer of bass and this idiot on
the dock goes, "Hey, yÂall catch all them fish?"
"Nope. Talked Âem into giving up. HereÂs your sign."

I was watching one of those animal shows on the Discovery
Channel. There was a guy inventing a shark bite suit. And
thereÂs only one way to test it. "All right, Jimmy, you got that
shark suit on, it looks good They want you to jump into this
pool of sharks, and you tell us if it hurts when they
bite you.." "Well, all right, but hold my sign. I donÂt wanna lose it."

Last time I had a flat tire, I pulled my truck into
one of those side-of-the-road gas stations. The attendant walks
out, looks at my truck, looks at me, and I SWEAR he said, "Tire
go flat?" I couldnÂt resist. I said, "Nope. I was driving
around and those other three just swelled right up on me.
HereÂs your sign."

We were trying to sell our car about a year ago. A
guy came over to the house and drove the car around
for about 45 minutes. We get back to the house, he
gets out of the car, reaches down and grabs the
exhaust pipe, then says, "Darn thatÂs hot!" See, if heÂd been
wearing his sign, I could have stopped him.

I learned to drive an 18-wheeler in my days of adventure.
WouldnÂt you know, I misjudged the height of a bridge. The truck got stuck
and I couldnÂt get it out, no matter how I tried. I radioed in for help and
eventually a local cop shows up to take the report. He went through his basic
questioning Â. okayÂ.no problem. I thought for sure he was clear of needing a
sign until he asked, "So, is your truck stuck?" I couldnÂt help myself! I
looked at him, looked back at the rig and then back to him and
said, "No, IÂm delivering a bridge hereÂs your sign."

I stayed late at work one night and a coworker looked at me and said, "Are
you still here?" I replied, "No. I left about 10 minutes ago. HereÂs your sign."

Anybody you know need a sign today? Send this to all your
friends. The next time someone says something stupid ask them
where their sign is. By Andy Rooney

Okay, back to housework for me......

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

V, I remember two-fers. Sadly, I think some places have laws against happy hour incentives now...hehehe.

So, you potential Caribbean travelers, should we shoot for the last weekend in January? I should have my year end done by then and possible be done with the auditors.

I thought maybe Puerto Rico-there are some incredible luxury resorts there but they may be too pricey for some budgets unless we could score some incredible package deals. See link below to the El Conquistidor. Another is the El San Juan. Other islands I've been to and would recommend are St. Maarten/Martin (great restaurants), Barbados, and St. Bart but if all we want is a beach and warm weather I doubt you could go wrong with any place. Tom is asking if husbands are included in this deal...lol...finally and idyllunion of interest to him.

Michelle, I'll keep your co-worker in my thoughts. Cancer is such a nasty disease.

Time for my two-fer.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

T - I got a good chuckle from the Andy Rooney thing - I copied it and forwarded it to DH's work e-mail so he can start his day off right tomorrow! :-) (There seems to be a few people he works with that need the sign...)

A warm break in mid-winter sounds like a lovely idea - too bad I don't travel as I hate winter! The only tropical place I've been to is Barbados - I was working at the time, auditing a subsidiary. Fortunately we had a few weekends free each time we went. There's an interesting botanical garden there and nice old plantation houses to visit. We stayed at the Grand Barbados hotel on the beach - it's near the racetrack and the horses were brought down to the beach after morning work-out for a swim. (Some people didn't like that idea - I wonder if the horses still go there for their swims...) I also went to a stable where, once you convinced them that you really did know how to ride, they took you for a nice fast ride on the beach on retired racehorses. However, Barbados didn't look like my pre-conceived notion of somewhere tropical - not nearly lush enough. We were on the Atlantic side of the island and it's actually quite dry on that side. I will be very envious of any of you who take a tropical mid-winter vacation! :-) I think I'll go hibernate now....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay, I did it! All by myself, well, DD helped me with taking the photos. Here it is - I'm not soliciting, just sharing!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sue, bummer I can't make the last week of Jan. Doug's new company has a big shindig in Boston on the 28th. 1st week of Feb works though.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Yay V!!!! You Ebay Queen you! It's exciting refreshing the page those last few minutes and watching the snipers come out! I have a postcard handwritten by Joseph Szigeti (violinist) up right now, no bids yet but 7 watchers so could be good Friday night! Congrats about your daughter's acceptance(s) as well, that's great!

Sue, I wouldn't be caught dead on a beach in a bathing suit, especially around you, lol! Sad but true, not that I could afford it anyway unless I sell a lot of postcards. Will enjoy your fun vicariously through idyll pics and have a pina colada in your honour. My vacation time will be spent packing to move to an acre in ginseng country if the stars are lucky...

Time for reading and bed, too tired to comment more, but know I've been thinking them at you ALL as I've read along..


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Marian..I'm with you..I'm sorry everyone but I posted on the old idyll 241..I was reading it and forgot and posted even tho this one was up and running..Sorry...I think I was 105..I thought they stopped at 100...Sylvia

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Qucil morning check in. Okay, that first word should be "quick" but I thought I'd show you what I'm like before the coffee kicks in!

Sylvia, a few weeks ago the threads stopped automatically ending at 100 posts. We've been ending them ourselves about that point because the threads get so long they are slow to load for some folks, but if you have the thread open or bookmarked and aren't watching the length, you can lose track of when "the end is near". No biggie!

Taryn, thanks for the comments!

It's -5 this morning. I've never been to Puerto Rico other than cnanging planes at the airport once. The nice thing is that it's not too long a trip with direct flights from many airports. I had to go to NYC once in February, and my flight home was a continuation of a flight from San Juan. It was no fun to board the plane in a mild snowstorm and find it full of very tan (and very drunk!) people.


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Christmas tree shipping season is "officially" over today. That's not to say they are all gone though. A few will be going to tree lots in Northern VA, etc. Today is also DD#2's birthday. I have to work...cleaning a house for a lady who is having lots of company for the holidays, including a DIL who is a perfectionist:-)

The French lessons are beyond me too. I never studied that language. Spanish is much easier:-)

Marian and Gardenbug..I feel for both of you. If it were not for my beliefs about the hereafter, the here would be very frightening. I have been treated for depression in the past and found that exercise, sunlight or fake sunlight, and some diet changes made all the difference in the world. Most people who suffer depression have a seratonin defficency. I was told to eat at least 1/2 cup of brown rice every day. The amino acid tryptophan is also converted into serotonin by the body. The doctor did not reccomend taking supplements but getting the nutrients from real food. He also suggested getting rid of the serotonin robbers such as caffeine and alcohol. Many anti-depressants are serotonin re-uptake medicines which allow you to better use the serotonin that you do have. Of course all this doesn't take away the stressors in our lives but with enough of the right brain chemicals, we can deal with them better. I speak from expereince here. Sadly at that time my DH did not understand depression. His feelings were "You are a Christian, You shouldn't BE depressed!" Well, he and I learned that most often depression is a physical problem of the brain and needs medical help just like a physical problem of the body.

OK, that loud noise you just heard was me jumping off my soapbox:-)

I am sad for all those who are sick or caring for the sick. It's isn't easy, I know.

Off to work,

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NOTE: In a pre-second-cup-of-coffee moment, posted on the last thread. Here it is again. Sorry!

Good frigid morning. Not below zero yet but it's coming ...

Marie, thanks for the kisses from Charlotte to my brother. And thanks for being forthcoming about how you feel. There are so many "levels" of depression that the AMA is considering renaming degrees of the illness to differentiate them. A good idea.

Roses on Windows: When Kyle was about 5 he got a really severe case of the flu and had to stay in during a wonderfully kid-friendly snowstorm. All his friends were out and he was understandably bummed about not being able to join them. We decided to pretend it wasn't snowing, but was a sunny, warm day with flowers blooming.

I pulled out my Wayside Rose Catalog (remember when they did one separately?) and had him cut pictures out. Then, we took clear contact paper, cut that to size, and adhered the rose pictures to the windows. It was enough for him to feel better about being "in". It took a while to detach the pictures from the windows some weeks later, but it was worth it.

The tradition stuck the next year when we had an ice storm that paralyzed our area of Connecticut. Kyle found the Jackson and Perkins catalog and away we went. Believe me, it is nothing but humorous to look out a window, see a picture of a rose, and then realize that everything is snow-covered. Just some winter whimsy ....

I don't speak any other verbal language well, though I can ask people to "wait a minute while I get someone who speaks Spanish", in Spanish. Also am fluent in American Sign Language which comes in handy at the most unexpected moments.

Glad Chelone got a car. We couldn't live without two. Rich needs his for his work, I need mine for my work, and Kyle needs his to do the school/work/home thing. It irks me that the donation site doesn't tow ......

Also glad Tim is receiving good care. Hope you can exhale, soon, Marian.

Sue: I love the chanty. Wish I could join you on the island but new job, new garden bones to install, and a college tuition bill make it not doable. I will be with you in spirit, though -- someone bring a laptop for pics!!

Did I miss her or has Taryn not been around? I'm interested to know if her sellers agreed to the deal ....

V: Thanks for the book suggestion. I'm a biography nut and have read most credible ones (and auto--s) of prominent women. Haven't heard about this one and will find it. A storm is coming this weekend -- perfect excuse!

Cynthia: I, too, have a propensity for being "up" even when I feel like crap. I'm so grateful I have that power, in recognition that many others don't. Was thinking of you yesterday when I realized that two years ago Ky and I went to U of Maryland where it snowed 3 inches and shut down the state, thus eliminating his bonus points of attending an info session. The stupid things that run through one's mind .....

Have thoroughly enjoyed all pics of cakes, kids, and rooms. Traveling with "the boss" today so must get my professional act together and move it.

Stay Warm, Everyone!!!



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Very interesting the number of timid Idyll environmentalists who emailed me privately. Not sure how useful it is to hide your beliefs, but the thoughts are admirable. People seem embarrassed to be counted as concerned about resources: the air they breathe, the rocks, water, trees, fish, oil and so forth. Just what the resource business loves when they ridicule the "tree hugger". The media could make it an issue overnight if they dared. Of course it should be a major political issue, not a minor one. And I mean world wide, not just Canada and the US which should be examples.

And VG, there is also a time for real despair...that is NOT a disease.

Today is housecleaning day. Oh joy! Oh bliss!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Sue can you do this the first week of Feb??? This could be theraputic. I think I need some sun for medicinal reasons in Feb. Te he. I checked out that link and did you look at the individual condos? Very nice!

Taryn, I don't care what I look like in a bathing suit. If people don't like what they see they don't have to look.

V... You Ebay queen you. Very good.

Martie, Have a great day on the road today. Can I have an injection of your upbeat attitude??

Chelone, good news on the car.

Bug, more French today? You never said if you were able to rescue your coleus after Minou got a hold of them. Do you have anything growing under the lights right now?

So here are a couple very neat things under my lights right now. I had these very small (only about an inch and a half in diameter) tubers from my Black Magic when I dug it out. I didnt think they stood a chance of making it in storage through the winter so I potted them up. And Voila! Very teeny, tiny colocasias. How cute is that?

Right now the leaves are only about three inches long. So how does one keep a Black Magic within bounds indoors????

Here are a couple other success stories from my hack and whack routine in October. These are a Hypoestes from one of my container gardens and the grass is a piece of one of my Pennisetum rubrum that I dug out of another container, root pruned, cut back and repotted. How cool is that? Well see how this does over the winter.

And this little beauty is the clematis I could not resist picking up in the grocery store last week. Sweet! Bug, thought youd like to see this one.

Michelle, a long while ago I told you I had this four generation photograph. Well I finally found it. This was my Mom, me, DD and Memer taken on Mothers Day of 1974.

OK time to hit the brushes. Ill hopefully finish this up today and Ill get a scan of this painting for you guys when it is done. Not any big deal just a simple five petal rose for a step-by-step illustration.

Have a great day!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'll give a short story in brief daily installments for those who'd like to follow along. If someone chooses to translate, for the others, fine!

Il était une fois trois petits chatons qui s'appelaient Mitaine, Moppette, et Toto le Minet.
Chacun avait son joli petit manteau de fourrure, et ils gambadaient sur le seuil de la porte et jouaient dans la poussière.

Back to cleaning... :-(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Deanne, what an amazing photo! You women all have similarities...and I think I'd recognize DD even without the others present! It's the eyes.

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Have any of you winter dog walkers thot of putting a warm rice bag in your pockets. I need to do over the ones I did 2 or 3 years ago. Deanne, we admire your gardens and painting. To be able to put the details of life into a rose and a drop of water is excellence. I love to study art. The Restaurant of the Cherokees in Tahlequah is also an art gallery for some of the Masters. The works of various artists are displayed at different times. I'm pleased that if I know the work of a given artist I can usually recognize the work without looking at the signature. I feel that if I saw your work in a magazine I would know it was your work without any ID. I feel that is the true 'signature' of any artist or art form. The individuality of the talent. There are so many beautiful creative ways to spend our time. I also appreciate the 'business' end of it having known professional artists and business people who do creative things with growing and marketing plants. To have talent and do what we love is to be blessed. To have love in our lives is to be blessed. Work is involved with all of it. I 'diddle around' with a lot of creative things. Profit in creativity means production. Appreciation is the reward.
I 'fantacize' a lot about walking barefoot on a sandy beach looking for pretty shells. I love to swim and float in a refreshing pool. Our vacation in San Diego 1n 1985 was the last time I walked on the beach. To me the best part of traveling is to stop to rest at a motel with a pool and spa. Or to find a beautiful garden along the way to stop for a lunch and walk break. Or to find a restaurant with paintings of Master artists displayed on the walls and cases of creative objects to study and enjoy. To be able to meet the creative people has also been a highlight of my life. To have a Partner who is 'willing to go with me' is also part of it. The 'Bible' tells us there is a time and place for everything. A time to rejoice and a time to grieve, a time to thrive and a time to endure. ( Maybe not in those exact words). Hoping that everyone will be able to 'deal with' whatever comes up. EP

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V glad your DD has her college decided on-darn, now I can't ask her to babysit the kids-lol.Much luck to her: )

Deanne it's amazing to see you in that pic-in '74 I was just ten but knowing you as I do now,we really don't seem so far away in age(at least to me)-I find that interesting.
Hey is that pineapple wizard coleus I sent you in the pic above? I was just curious as to if it will make it through winter.

It's 12F here. I knew you all just wanted to know that.

J-T that Andy Rooney is a funny guy.

I will be bold and answer quests. from the last thread without looking: )

Did Marie ask about the dots on the cake? Well whomever it was,I did do them by hand-it's from a tube of cookie decorating icing(I think by Betty Crocker?). Looks more difficult than it really is. Chelone the frosting was simple cream cheese frosting-I actually liked it better than the buttercream one I normally make(V's caterpillar cake had that-that's cool that V and Drema will know what I'm talking about). Eden my mom used unsweetened Koolaid powder years ago for many of my bday cakes-she probably read the idea in a magazine.

Eden I don't remember if I actually posted my comments about Bella(I think I deleted a post)anyway I LOVED those shots of her. I like the head on shots but those profile ones are a nice change from the usual poses. Is she a high action gal?I figured that might have influenced her varied poses lol. I'm having a reality check about how quickly these little ones grow up-I can't believe how old my kids are 'suddenly'.

Hey Taryn-where'd you go off to?

Time to online shop...: )


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Its a little warmer today 7.

Last night I started sewing valances for the bedroom that I just painted. I really dislike sewing, but I can never find curtains that I like. One window done and one to go.

I am lost in the French dept. except that I do have some French in my bloodline.

T, Ive heard the Andy Rooney thing before, but it was a good laugh again.

The tropical trip sounds nice, but unfortunately its not in the cards for me. We spent a day touring San Juan after returning from a cruise.

Martie, you should sign up for the David Austin rose catalog. It is very pretty.

Deanne, the 4 generation picture is very special. Your DD was an adorable little girl. Thanks for finding


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well, another pause in the cleaning fiasco. Just finished some ironing too. I'm with you Michelle as far as sewing is concerned. I admire a job well done...by someone else.

The sunny start to the day has turned into flurries, the kind with big fat flakes.

The pot luck for Friday night is coming together. I asked everyone with email to tell me what they were bringing. It looks fairly balanced as a result:
Vegetarian baked beans
cheese/carrot/onion/currant casserole
Chocolate Eclipse cake
une petite torte bavaroise

Looks like no one thought of wine...yet!

DH is at a departmental retreat today, but opted to skip the dinner. Must be tired of dull meals out, so I guess I'll need to come up with something good tonight!

Deanne, not many coleus survived the genocide...The 3-4 remaining ones are now upstairs, looking sad. My new cyclamen has flopped too. Perhaps they are too cold at 50F.

Lunch now and then back to work, although a Sara Paretsky paperback is enticing me.

Ta Ta!

PS: Found the cats all in one spot.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Another unseasonally cold morning , and more to come . The forecast for Friday morning is 4F !!! It looks like we may have a sub zero winter . We haven't had one for several years . As EP said , that will be the end of some of my plantings ...espacially the tender Kiwi .

Tim went to his Dr. yesterday and was told he doesn't need to take the last 5 injections . He is rejoicing about that , and so am I ! He didn't mention the coumedin , But said he has to take atenolol for his high bp .

Sylvia , Yes , the fibro effects my sleep , but for the past 3+ years I haven't had that effect as much as I did when the fibro was most active . Have you tried taking an antihistamine before going to bed ? That helps me , and my Dr. said it would probably help the fibro also .
I agree with you and Marie ('bug) on the excess in material things , and it has become a 'throw-away ' society . Things are made to only last a brief time , so the ' new ' stuff can be sold .
I also agree about the small stuff . Major disasters tend to strengthen me ( maybe it's the adrenalin rush ) .
My apartment living was about the same length as yours . Actually , it was called a 'motel' , and we lived there while I was pregnant . We were upstairs at first , but the kind landlady moved us downstairs as soon as there was a vacancy , so I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs .

Chelone , I'm sp glad you've found a car to buy . I hope it will give you good service for as long as you want .
Re: 2 vehicles ...since we live in the boondocks we have always had 2 . Nolon had/has his pickup for hauling stuff , on his jobs , and now for firewood . The only one we are now licensing and insuring , is my car . The other 2 are 'retired' , but on hand for emmergencies . Since we are not visible to the public , they are not offensive to anyone . I like having them setting here , making the place look occupied even when my car is gone .

V , I forgot to let you know ...I can post a 'two-fer' without even trying ! LOL
Congrats on your DD's acceptances !

Teresa , I love your Andy Rooney post . He is one of my favorites . We both really did LOL at some of the sayings . Nolon espacially liked the hot exhaust pipe one . I thought he was going to choke on his laughter !
On my way to town yesterday , there was a lost exhaust pipe in the road . A little further on , there was the muffler ! They were gone when I returned home . I guess they were too hot to pick up when they first fell off ! Don't ya think ?

I'll join you all on the tropical island ---- when my ship comes in ! But no swim suit for me either , unless it is a 1930's type that covers all ! lol

VG , I can identify with much of what you said about depression and 'our' beliefs . Many of my brethren think the same way as your DH did . I have taken the serotonin re-uptake meds , but they have side effects for me . I am now taking St. John's Wort and Ginkgo , and getting good results , with no side effects . I do try to go light on the caffeine .
Also , most think this earth will last forever if taken care of . Others believe it will not last forever regardless of what mankind does to it . I am of the later persuasion . I believe that God is able to provide for us , as long as this earth lasts . But I still believe we should be 'good stewards ' . I hate seeing the land 'trashed' .

Deanne , in one of my last night's dreams a woman ( I have no idea who she was ) was giving me lots of plants . One thing she gave me was the tuber of an ornamental sweet potato . I love your collection of wintering over plants . Neat about the colocasia . I hope you can keep it in bounds ! I didn't save any of my hypostes . Ahhhh , lovely clematis !
Neat 4 generation's pic . I wish we had done that whan my grandmother was living , and Tim was small . My GDs have 4 generations on their mother's side , but not their fathers .
How tall was your grandmother ? Your mother towers over her like my oldest sister did our mom .

Sorry , Marie - your French story will have to remain a mystery to me !

EP , your warm rice bags would probably work better on the frozen clasp than my suggestions .
I am so happy your " challenges" do not prevent you from doing the things you love .
We all have differant talents ; differant abilities ( mentally and physically ) , and differant ways of handling them .

Hi Babs ~ ~ ~ ~ waving at you !


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Hi all, just checking in. Deanne is the picture of C. florida sieboldii? And if so, how long has it been in a container? I had 2 in containers at various times, both succumbed to wilt just as they started blooming. One of the most discouraging clems for me. If I keep my new house (I think I will...), I plan to plant one right up against a SE facing stone wall to see if it might overwinter outside. David

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all,

David, I bought this at the grocery store and the tag says it is Viennetta-Evipo006 from BloomRite Clematis. I thought the same thing that it must be bred from C. florida sieboldii but I can't find any information on its breeding. These are miniature clematis and are designed for the gift flower trade. It is so darned charming I had to pick it up. I'll see if I can keep it going long enough to harden it off and give it a whirl in the garden next year. I'm planning on growing it under the lights this winter and seeing what happens.

Marian, My Memer was only 4'11"! To funny about your dream about someone giving you sweet potato vines.

Bug, Noticed that the kitties are parked over the heating vent. LOL - Coleus do not like to be cold.

"Once upon a time there were three small kittens who were named Mitaine, Moppette and Toto le Minet. Each with their beautiful, (small/short?) fur coats, they frolicked in the threshold of the doorway and played in the dust." Doesn't seem quite right but the best I could do.

Babs, yes indeed those are your 'Pineapple Wizard' cuttings and are very happy campers. I meant to tell you that in the previous post. Thanks so much for them. They really are pretty.

So I finished up the painting and am off to the FedEx box to send it on its way...

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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

What a deliacate beauty. Who could imagine a more delicate rendition of the color 'apple-blossom pink' than that! I have always loved single flowers of almost any ilf, and your painting shows why.

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Peut-etre je pourrai traduire l'histoire... (perhaps I will be able to translate the story). But don't quote me on any of it, please.

One upon a time there were 3 kittens named, Mitten, Moppette, and Toto the kitten*. Each one had a pretty, small fur coat, and they froliced on the threshold of the door and played in the dust.

I had to really work on this one! I looked up "le seuil", and "poussiere" (Micro Robert, where I have to read the definition in French and see if I can glean the meaning). "Gambarder" took a bit, too, but I suspected it had something to do with dancing, so worked from there. * I suspect there is a joke here... not simply the first meaning of "kitten", also a secondary one that can mean a fashionable young woman or an effeminate young man? I actually hauled out the following books: Larousse's Dictionary, Micro Robert (en poche) vols. I & II, and Barron's 501 French verbs.

I share similar feelings of concern/dread about the havoc we have wrought on our "mother ship". It's terribly difficult to avoid being caught up in it. I am less than thrilled about sending a junk car "away", but if it is used for scrap, scavenged for parts and the waste products removed I feel better than buying something BRAND SPANKING NEW that uses more materials and resources and further contributes to a cycle of excess. In our own small way we "buck the consumer mentality" every day. No dryer, no dishwasher, no air conditioning, no cell 'phones, no more cable TV. We eat at home nearly every night. All the vegetable trimmings go into compost. No junk mail (I actually called and wrote to every company who sent it to us and told them to STOP). Cans and bottles are redeemed, as are newsprint, carboard (Maine is very "hip"). Hell, we even take other people's cast off pets! Livin' lean is part of who we are.

The afterlife? not a worry for me, at all! To be quite frank, this household practices the "golden rule" every single day. On those days when we fall short and succumb to the vicissitudes of daily mood swings we either apologize immediately or double our efforts the next day. We contribute to charities that suit our sensibilites and we do so regularly because we experience "plenty" every single day and it's our duty to "pay it forward". No one will ever convince me that we must believe any specific doctrine/"way" to guarantee our life in the hereafter (IF there even is one). Suffice it to say, if you ever needed help, this would be a good door on which to knock. Now that's something to consider in this, the season of Advent... ;) I'm bold and I've said it!

Now I have to do more blasted research on "donating" the stupid car... (hisss!).

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"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" is a fabulous Cha-cha, OR Rhumba (but it's a very quick Rhumba!). Perez Prado, yee ha! It's lovely, Deanne. You beat me to the "send" button on the translation, lol. :)

And nice to see David! it's been a long time for me... life has a way of distracting us. Hope all's well with you and you stop in more often.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

You gals are doing a terrific job on your French. If you are enjoying it, I'll continue the tale...[tail? ;-)]

Evison has managed a smaller version of seiboldii. Definietly they are related. He claims the small one is hardier.

Deanne, may I have permission to offer your photo to Clematis on the Web?

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Mais oui, s'il te plait. Mais, seulement si les autres sont en d'accord. (But yes, if you please. But only if the others are in agreement). Was there a joke in the use of "Toto le minet"? seemed stange to use "kitten" twice... or did it emphasize that he was the youngest? I haven't been able to "dust off" my French for over 10 years now, 'bug! (now you have to tell me how to insert accents... believe it or not, I used to know how to use them!).

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What are the French words for 'atonement' and 'peace on earth'? Have had an 'enchanting day' making chicken soup, working on some ornaments that will eventually become gifts, getting things in the mail, enjoying reading old recipe books, thinking of being more creative with cooking. Time is treasure. Thinking of y'all in the cold country. Appreciate seeing and reading what everyone is doing. Coldest winter here in 10 years and it is only begun. Christmas lights are twinkling. Deanne , nothing over twinkles your drops of water. Wish I'd learned to Cha Cha. Oh well! EP

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Je regrette je n'ai pas le mot pour "atonement". Ma dictionnaire n'est pas assez precise. (I don't have the word for "atonement", my dictionary is not that specific). A phrase such as "peace on earth" is more idiomatic; you can translate it word for word, but it won't carry the same meaning. Without a seasonal greeting card "en francais", EP, je regrette... je ne peux pas trouver les mots. (I'm sorry, I am not able to find the words.) J'espere, la belle 'bug sera m'aidez. (I hope lovely 'bug will be able to help me).

Cha-cha is really easy. One, Two, Three and Four (give Three and Four the same amount of time you give One and Two). Cha-cha is a Cuban dance; wonderfully adaptable and very pretty. If it wasn't against the (outdated) law I'd be headin' to Cuba for an island getaway. 90 miles away and we don't "talk" to them? ... yawn... yep, it figures...


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Paix au monde?

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

GB, it seems that my "advice" has offended you and I'm sorry. I was truly only trying to help, as I had been helped. I guess that would qualify as a pay it forward.

Chelone, ditto to the living lean:-) We grow most of what we eat. In fact, we buy so little at the grocery store that we don't even have a bag of trash to put out each week. We garden organically, including the daylilies and use no pesticides on our property. DH and DS are the kings of recycling. They can make something from nearly nothing. Also we have very strong feelings about the exploitation of animals which is one reason we do not eat any animal products. Health is the other reason. So we may all be different but we all have strong feelings about many things, I'm sure.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well fiddle dee dee , I sure didn't proofread my last post very well . I hope you all could figure out what I was saying !

Deanne , My mother was 4'10" . I used to be 5'2" so didn't quite tower over her . The sister was probably around 5'6" .
Wow ! That picture is outstanding ! A masterpiece !
Nice to see that your pics brought David out of his silence .

Chelone , I too , have no dishwasher , no AC or forced heat , no cell phone , No cable TV , but I do have a dryer . I started out hanging my clothes on outside lines . I was almost eaten up by chiggers after moving here ! Not to mention the pollen from all the trees , and the humidity .I recycle all the cans and plastics , and the newspapers I'm not saving for lasagna beds .All compostable stuff goes in bins . Disposable meats , etc . go to the varmints . I still get gobs of junk mail plus all the garbage that is stuck in the newspapers ! We used to eat out a couple of times a week , but our budget won't handle that right now .( It was never any place fancy . ) You call it "livin' lean" , I call it 'frugal' .
It would be very comforting and convenient if all one had to do to attain eternal life was by just being a good person . If course , then it would need to be determined how good is good .
If I believed that I could get a swiss movement watch just by tossing a handful of parts into the air , and it returning as a completed object , I would have no problem with all the 'theories ' of evolution .
I didn't need an out-of-body experience to persuade me of the afterlife ...but I had one anyway , and it wasn't even at the time that I was at death's door .
Re : your 'dead' car ... is there a salvage yard that would come tow it off for the parts ?

Carry on , with your French lessons . I won't even try to translate them . I am having enough trouble with 'English' ! LOL

I think we will get up to a white world in the morning .


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I thought I told you midwesterners to keep your frigid cold out west...lol. Why are we having January weather now? It's supposed to go into the teens tonight. The next weather hurdle here is the proposed snowstorm on Friday-at least 6 inches. The weather gurus are already on the job whipping the masses into a frenzy. The company Christmas party is Friday night-hope this doesn't screw it up.

Deanne, I'm not sure I can do the first weekend in February. Usually I'm in the middle of closing the first week of the month but if we're just talking Friday-Monday then I may be able to sneak out unnoticed. Who is in on this so far besides you, me, V and potentially Eden?

So far the count for my party on the 17th is up to almost 40 people. Hardly anybody is declining the invite. I'd better get organized quick so everybody gets enough to eat and drink. Do any of you have some good buffet dishes that can be made in advance and don't require oven time? I'd like to expand the dinner choices a bit this year. Nothing in French please since I don't have a clue what you all are saying. After 7th grade I chucked French for Spanish and never looked back.

Hi David!

OK, time to grab a yogurt snack and head up to bed.

Stay warm!


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

I'm enjoying the French too GB - although I'm very rusty - not that I was ever that good at it, even after living in Quebec for a few years (Macdonald College is/was in the 'English getto'...:-)

We share Chelone's 'lean' philosophy although we're a little less 'lean' I'm afraid - air conditioning is a necessity here! (We did put in a heat recovery ventilator though to make both the furnace and air conditioner more efficient and sealed almost all the air leaks in the house.) We do our best to minimize our environmental 'footprint' and care for our piece of the earth the best we can and leave whatever comes next to whatever comes next!

Since winter seems to be here or immanent, I have retreated to garden projects in the basement. We never got around to finishing the planter bench we started in spring. We finished one of the three boxes but then got sidetracked by other things. Today we almost completed the second one and should finish it Monday when Barb is back and get the third one started. The boxes should be done by Christmas and the benches by mid-January. Then theyll need to be sanded lightly and given a coat of clear finish. Id like to find a plan for a decent table to make for the patio to match the boxes but, so far, everything I've found is too blocky/heavy-looking and Im not sure Im up to coming up with my own design for something like that. The other thing I need to do is build a screen for the air conditioner and assorted other ugly vents etc. on the wall in the north alley. I have decided that it will be easier to build a long corral to hide multiple sins rather than just screen the air conditioner. I think a bigger box will also be better re not blocking air circulation for the a/c. I can plant some things inside the screen as well as outside it I think. What Id like to do is use copper mesh in a wooden frame painted to match the wood of the nearby copper fence/gate that we just put installed in October. Im waiting for a quote on the copper mesh to see if I can afford it!

The planter bench project will be done by Barb and me but Teresa, my new part-time helper, wants to play handy-woman too, so the screen will be a project for Teresa and me. Im not sure how clear this scan is but heres the tentative drawing of the screen:

The screen would be 7 long by 44" deep and run between the window that you can see to the left of the a/c to another window that you cant really see in the before-we-dug-it-all-up picture below. The second window is to the right of the first black pipe you can see on the far side of the a/c. The gas meter by the end of the house will just be screened by plants.

There's a lot of eye-rolling from DH when he sees me doing another drawing! I think I need a 'DH and me' construction project so he doesn't feel left out!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Right now we have a degree. Just one (1) measly little degree, but we're scheduled to give it up overnight. And it's supposed to snow. when I was young and wishing for snow days, my mother would always say on a night like this that it was too cold to snow. I wish that Mother was always right!

But I'm not too cold at the moment because I have a little black lab draped across my lap. I spoil this dog.

Le chien noir dormez sur la chaise. Am I close?

Let's see where I fit on the spectrum of environmentalism. We recycle just about everything that we can, so we average under a bag of garbage per week. And we have to haul all the recycling to the recycling center to do so, so it does take an effort. We do have one car per driver in the house, but we keep those puppies forever. The Urban Assault Vehicle, um, I mean the Suburban, has 192,000 miles on it as I speak. The hybrid has a chunk of miles (okay, it has the fancy digital display and I've never figured out how to display the odometer without messing up DH's MPG stats!) and DD's car was purchased used (from the MIL who bought it in a moment of frivolity!) and has been around here for five years so far. We try to put as much of the miles as possible on the hybrid.

I volunteer a lot of time for local environmental causes and I think I make a difference. But I live out in the counry in what some might condemn as urban sprawl. We've taken the land out of agriculture but we have been restoring it to prairie/wetland/woods. We're not producing food (well, not in significant quantities) but we're not using oil to run farm machinery nor spraying tons of chemicals on the land. I hope that the aquifer in our area is in a little better shape because of what we've done with the wetlands.

I know that not all of my choices are beyond reproach, but I am hopeful that I will leave the world a little bit better in the end, and also hopeful that I will have influenced some others to do a bit of the same.

I was one of the founding members of our church's social ministry committee. At our organizational meeting, our pastor warned us of the danger of being overwhelmed. He said that as we started to become aware of all the need in our community and in the world, it would be easy to despair of ever being able to fulfill all of that need. It was important to keep our focus on what we could do and not regret too much all that we could not do, for no one would ever be able to cure all of the world's needs. Important words to remember.

That said, I think I need to move some dogs towards their own beds!

(I took too long to post, my degree has turned negative!)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

VG...I most definitely do not want to offend anyone here. Please understand that! I assume that others do not want to offend me either. I hope I am correct. I like to know what others think and have to share.

Woody, are you sure DH wants a project? ;-) He seems to have had quite some involvement in the last one.

OK, Sue says NO! Woody and Chelone say YES! So maybe tomorrow's French installment will appear on a separate thread. Would that work?

EP, usually on Christmas cards that are written in four languages, the French one says "PAIX". (Peace) I have no idea what "atonement" might be. The Lord's Prayer (forgive us our sins..) says "Pardonnez nous nos offences et ceux qui nous ont offensés". This means pardon us for our offences and also pardon those who committed offences against us.

As regards accents, Chelone, do you mean when are they necessary or how to make them with the computer?

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

I have a French/English Dictionary.

Atonement: expiation, reparation

to make atonement for a sin: expier un peche
to make atonement for a mistake: reparer une erreur

I'm enjoying the French and I'm learning some new words like dust and frolic. How do you create accents on letters?

I have a translation online tool I use-the link is below

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It's snowing !

I'll talk to you in the morning , if we still have electricity !


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Thank you for the French lesson. We encourage everyone to become at least bilingual. Regret that I dropped Spanish but one grand daugther is a journalist in both English and Spanish...Her brother is studying Spanish, another grandchild speaks her mother's Philipine dialect, and 4 of them have lived in Germany. One daughter once got lost in Paris and could not speak French.. but she found her way to where ever she needed to be.. I can say a few words in Cherokee. Wa-do (wah-doh) means Thanks. We are getting some light snow. Tomorrow will be a quiet day. EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Le chien noir dort sur la chaise(avec moi). Il est gâté. (He's spoiled.)

It's mighty cold out tonight, 7F. brrrrrrrr

I have a painfully slow way of doing accents. I'll try to post it later.

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It's darn cold here in Pa..21 degrees and 5-7 inches of snow on the way..I have a party to attend Friday, but it's not too far...Weird thing happened here today..Husband was in the carriage house about 50 feet from the house messing at his work bench. I was upstairs and had just come down and into the kitchen to answer the ringing phone laying on the island. Our big wooden storm door opened and then the heavy wooden door and I turned around expecting to see H but there was a totally strange woman standing in my kitchen!!! She asked if I was open, and I told her this was a private home and she left w/o even sayng she was sorry. I ALWAYs keep all four doors locked but when he's home and running in and out from the yard, he doesn't lock the back one on the porch. But this isn't the weirdest part. This is the 4th time this has happened in about the last 5-7 years...Two have been men and 2 women and 2 came to the back door and 2 to the side one. I made the front door inaccessible by having an old rocker and twig table at the door. I could never hear anyone knock since the door is 3 inches thick. Once at the side door a man opened it and walked in as I was sitting reading the paper 8 feet away. He said the same thing as the woman today. I can't figure it out except out front there is an historical sign saying Christian Stoner House Circa 1840..Does that sound like a shop to you???Freaking me out.

Vegan girl..I definitely lack serotonin, but will never give up my coffee..Depression is a real medical problem that cannot be cured by saying "snap out of it" like my mother used to say. She'd remind me that I had nice kids , house, husband and good things. I could win the lottery and 50 million dollars and still be depressed. .Marian..I'm like you..too many bad side affects from the SSRI's. We fibro people are a sensitive lot. I DO take Tylenol PM but am reluctant to take the Lunesta which is sitting beside my bed.

GB I have always been an environmnental wacko as the big fat idiot refers to us. Husband and daughter were and are enviromnental workers for the state and H was appointed by the governor for a postion on the Chesapeake Bay Advisory committee where he still serves past retirement. We PA Dutch are a very frugal lot. Our paper published an article I wrote about my grandmothers lives which were so different from ours today. There were no garbage men..they recycled everything..I think my depression is in part due to all the gadgets I didn't used to have and I hardly have anything compared to most people. But every phone in our house runs differently. I can't program a VCR and my cell phone has so many features that my granddaughter has to show me what I have. I run a dishwasher every day but altho I have a dryer , I hang all my clothes out all year except in the rain. I have cable and if anyone ever told me years ago I'd spend almost $50 a month to watch TV, but I like CNN and that's just basic cable. I have composted all my life and have always recycled even before it became fashionable. And of course, I take in cast off cats.. I WILL leave my little bit of earth ,1/2 acre, better than when I got it w/ my two ponds and all the trees and bushes for the wildlife.. And VG..the exploitation of animals is one reason I haven't had red meat for decades. Why is a lamb any different than a dog or cat? I HAD a pet lamb once and she followed me around like a puppy..I can't bear to think of slaughter houses and when we take grandkids to the farm show in Harrisburg, I tell them that all the animals they are ooohing and ahhing over will be dinner soon. ..Sorry didn't mean to go on a rant..Forgive me. GB..I am NOT timid on this subject of the wanton wrecking of our planet.....Deanne...Little Pinky is still swimming. Pond lady said today she doesn't think we'll have an ammonia spike because they are dormant and won't be eating at all since they are in cold water ..50 degrees ..In spring we must start feeding a few weeks before placing them back out side. What month do you take yours out?..Sylvia

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Just read the last Idyll ..Chelone. I have soapstone counters in my kitchen which came from up your way..Vermont. It's a matter of preference. Right now mine are grey, but when I get out the mineral oil and give them a wipe down, it's whole different look. I love it. In my Country Living magazine last month, there was a Cape from NE which had an 1850 original ss sink in the kitchen and they made counters to match. That's the kind of giant sink I have. I also have a ss footwarmer that's from 1850 . It was never oiled and has a gorgeous mottled grey appearance.

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Sylvia - I'll bet that the people who walk in see that sign and think it means a historical home open to the public. I think you should have a second sign made saying 'Private Residence; not open to the public' and put it underneath the historical sign.

GB - DH enjoys the eye-rolling I think! He also grumbles during his involvement in projects like the fence and gate but also clearly enjoys the outcome (especially when a couple of neighbouring guys say things like 'hey, good job on the fence!') I think the eye-rolling and grumbling is a 'guy thing' when women take on projects in traditionally male domain :-) They like being consulted and given the opportunity to feel like we need their advice at least..... (male egos are delicate things... :-)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Eighteen degrees F here this AM and looks like we are in the foot of snow range prediction for the Northeast storm headed this way. Arrrggghh I guess Im going to have to break down this year and learn how to use the snow blower. Prior to our getting this gadget I used to shovel our triple wide driveway. I used to have painting classes here and Doug would go off to work and I had to clear the driveway for my students. It used to take me hours and hours to shovel the driveway and I did it for ten winters. When we got the snow blower delivered the guy asked if I wanted to learn operate it I said an emphatic NO. I did the driveway for ten years now he can do the driveway for the next ten. Anyway, I quite enjoyed my pampered status but now hes working out of town again he isnt going to be here to do the driveway and Im not feeling like ruining my back with a shovel.

So is anyone else having trouble connecting to the internet lately??? Seems things are incredibly slow in the mornings this week. I told Doug everyone was on line doing their Christmas shopping.

Well I scored big time at the LLBean outlet here yesterday. I was looking for a couple more presents for Doug and of course had to check out the womans side of the store. Anyway, they had a quite a few of their cashmere/wool blazers marked down from the outlet price of $79.00, (the retail price is $148.00) drumroll here, they were $34.99!!!! I had a winter white one that I wore all the time the last couple years but it is a size 20 and way too big for me now. Anyway, I found one in my size to replace it. Woohoo!

Bug, Im enjoying my French lessons, I cant speak it to save my life but I can understand more than I thought I could. Funny how it comes back to you. Hard to believe I was fluent when I was in grade school.~~Yes you certainly can send that photo along to the clematis site.

Sylvia, Id love to see pics of your kitchen with the soapstone counters and sink. How neat.~~ I cant believe you had strangers just walk into your house. Thats awful. It would weird me out too.~~ Glad to hear pinkie is stil OK and that youve found a pond person to give you advice.

Marian, stay warm and dry! Hope you dont get snowed in. Glad you like the painting. Thank you.

V, Im with Sue, you should really keep those temps out that way. Brrrr. It shouldnt be this cold this soon. Isnt this January weather?

Sue, of course nobody is declining your invitation to your Christmas bash. Everyone knows it is a fantastic party. My brother-in-law always makes stuffed grape leaves. Yum, they just need to be heated in the microwave. Do you have a Greek restaurant near you? You could have some grape leaves and spinach pita made ahead of time. The pita can be served warm or at room temp. Good no matter what.~~ I talked to Doug about our island get away and hes in. Any time after his party on the 28th is good for him.

Chelone, so what do you recommend we start learning as our next dance? Im leaning toward the Rhumba. ~~ Lol about the dueling translations. We were pretty close.

David, how absolutely terrific to hear from you. Hope all is well in your world. So happy you like the little painting. It is the final illustration on a step by step article for a magazine I work for.

OK time to face the music and get to the gym. I didnt work out the last few days so I could finish up the article.

Have a great day everyone,

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Sylvia, when I was about 6 or 7 I had a pet cow. I named her Belle and she was smaller than the average cow. I got her as a calf. She followed me everywhere just like a dog and I fed her biscuits:-) I loved that cow. One day she disappeared and nobody would tell me where she was. I cried and could not be consoled. After some time I found out from my grandma that my father had killed her and she was in the freezer. I had been betrayed and I was a LONG time in getting over that!!! It turned out that nobody in the family could eat the meat and they ended up throwing it all away. I didn't know about vegetarians then but in my little 6 yr old brain I vowed that when I grew up I was not going to eat animals and I haven't since age 17. I feel so fortunate that my DH, my children, my son-in-law and his parents, my MIL and 3 of my sisters-in-law are on the same wavelength LOL! And wonder of wonders, my own mother is now vegan and my father only eats fish:-) It makes family get-togethers so much easier. And about poutlry..well there is my dear rooster Fred:-) I read an article a few months ago that researchers had found that chickens are more intelligent than they thought and can think about the future. That just reminded me af another incident from childhood. I was with my grandpa when he was moving some chickens to a different coop and he was carrying them upside down by their feet. I asked him why and told him that when I hung upside down on my swingset, it made my head hurt. He told me that chickens didn't get headaches. I said, "How do you know?" He didn't respond but after that he always carried the chickens upright, one under each arm:-) BTW, I could have told those researchers that chickens anticipate the future because Fred knows if he is on the porch and the door opens, somebody is going to chase him off LOL. DH plans to build a little gate to keep him off and an open shelter so Fred can be dry yet can come and go as he pleases, for daytime.

I've enjoyed reading all the posts. It's not as cold here as it seems to be at your houses. We're expecting sleet, freezing rain, and snow tonight. Ugh!

I have the first dishwasher and dryer I've ever had. I love hanging clothes on the line when it's warm. The dishwasher is a real hand saver when washing hundreds of canning jars. It holds 50 quarts! Speaking of quarts, we ended up with 275 qts of applesauce and still have many apples in the basement. I guess we will dry a lot of them. We have a propane furnace but rarely use it, we burn wood which we prefer and can better afford. In fact, it's free except for gas, etc for the chainsaw and lots of time and energy.

I renewed my membership in NARGS and am looking forward to getting the seed list. I'm enjoying the birds at the feeders and baking. I'm like you Sue, wintertime equals cooking:-)

Deanne, I wondered if I could grow my Alocasia indoors all winter. It didn't amount to much this summer because I started it late. It's in a south-facing window and is really putting out the leaves. How big do you think it will get? will it continue to grow or will it go dormant at some point?

Well. I've spent more time here than I meant too. DH has therapy and I hope he gets home before the winter storm starts. I cleaned a house yesterday and stopped on the way home to buy DD a shirt and a pair of wool boot socks and card for her birthday. She seemed pleased.
Good day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here's a sign my SIL sent me. (She had 5 sons)

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

GB that is so funny!! I heard on the News about the man who had problems with unruly children in his cafe and I think that might be the sign he put up. I love it!

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I feel we all have inhierent tendencies that will always be part of our physiology and human nature. It is the way we use our gifts that can influence other human beings for generations to come. This can sometimes become a challenge to children with parentage of mixed cultural and ethnic backgrouds in determining individuality and personal preferences. We also used to be profoundly involved with 'social ministry' and 'community service'. We were also taught not to be 'suckered into feeling sorry for people'. We have fallen into that trap more than we like to think about. We appreciate intelligence, resourcefullness, integrity, and acceptance of others. To us there are no 'rich' or 'poor'. I learned working in nursing that a 'rich' person hurts just as much as one who is 'poor' and that the 'rich' help provide care for the 'poor' if we are speaking in a financial concept. We admire anyone who has the means and resources to make choices of self determination . Many who share here demonstrate those qualities which is one reason we continue to read and learn. Hope all have a good week. It is sunny and cold this morning with a light cover of snow. I used to be among those who had to go out in the snow to hang my baby's cloth diapers to freeze dry. Very grateful to have had a dryer from the time they have been available. To me the dryer , dishwasher, central heat and a/c , and vacumn cleaner are blessings I have earned and appreciate but if the 'power' goes off all are useless. That is also the way I feel about myself and God (the provider of life). We can all hope for the best. EP

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We only accumulated less than an inch of snow last night . It is bitterly cold , and will be dropping early in the day .... down to close to 0F tonight !
I will probably be manning the stove all night .

I like the sign , Marie .

Sylvia , that is weird , but I'm sure it is due to the sign . Doing what Woody suggests should prevent future occurances . I guess you are always too shocked to ask them what they were thinking .

RE : eating meat ...I was born and raised on a small farm . Butchering and eating our own farm-raised critters was a way of life , and still is all over most of the world . It's been that way since the beginning of mankind . It is sanctioned by God . In the beginning , animals did not eat other animals . They were all vegetarians ! Some animals can be VERY cruel with their killings . Birds eat other birds ,( as well as other creatures) . Fish eat other fish , as well as water bugs , etc. Granted , there are 'inhumane' activities at some meat providing industries . It boils down to one's perspective , and the present sensitivities . An awful lot of brain washing is involved , depending on the culture of the current population .

We all should do what our conscience dictates ( as long as it does no harm to others ), but the conscience is influenced by customs and traditions , and our own personal feelings .


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Sylvia, I am among those who have moved back to a (to myself) significant area seeking historical identity. Some of the older homes have been marked as historical residences. Some were built and occupied by individuals of familiar connections. Some are now open to the public but others are private. I have been able to locate individuals of significant historical connections and learn of family transitions. Have also been invited in by some of the recent owners. It would be appropriate , if one's home is identified as being of historical origin, to put up your own sign stating , 'now the private residence of'.... 'I have noticed this has been done here in some instances. This would prevent confusion. Sometimes current owners know nothing and care nothing of the historical values. I once walked into what I percieved to be an antique store on a city street, with antiques displayed in the window, that turned out to be someone's living space. The residents were gracious, but it was embarrassing. Also sometimes people have been attracted to our woods. We were forced to put up no trespassing signs. We have a sign identifying our property as a 'Certified Wildscape' We invite anyone who asks, to explore the woods and gardens, but not our home. EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes, I hate the "no trespassing" signs! But it is a necessity here to keep out hunters, fish poachers, snow mobilers, people who help themselves to our trees, etc. It is a liability issue these days as well. People who ask- I love it! Just today the piano tuner asked if he could come back to take photos for his photography club. I'm honoured!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The ads at the bottom of my page are for bathing suits. Is this a cruel joke in our premature bitter cold?

Not much else new here. It's warmer but gray and snow on the horizon.


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No time for comments right now, but I figured I'd post the picture of Kenzie in her Halloween costume before its Christmas. I am having problems with my new scanner/printer. I finally took a picture of her picture.
Here she is as a poodle :o)


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Michelle, what a cute costume. And what a pretty smile. She's a little darlin'! Thanks.


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Michelle, Kenzie is adorable and the costume is very cute! Thanks for sharing the picture.

Hope everyone has had a nice day.


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Needed to scroll down fast and just caught Kenzie's picture. I love the tongue thing she's got going :-) Precious.

Can't stay but for an excellent reason: Kyle's application for his Junior Spring semester in Osaka, Japan has been preliminarily approved. He has a few more requirements that are scheduled be finished in September and if all goes according to plan, I'll be bidding him farewell for six months.

More soon -- In the meantime, we could use all good thoughts and good scholarship websites sent our way. LOL


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Love Deanne's single petaled rose, just love it. I can't decide whether that rose should be at the top of every idyll from now until spring or if Kenzie the poodle will give me a bigger smile.

I do consider it unkind and disrespectful to proselytize to those who do not share the same doctrines. That's why the topic of religion is off limits here.

I've been shopping at LL Bean, Lands End, Orvis and Eddie Bauer tonight and can not find a decent corduroy blazer. They're all in a new 'short' style which doesn't look very cozy. Lands' End used to have just the right corduroy and now they've switched to some sort of stretchy corduroy.

Too cold here for December and 5 inches of snow expected tonight. (Which is a lot for this corner of the world.)

gnight, Cynthia

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Hi everyone,hoping all are staying warm. Very little going on here. Gardening done for the year. The house is in order and I am getting bored already. I read a couple of books, but my eyes won't take any more of that for awhile.

Marian, I am so glad your Tim did as well as he did. I think I missed your birthday, and someone elses too. So belated birthday wishes to all I missed.

Kenzie is a cutie in her poodle costume Michelle.

Too much has transpired since I have checked in to comment.
But I have rejoiced and sympathised with all that needed it.

Was thinking of the Idyll beach party when I saw this.

Hope some of you can make it.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow! Horrendous drive home from work today, 2 hours in what should normally take about 20 minutes. Looks like the snow that was to hit you, Marian, hit us instead! :-)
BTW thanks for the tips on making a screen saver. I haven't tried it yet, but will...I've saved your instructions.

I am so out of shape my stomach muscles are killing me from shoveling. But it *is* a beautiful snow...that light fluffy kind that glistens in the moonlight. I should be a real crank, but I don't know that fresh air and exercise must have the right endorphins kicking. It was dark by the time I got to shoveling, but there was sooo much white and then the moonlight, that I had no problem seeing what I had to do. After I was done shoveling Scout and I played in the snow. Scout *loves* snow and we made snow angels, as you can see! Well, okay, I did have to make Scout's little angel wings for him. :-)

Can't stay, I'm bushed and it's been a heck of a week, so I'm going to go now.

Michelle...that McKenzie is *adorable*! I *love* her little poodle costume and where did you go to get such a perfect background? Thanks for the big smiles today! :-)

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful
But The Fire Is So Delightful
Since We've No Place To Go
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

It Doesn't Show Signs of Stopping
And I've Brought Some Corn For Popping
The Lights Are Turned Down Low
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

When We Finally Kiss Goodnight
How I'll Hate Going Out In A Storm
But If You Really Hold Me Tight
All The Way Home I'll Be Warm

The Fire Is Slowly Dying
And My Dear We're Still Goodbying
But As Long As You Love Me So

P.S. Hi Norma! Got a kick out of your pics! :-)
Sue I sure hope you girls really *do* do a warm island thing. If it weren't for obligations here and a tight budget right now I'd sure love to join you! :-(

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Oh Ei, your pictures are beautiful! I love your snow angels and Scout's too. :o)

I wrote a big long post and then found it too boring to send........so, just going to say "was thinking of all of you and sending you my best".


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Ei..Lovely winter pictures. My view right now is similar..Poor fish in the pond are gone under a layer of ice and snow ..(w/ a hole kept by the deicer and fountain), while the fish in the basement maintain their same conditions unchanged..
EP and Woody..What I think is these people who keep intruding on me think I'm a shop. I'll admit to having a lot of antiques and collectibles that are probably seen from the street since I don't have window treatments except indoor shutters in some rooms. There are old bottles and wreaths at the windows that are visable. But that's a good idea..DD says I should have a flashing neon sign that say CLOSED!!
Deanne..I went to the Gettysburg outlets last week and finished Xmas shopping buying all gifts at Gap and Eddie Bauer, but luckily they also had an American Eagle which are the only clothes GD will wear..besides Pacsun and Aberchrombie and Fitch..Frankly I don't think their quality is Gap and EB 's but she likes what she likes and is considered cool!!You got some nice buys..
VG..Your story about Belle made me sad. I grew up in a real German home where the men ate scrapple. Don't EVEN ask what it is..All the parts of an animal ground up...Never tried it. And my grandfather had "pudding" every morning. Again not the delicious chocolate that I thought it was but something gross w/ animal parts. He did drop dead on the street at 65 so his arteries couldn't take anymore. I grew up on pot roast and pork roast and baked ham and Mother did make lamb once or twice but even when I was as little as you were, I wouldn't touch it. And when I was married I carried on the tradition for awhile. I'm lucky as you that the whole family eats the same way. None of us ever eats red meat but we still do fish and poultry. I'm sorry, Fred. I would love to have a few chickens for the eggs and to have around the yard but we are not zoned for it. And I DO feel like a hypocrite staying up till 5 AM trying to save the life of my pet koi while I had salmon for dinner...If I were rich and had a cook who could come up w/ recipes, then I would become a vegan. I'm just afraid I wouldn't get the proper nourishment...I'm guessing you don't do dairy at all and that would mean no icecream..and I love my Edy's slowchurned French Silk...Ladies...Start your snowblowers....Sylvia
PS Deanne..now that I don't have dial up any longer, I'll try and get pictures posted..including kitchen ones.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Sylvia, my Grandma made something like scrapple but they called it something else that I can't remember right now. Thank you for commenting on my story:-) Re ice cream: We do have "ice cream" but it's made from frozen bananas! We run them through a Champion juicer and they come out creamy and very ice creamy. We add other frozen fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pineapple to make different flavors. One of my favorites is to throw in some pecans and make "butter pecan ice cream". This ice cream is always a big hit at our cooking/lifestyle seminars. We used dairy until I developed lactose intolerance at age 30. Then DD1 and DS developed it in their teen years, so instead of having to make two of everything, we just all went non-dairy.

We got sleet and freezing rain last night, then a little snow on top of that. Dec is our month to clean the church so I hope it all melts before we have to drive over the mountain. DH has therepy at 1 p.m. so he won't be able to help us clean.

I wish I could see everybody's pictures:-(

T, I've never found any of your posts to be boring! I wish you had sent it:-)

Ei, I can empathize with you horrendous drive home from work. I am terrified of slick roads.

Well, I need to exercise before breakfast. I hope everyone has a good and safe day. Oh I just remembered the name of the stuff Grandma made. It was "souse meat". DH tells me it was a bit different from scrapple but I know it was a lot of animal parts that they didn't use otherwise. Maybe Marian could tell us:-)

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Good low visibility morning. 1"/hr until 2pm = one heck of a lot of snow for this time of year. Let it come!! The plant crowns were beginning to look a little bewildered in the cold weather and this is the perfect time for the best winter mulch ever!!

Have caught up with the posts and wish I knew French. Rich suggested that I get a French language tape for my car to listen to during long rides. Good Idea! I can invision this: "Well, officer, I know I was going a little too fast but I was really concentrating on speaking French because a bunch of cyberfriends have got me going...."

Have gotten my Christmas "gift" list together and a graphic arts friend of mine is doing certificates. She liked the idea so much that she returned a bunch of bought stuff and will be doing the same thing re: give of thyself, then donating the $$ to the gift recipients fav charities.

Deanne: Is it an artist thing that your piece is dated 2006? I've always wondered if the dates on art were when they were started or finished. Beautiful.

Sue: Can't wait for the party. For a buffet I have a great recipe for chicken, broccoli and rice casserole if you're interested. Make it ahead and warm it up. Easy. Comfort food.

I've read everyone's sentiments about depression and the environment with interest.

Hope to get out of the office early today and build a snowman with the "no-schoolers" this afternoon. Despite the early hour (would they be up and out if there *was* school?) they already showed up at the door to see if Ky would help them, too. "And Martie!!!!! Rich is the tallest guy in the neighborhood so do you think he's help us with the head????" [bouncing like pogosticks with a full bladder]. My reply "Only if you find a carrot for the nose." Blank stares. Some education will be occuring in the neighborhood re: proper snowman building technique. LOL

Best to all, and to all a good day.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good snowy morning everyone, Lucky us we are in the 12" plus area for snowfall. Doug is going to try to get into work which will entail a lousy drive over Temple Mountain and Pack Manadnock this morning. Originally he'd planned to stay overnight in Keene last night and for some reason I can't fathom he decided to come home instead. I still don't get it. Anyway, he's supposed to call with updates on his commute so I don't worry. Well, it sure will look like Christmas around here for the holiday. I'm just as happy there will be snow over the gardens to protect the perennials from the cold.

Sylvia, how neat you've got an Eddie Bauer outlet. I really love their clothes.

Eileen, what a neat post! Love your photographs, song and pics of Scout and your angels. What fun. ~~ Tell me do your Tilt-a-Whirl leaves revert to being plain looking when the plants are small? The new leaves on mine look like normal coleus leaves and I'd noticed that last year as well.

Norma, LOL! I'd be that first grumpy looking person shoveling the snow.

VG I guess I didn't pick up that you were lactose intolerant as well. That must be quite a challenge keeping a balanced diet.

Cynthia, Thanks very much! So happy you like the little painting. ~~ Sorry you can't find a good corduroy blazer. I know what you mean about all the jackets being short this year. I bought a beautiful Eddie Bauer jacket two years ago that was a classic length but this year they are all pretty short.

Martie, I only signed that painting 2006 because it will be published in the magazine next year and that will make it seem more 'brand new'. A 2005 date will make it seem like 'old news' by the time it is published.~~Congratulations to Kyle! He must be very excited. Has he spent time studying the culture? I spent some time in Japan a while ago and I can't say I particularly enjoyed the trip but I was still very obese at the time and I didn't fit anywhere. All the seats on the busses, trains (including the Shinkansen)subways, airplanes were all way too small. It made things difficult. The food didn't agree with me either as I recall. But I did have some incredible experiences and am very happy I went. The day we took the Shinkansen out of Tokyo it happened to be a rare day free of smog. The view of Mt Fuji while pulling out of Tokyo was amazing. I was also able to have some time to tour Kyoto, and spent a day at the Atom Bomb park in Hiroshima.

Michelle, that pic of Kenzie is just adorable! What a cutie patotie!

Bug, is that photograph club something you could join? You love taking photographs and have quite an eye for a good image. That might be a lot of fun for you to do in non garden season.

OK time to get to the gym. Have a great day all,

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Quickie post this morning! I had a very busy day yesterday. Worked a full day, raced home to get the greens into water so they'll be ready for the pediments, then the sewing machine arrived late afternoon (you wouldn't believe the technical manuals!) and I worked with the greatest sewing machine mechanic in Maine to get a basic handle on its operation. Early dinner and then off to the movies to see, "Good Night, and Good Luck". (Terrific, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in history).

It's snowing here... started out yesterday as a predicted 4-6" snowfall; now it's been upped to 6-10" with a chance of mixing with rain. Our coastal area is going to get the direct hit. So, I decided to simply skip the irritation and stay home. I want to finish the decorations, do some basic chores and play with the new machine.

M'lady is still abed and there I'll leave her in slumbering repose until her internal clock awakens her. I'll try to catch up later on, esp. "l'histoire Francais" which I see now has its very own thread... GOOD IDEA!

Wrecks went for his first "ride-ride in the car-car" yesterday afternoon. He likes the wagon better than the old sedan. He has been frolicing in the snow and the cats have been and out about a dozen times in the past half hour. There are a lot of excited tracks in the snow on the deck... general frivolity and snow induced excitement. :)

Cynthia, I've been meaning to ask you for days now how your talk with your sister went. You cross my mind every time I hear someone mention how they dislike travelling for holiday celebrations. You are not alone! Hope all is well.

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Good Morning, The snow has come and gone here and we have about 5 inches. It's very pretty, fluffy snow through the window and it's easy to forget that it's cold and wet from inside the warm, cozy house. The bitter cold temperatures are gone now too. We broke a record a couple of days ago when it got down to 3F. I've been tucking cats around me like little hot water bottles when I go to bed at night to stay warm. I've also been hibernating and sending Brad and David out for supplies. Yesterday I did some seed organizing. Even though I was very selective this year by the time all my seed orders came I have over 50 new packets. How'd that happen?

Deanne, your painting it just beautiful. My new favorite, until you paint the next one, lol. I know how you feel worrying about Doug driving long distances in snow, and especially over mountains. I waited up for Brad last night. He only has a 25 mile drive but I always worry when the roads are bad. He was only about 1/2 hour late last night and pulled in around 1:30am. I watched a Hitchcock movie, North By Northwest, with Cary Grant, while I was waiting. I ended up staying up even later so I could see how it ended.

Ei, my but didn't you and Scout have fun playing in the snow. Thanks for the beautiful snow pictures.

HI Norma!

My project for today is to get together some recipes for cookie baking. Tis the season. Make it a great day everybody and stay safe if you have to venture out into the snow.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Pink and grey clouds on a blue background here this morning. Also, December 9th is the first of our snowplowing days this winter. It is somehow an exciting landmark. Tonight is our party with the French Club, and I was worried about them getting down the laneway safely.

Scrapple! A word from my past! My Mom bought it from the store in a can. It was inexpensive is why! I liked it though. I remember it being very salty. Mom would fry slices of it until it was quite dark and crusty on the outside.

Deanne, I am going to scout out the photography group a bit more. It is very small, not into digital photos, and a very very sharp bunch of amateurs and professionals. I already know one of the ladies. She does wedding photography etc...but is a gardener/clematis friend. She is also younger than I am, and I love to cultivate younger friendships.

Tomorrow would have been Mom's 93rd birthday. You can imagine that I find it a pensive time.

Many things to do to make this place into a partying spot for tonight. Off I go, be back later no doubt.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

It's a black and white world here this morning! I thought I had accidentally set the camera to black and white when I was taking some pictures at 7:30 until the yellow of the garage showed and even it is washed-out in color.

Chelsea like a frolic in the snow but Misty is less keen on it - she's so short she gets buried in it too easily! When I was out taking the pictures, it felt like the snow was turning to rain.

Sylvia - if your intruders think it's a business, I wonder what sort of business they think is operated in a store named 'Christian Stoner'?! Sorry, I have an off-beat sense of humor and like odd word-plays - that name tickled my funny-bone. I'm sure you get lots of lame jokes about it and are sick of them... I'm sure it was a perfectly ordinary Dutch sort of name in its time but it strikes a post-hippy ear as humorous. I'll take my foot out of my mouth and go back into hibernation....

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

Today is not the best travel day here. Mum was flying in last night from England but got stuck in Ei and V's snow at O'Hare. All flights to Rochester were cancelled for the night. Fortunately we were able to get her into a hotel on DH's points so at least she was not stuck at the airport overnight as many were. Mum just called to say she cannot get out till 9.20 PM this evening - its been a long and fraught journey for her.

Meanwhile, back here Ruth was flying out first thing to Baltimore to shop for furniture for their new house adn meet with a nursery school for Ivan. Apparantly Baltimore is closed due to an ice storm. Ruth's still stuck at the airport making alternte plans. Feels like it should be Friday the 13th instead of the 9th!

I'm looking after Ivan and Iris for the weekend which will be fun but as Eden know and Michelle know, quite tiring. I doubt much will get done so I'll just enjoy the time together.

Lovely pictures Ei! Much to come back and re-read, but I'm needed upstairs right now.

Stay safe and warm everyone


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Woody, I got a good chuckle from your Christian Stoner! Don't hibernate; I need good laughs like that when we get such a brutal wallop of winter in early December.

Like Eden, we ended up with about 5" of snow last night. Further south in the Chicago area there was up to 10". The plane accident at Midway airport last night stirred up all sorts of memories. I grew up very close to the airport and am very familiar with the spot where the plane slid out of the airport. If you've never flown into Midway, it is smack in the middle of the city, with homes right across from the airport on some sides. 33 years ago on that same day, a plane crashed not too far from where I lived. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had been to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. On my way out, I stopped to look at a wallet for my boyfriend, but then decided I was too tired and my hands were too full to deal with buying one more thing. About 5 minutes after I walked into the house, I started to hear emergency vehicle sirens, which continued non-stop for just the longest time. After about 30 minutes the news of the crash was on the radio. Had I bought a wallet, I would have been three blocks away when that plane went down. The wife of Howard Hunt of Watergate fame was killed in the crash. After that day, I hated to lay in my bed and hear planes coming in for landings at Midway. "Stay up, stay up" was frequently my chant!

Nothing on the calendar for this evening, which is nice! Saturday night we have a Christmas party to go to. It's a fun group of people, so I'm looking forward to that one. We also need to cut our tree tomorrow, although it will be a tad snow-covered! Getting the tree in the house will be the challenge this year with our seemingly non-stop snow. But I won't whine too much about a winter with snow cover! It's gotten to be a rarity here.

Michelle, I loved your precious little lamb. What a doll!

Ei, it looks like you and Scout had a good time. My snow isn't as deep; would you like to shovel it for me today? Bring Scout with, she'll have a good time with my two.

VG, I've heard of souse but I'm not sure why. I work with a guy who is lactose intolerant and allergic to pork! He used to be a restaurant cook but when he developed the pork allergy he had to quit as he couldn't even handle it for cooking.

Dear MIL is making me nuts this year over DH's Christmas present. She asked all of us for lists this year (which I never like doing because I feel like I'm ordering my gift) and all of us except DH complied with her request. So she keeps calling me with questions!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Mary, I was thinking of you last night and hoping that your DH wasn't stuck at O'Hare. Can't believe that it was your Mum instead! Hope she and Ruth get to their destinations safely.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Oh the weather outside is frightful
And the drive to work was delightful
But now that I've got no place to go (except home this afternoon)
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We've got our company Christmas party tonight. Hopefully the snow will stop early enough to let people get out and enjoy the frivolity.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sympathies to Mum & Ruth, Mary...I can imagine their anxiety! I would rather be traveling on the way home from work in this stuff, than be dealing with flying in it (of course I'm a nervous flyer anyway)...you feel such a captive. Hope neither of them was stuck waiting *inside* the plane! I can't take that...I get claustrophobic! Well, at least looks like the snows finally stopped...I hope they both make it safely and *comfortably* to their destinations. How long will Mum be able to visit with you?

Hey V, my best guess is we got about 7 inches! :-0 Scout would love to join you, but afraid I couldn't shovel another inch. I tell you shoveling is even more effective than crunches (though I do neither enough to make a difference...LOL) On the bright side, no work today, so my only obligation is to take mom grocery shopping. Plan to spend the rest of the day reading by the fire! :-) BTW...you did such a professional job with your Ebay listing...looked like someone whose been doing it for ages! I was quite impressed. Anxious to hear how your experience went from post to final sale.

Well, gotta go take a shower and then get ready to take mom shopping. Martie - I'm with you on the vegan cooking. Would love to know how to make more truly *delicious* non-meat meals that my husband would actually enjoy. Of course, we will never totally give up meat here, my hubby is a meat and potatoes person, soooo. Interesting, that I had a fellow adult student at school who owned a slaughter house (I feel such a hypocrite to be digusted by that and still eat meat) but anyway, he was telling us how his business was mostly cows and pigs, but he finally quit doing pigs because he said they were so intelligent and sensitive that it was very clear that they *knew* what was about to happen to them and he just couldn't take it anymore. Sorry for sharing such a depressing thought, guess all this talk got me to thinking of that again. I almost always offer meat at dinner, but often skip the meat portion myself and eat the rest of the meal. Funny, but I'm not really big on chicken (though the hubby loves it) and almost never eat it myself. I know of all the meat that's the best for you, but there are only a very few chicken dishes that I like. I'm not much for pork either, but can and do enjoy beef, as long as I don't start focusing on where it came from.

Well, gott go hit the showers. TTYL! Ei

P.S. Beautiful painting Deanne...I *love* the little filaments especially...kind of reminds me a bit of my Dainty Bess, although her filaments and anthers are coppery. Do you have that one? Bet you could immortalize her! :-)

Okay really going now....Have a great day all! Ei

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This is something I have been noticing now that I am no longer a 'contributing member' all kinds of ads pop up and it is interesting that this morning the ad links are for things that have been recently 'conversed' about such as corderoy blazers and one piece bathing suits. Go's to show that the forum is being monitored for commercials. Even tho the 'management' has stated they are no longer taking contributions all the 'reminders' are still there. I have learned to ignore a lot and continue using the forums for insight and education. We try not to share anything we desire to keep private. The picture sharing is interesting.... and learning about those of you in the rest of the world. Marie, it's good to hear you have some interesting groups to participate with. Mary, hope your travelers will be home safe soon. We don't need to go out for anything for the next few days and don't plan to. Friday evening is usually family dinner time here, with our daughter coming directly from work, and our week ends are usually quiet. Deanne, I have been looking for the publication that publishes your work but haven't seen it recently. I do have one publication with your work included. Decorative art is beautiful. Being an artist/instructor and meeting schedules is also challenging work. Proud of your success and priviledged to read of your daily living. Our family are all continuing to move forward. I'll be at the beach 'in my dreams' but love the peace and quiet we now enjoy. EP

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Vg , I think what you are refering to is what my dad made . It was called 'head cheese' I've found it in grocery stores , but it wasn't as good as his . Even then , I wasn't too crazy about his .

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops! Sorry, forgot to answer your question Deanne. If I remember correctly my Tilt-a-Whirl cuttings last year seemed to look liked a minature of the mature one...but did notice as the winter progressed that their markings would fade quite a bit (as did most of my coleus) until I got them outside, then they all colored up nicely. I brought in my pot of it this year, but have not started cuttings of it yet...you reminded me that I better get to it.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning , all .

Our low was 6F , only one degree warmer than my records on this date , since we have lived here . I was chilly in bed , until I added my flannel nightgown over my sweats ! lol

Michelle , Kensie is a sweetie , regardless of what she is dressed as ! The costume is cute .

Martie , What an exciting prospect for Kyle , but I don't understand the " finished in September " statement .

LOL , Norma - your snow shoveling woman is a hoot .
Thanks for the belated BD wishes . I've made it a lot further than I thought I would !
Hmmmmm, do you reckon any of 'us' look like your last pic ? lol

Ei, I couldn't figure out those first two pics . I'm glad you explained ( I thought the second was Scout's paw print ! ). lol
I'm sure glad you got home okay ... do you have to go back today ?
I love your "Let it Snow" pics . Did you make the 'snow birds' ?

Teresa , your posts are never 'boring' .

It's interesting reading about other's adversion to eating meats . I know some cannot , due to health problems , but that is a very rare condition . Mostly it's a 'religious ' reason , i.e. - against one's beliefs . It doesn't bother me for anyone to share this . I am not about to be influenced by it ...or 'converted' .

VG - LOL on your snowman building project . One year ( about 22 years ago ) , I built a pretty neat 'snow cat ' .

Wow - Deanne - 12" ! But not surprising for NH . I sure hope your Doug has a safe drive .

Chelone , it always tickles me when you call Rex "Wrecks" !
Our Tommy hates the cold , the snow , the rain , and the wind ! He is curled up in 'my' chair , close to the stove .
Trubby isn't as picky , but doesn't stay out long , and bangs on the front storm door to be let in . The 2 shop cats stay in their warm beds until the sun is well up , then come to the front porch for breakfast , and a thawed bucket of water .

Eden - you are fortunate to have cats "tucked" around " like hot water bottles " Mine are staying close to the wood stove all night !
I took advantage of the snow cover yesterday , and burned all the burnables that have been collecting through the drought . I dumped them on a couple of brush piles , in an attempt to 'kill two birds with one stone" . It worked pretty good . The biggest pile is still smoldering this morning .
LOL - 50 new seed packets ...been there , done that !
Is your Brad's 25 mile drive on level straight roads ?
I don't think I have " North by Northwest " in my collection . I need to watch for it .

Woody - lovely pics !
LOL , "Christian Stoner " . I get it ! Anyone want to cast the first stone at me ? Or does it mean I should be casting stones at others ? Let's hope it's just mental stones !

Oh dear , Mary . Sorry about your Mum's and your sis's airflight woes !

V , such a scary experience with the planes crashing near you ! We are under a flight pattern to and from the Harrison airport . Sometimes the planes are a little too low for comfort , and there are hills to clear !

Cynthia , I hope all works out well with your sister , and your get-together .


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What an inspired TGIF greeting this morning Sue! It doesn't look like we got the predicted 5" here. Closer to 2" or maybe 3". But enough to make me just give up on ever having a clean kitchen floor this winter with 12 doggie feet dancin' when they race in from the cold. It does seem to warm up when it snows though....

Chelone, I must have missed your new car announcement. What did you end up?

EP, I'm not seeing ads, but know if they're the google ads, that used to be visible to all, they do automatically scan text and match ads to that. Let me know if you see any good corduroy jackets in those ads!

Mary, Maryland is the ice capital I think. We don't get much snow, but do get ice and for the most part people are not intrepid (that's a good thing actually.) Hope your sister and Mom get to their destinations safely.

Sylvia, too funny about your shop. I like your daughter's idea, just put up a closed sign.

I guess all those with snow can try to enjoy it?

Have a good day, Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Found the tree decorations, ironed the bows.
Found games and puzzles for kids.
Need to copy the French songs soon.
Off to chop onions and grate carrots now.
The house is so tidy...downstairs. Hope they don't want a tour upstairs! Students party here on Tuesday. Hope I can keep things somewhat organized til then.

Thinking of Honey and her neighbour Ruth. Wonder about Ruth's brother also. Hugs to all!


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The curtains are done and I am pleased with the final product. There is some fabric left so I think Ill make a few pillows. In the recycling mode, I will use 3 old pillows that I found in DDs closet and recover them. I also recycled an old bean bag that had gotten fairly flat, covered it with an old sleeping bag and now Jaden has a new bed. She was so excited! I have always lived with the waste not want not philosophy. Most times in my life out of a need to, now out of a desire to.

Last night was 2 of DHs grandchildrens school Christmas concert. Tonight is DHs office party. It will be at a country club.

You easterners, we didnt want the snow anymore, sorry to have to send it your way. It is supposed to be in the upper 20s today. Finally out of the deep freeze.

Deanne, your latest painting is wonderful. I just love your detail work. Speaking of recycling, Deanne, did you know that there are crafters that recycle wool clothing? Im not sure what my mom wants to make, but she was asking if I had any old wool clothing that I want to get rid of. I think they boil it. I hope Doug makes it safely.
That is one good thing about a good snow pack, that it is a good insulator.

Sue, that sounds like quite a party. I dont know how fancy you make your party food, but we love a spinach dip that is on the Knorr soup mix box. It is better if made ahead of time and so simple.

1 cup sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise
10 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and drained
8 ounces water chestnuts, canned, chopped fine
1 package Knorr vegetable soup and recipe mix, dry
Mix. Serve chilled. Store in refrigerator.
Serving Size: 8

Sylvia, I would definitely put a "Private Home" sign up. That would freak me out.

Ei, I loved your snow pictures. What fun snow angels are. I got a chuckle picturing how you got Scout to make his snow angel. My sympathies for the rough ride home.

T, your posts are never boring.

Woody, I really like your winter garden picture.

Mary, too bad for Mum that she and your DS had such travel problems.

Terrible about the little boy killed in the Chicago airplane crash.
V, how frightening to fear the planes not staying up.

Back to work

Before of DD former bedroom:


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay at least the ads are making me laugh!

When I first read the thread through 'bug's post, they were for (drumroll, please) corduroy blazers!

I refreshed and now they are for French lessons!

So whaddya want to buy?

How about cold remedies? I am not catching a cold; I am not catching a cold...


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I HOWLED at "Christian Stoner", too. :) must be my age...

My late FIL and his wife lived in a lovely home near a very touristy area. They never locked their doors and there were people walking in several times a season. They never got too worked up over it. They would simply point out it was a private residence, NOT a shop and that was that. Interestingly, they made several very good friends over the years because of it! I'll bet the lack of apology was due to extreme embarrassment... not knowing what to say.

Our snow has mixed with rain, as is often the case when you live "au bord de la mer" (next to the ocean). Depending on the prevailing wind it might turn back to snow or it might remain liquid. Snow is prettier, that's for sure.

Cynthia, I ended up with the "car of the masses"... Ford Taurus wagon. It's OK; leather interior, power windows, locks, driver's seat, tape deck (room for CD changer), 85K miles on a 3.0 litre engine. It's a STONE on the road... , a real "neck snapper" NOT! I liked the zip of the 3.8 litre much more, but who needs the head gasket crap shoot? (both 3.8s suffered from it, I replaced it in the first one, it was the mortal wound for the second). There was nothing remotely interesting in a retired cruiser. So I went for "economy". Eh, it needs to start reliably, get me to work and around town. I have never assigned something so depreciable high status in my life. Why people persist in calling cars "assets" defies common sense... . What's up with sis.?

The helpmeet's grandparents were Welsh and German. Grosmama and Grospapa endured the crushing depression of the '20s in Germany. When they emigrated to this country, Grosmama wasted NOTHING. She canned, pickled, preserved eggs for future use in cooking, made wine, all the clothing, etc.. She was the queen of sausage. I lived in a very rural area that has become very "gentrified" in the past 15-20 years. I had friends who hunted and loved it. To this day, it doesn't bother my a bit, even though I have NO desire to take it up personally. I had friends who routinely raised chickens, lambs, hogs, cattle for market; the money they earned at auctions sent them to college! At the local "County Farm Day" there was always a clinic on how to properly butcher something! Grisly? yeah, I GUESS, but chicken, pork, lamb, and beef doesn't magically appear on the those Kotex pads, wrapped in plastic in a freezer. It's there because an animal was raised for meat and was slaughtered. I think it's important to remember that fact when/if you buy meat. We buy locally raised and butchered meat. And pay premium prices for it. We regard it as a luxury item and enjoy it as such. It's important to us to support local agriculture. MOFGA is one of the most active organic farming organizations in the country. We have been proud members for over 15 years now.

I have been enjoying the Lennon/McCartney tunes played on our local NPR affiliate today. It was 25 years ago yesterday that John Lennon was shot dead by some idiot who asked him for an autograph. How ironic that a man who lived his life espousing and advocating peace and understanding in the world was murdered. ;) Maybe Ei will post "Imagine" for us...

Kitchen cleaned, Mum up, dressed, fed, medicated. Laundry folded and put away. Errands accomplished. Fire started and now it's time to do something that will be FUN.


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Marie, don't you know guests always end up just where you don't want them to see, lol? J'espère que votre partie en française pour décorer l'arbre de Noël est un grand succès.

Mary, how terrible that both your mum and sister got caught at the airport in this weather. I sure hope they both are able to get to their destinations quickly and safely.

Marian, Brad drives on mostly expressways to and from work. Not hilly but dangerous when many drivers go much faster than road conditions dictate in bad weather.

The baseboard heat registers that I ordered back in October finally came today and they were 2 inches too short. My mistake, but now I have to send them back and wait some more for the new ones. Drats!

I'm not motivated today. Haven't done a thing. I did find something cute while I was looking for cookie recipes though. I know a few people I could give this to, how about you, lol? See the link below.


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Cynthia, I never click on the ad links. They were at the bottom of the page when I first opened up the chit chat this morning. Hope you find what you need. I'd like some new corderoys too. I'd love be be somewhere warm with a pool and spa right now. The one piece bathing suit I've had for 10 years still fits. The 2 piece ones I've had for over 20 are still useable. It's been a glittery white morning but melted off now. The changes in the hillside scene have been beautiful and amazing these past few weeks. Ei, I enjoyed seeing your snow sculptures. I could tell you in detail how my mother prepared some of the things mentioned here but don't think you really want to know. Remember, Marian was 'imported' to Arkansas. My mother's historical family were Arkansas frontier families and my dad's were Cherokee 'Trail of Tears' survivors and Irish immigrants. They ate whatever they could find, kill, or grow. To Cherokee 'vegetarian' is a word for 'bad hunter' ... but we don't hunt... crawdad soup also a traditional food besides venison. Most celebrations inclued a 'hog fry' prepared by cutting pork meat into small pieces and cooking over a bed of coals in an iron kettle. I also have an 'Ozarks' recipe book left behind by my MIL but there's a lot in it that you don't 'really' want to know. I also have 'depression era' and 'favorite radio recipes' recipe books from the previous generation. Sometimes survival and availability takes priority over preferences. Isn't it wonderful we have conveniences and choices now. I am going into 'lurkdom'. EP

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Good morning!

We (DH & myself) are awaiting a couple who are interested in purchasing a van we have advertised for sale. I hope they buy it, of course for the price we've set--or very near that. I hate selling anything and having strangers come into my little private world here.

Yep, a hermit lives here....a crabby hermit (will we see ads for seafood? For personal problem medications?).

Marian, I think the others weren't meaning a Christian stoned (meaning throwing stones at a Christian) rather Christian was a stoner (someone named Christian was high on drugs). I didn't look at the possible double meaning until Marian's post. I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't catch it the way Marian did, though. :o)

No snow here....just temps in the mid 20's.

I found my own post boring.......wasn't going to give anyone else the opportunity to be bored when I knew it was a yawner. ;oD

When I was younger I dreamt of being a stand up comedian...or an author with storytelling abilites that would make the reader shut the book until they were able to contain their laughter. Writing too boring of missives just cannot be tolerated some times...it underlines that I didn't achieve some of my dreams. :oD

Okay, so now you know one of my secrets that I've never shared with anyone (comic/author). That is enough exposure for one morning.

I have an appointment with my dental hygienist and then after my check-up/cleaning I will go out to lunch with her. This is my first visit to her new place of employment and I don't want to be an embarrassment so I'd better go look in the mirror again. ;o) (Dental hygienist is my daughter).

The potential van purchasers should be here shortly too. Keep your fingers crossed for us?

Hello to all........


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, DD & DS found a huge piece of coal on the shores of NH. (I think that's where.) That heavy chunk has been passed around as a Christmas gift for the naughtiest member of the family for about 6-8 years.

Cleaned a bathroom.
Grated vegetables for the vegetarian casserole.
Folded laundry.
Phone calls finished. (I hope)

I'm a mix on the no-meat issue. People need to know that meat and vegs aren't born in styrofoam and plastic. Vegs are often waxed and polished in stores- a huge waste of time too- in order to look "perfect". I hate red lights over the meat counter to make meats look more red.

The farmer is too often someone forgotten by a city person. Not only do they work incredibly hard, but now days they also have a second job, as does the wife. Their land is threatened at every turn by industry for the city. In our area it is for gravel, cassinos, water bottling, etc.

I too bonded with a calf that was sold for veal. Pigs are really alarming at butchering time. And rabbits are awful too. A farmer friend I know gave up on raising rabbits. The cattle farmer I know used to have several cows slaughtered at a time and not tell the family which one he kept for food. DH's mother used to kill chickens for their meals, as did my cook in Nigeria. Nothing like a squawk to tell you what's for dinner....

Achhh! I have work to do! Later!

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Deanne, Yes the lactose intolerance was a challenge and so was dealing with all DS's allergies later (soy, gluten, egg, tomato, etc.) but believe it or not my biggest challenge is my onion allergy that developed about 5 years ago! Everything I loved to make had onions in it and those favorites just aren't the same without the onions. It's just not quite as much fun to cook as it used to be but I'm starting to get some enthusiasm back and wanting to try some experiemnts with onionless receipes. Hope Doug gets home safely. And Mary's Mum. And everybody!

Martie, have fun with your no schoolers and making snowmen:-)

Chelone, it's good that Rex likes to ride. Lady tends to get carsick. She too loves the snow. She loves it when I throw snowballs for her to catch.

LOL about Christian Stoner!

V, Wow! That must be some wicked allergy that he can't even touch the pork! I know gluten intolerant people have to be that careful, even to not licking stamps, etc. Scary about the planes. I think I would be like you every time a plane flew over! I had not noticed that the ads reflected the discussions. I just signed up for some free online piano lessons. I wonder it that will show up in an ad now?

Ei, that is an interesting story about your friend and the pigs.

Marian thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Thinking about Chelone'a doing something fun. I've been thinking about all those things I'm going to do "someday". Not the work things but fun things. I'm always telling myself that someday I'm going to hand tame some chicakdees at the feeder. I did this once decades ago. And I'm going to learn to play the piano better, etc. I decided that I'm not getting any younger so I began today with the aforementioned online piano lessons. I also spent about 20 minutes standing by the feeder and letting the birds get used to me. After about 10 min. the chickadees, titmice and nuthatch started making test flights toward and hovering by the feeder. Soon they were landing just long enough to grab a seed and go. Then they began to linger just seconds longer each time. When I did this so long ago, we had a Jeep and I put a fence rail thru the windows near the feeder. At first I put a few sunflower seeds on the rail, then I put a leather glove on the rail with seeds in it. Then I stuck my arm out the window with the glove on my hand, then my hand without the glove, Finally I was able to hold my hand right by my face. The chickadees woudl look into my eyes and make little burbles. Then I always carried seeds in my pocket for whenever they would see me outside they'd come for a treat. They never approached any other person on our property, just me. Then we started going away for the winters and the birds and I lost contact. All these years I've dreamed of doing that again.

So folks, what are YOU always saying you'll do someday? Maybe today is the day to begin:-)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Teresa , I am glad I didn't get the 'stoned' meaning that you and others got . I'm not into insulting Christians ! But I DO think I am getting the message ...sorry I didn't stay gone , as I said I was going to !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I've been working on the chickadee and nuthatch thing too. I've managed some photos, but I get cold waiting. I think you have to have much patience. Wearing an old film canister on a string like a necklace is one trick. Fill it with sunflower seed etc, then you have it handy when they show up.

Also, DD developed the onion/garlic allergy a few years ago and truly it is difficult. She uses lots of spices now, eats hot peppers a great deal. She eats meat, but her partner does not, and he's the cook. They have the best thing going I think. She reads to him while he cooks. Whatever works!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Aw come on Marian....stop taking it all personally. Stick around and keep us up to date on your surroundings, family, kitties and activites. 'Tis the season not to be gloomy. I'm working on it too.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Eden, forgot to mention that I got a chuckle about the image of you tucking cats around you like hot water bottles:-)

Marie,We had a young fellow visiting us for a few days who had just found out where eggs came from. He was horrified (he was about 18 yrs old). I have to admit that we were a bit amused at his horror:-) He had a difficult time with the fact that eggs came from chickens and came thru the same opening that their body waste came thru. I've have many people tell me that if they had to butcher their own meat they would not eat it. Disclaimer: I am not trying to convince, convert, manipulate or otherwise try to get anybody to stop eating meat. I am not saying it's bad, wrong, or anything else. I am merely conversing on the subject and enjoying the conversation as much as I enjoy conversing about gardens, pets, etc. We don't all make the same choices because we are all different and that's fine. Right?:)

We have got to get out of here and clean the church. DH said the higyway was starting to thaw, thanks to the salt truck so I hope it's OK across the mountain.

EP thats funny about the Cherokee word for vegetarian being "bad hunter":-)

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Marie, that's a great idea about the film canister necklace for seeds. Thanks for sharing that!

Marian, I got the same meaning you did! Funny how we all laughed but for different reasons. More proof that we are all different:-)

BTW, the ice not the highway is thawing. Just as I hit Submit I had this vision of the highway melting and running down into the woods leaving the bare dirt base:-)

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Yeah, Marian, you worry too much. It's not good for your health or your spirit. No one here is in to "dissin'" anything that you're "about". We LIKE YOU! you're fun, you bring experience and interests to the mix. And we like to have a good chuckle at things that strike us as funny. That's all.

I'm going to be 47 early next year. I've smoked and eaten "grass", more than once. I'm living proof that your hair doesn't turn green and you don't "blow up" just because you've done something "illegal". (My hair is grey and I hold a full time job that funds your social security checks, have paid for a house, have a retirement plan of my own). I'm frighteningly ordinary, really. Reconcile it as nothing more than a commonly shared experience for a lot of us who "fit" into the demographic of children of women like just like you and EP.

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I am not reading right now. Just want to share this link to our 'Oklahoma Gardening' TV programming including some good recipes as well as gardening education. You can click on the 'previous shows' links for the presentations throughout 2005. Just had the 'blackeyed pea salad' (bottom of this link) for lunch so decided to share this segement. Hope to try some of the other recipes. The 'studio garden' is in Stillwater, OK and very interesting to visit. EP

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

An update...


Sun's out here. It was coming down fast for a few hours-looks like we got maybe 5 or 6 inches. Not 15 minutes before the storm cleared the CEO came around and told me to let everyone go home at 2.. Believe me when I tell you it was a$$es and elbows out of here at the stroke of 2. Every time I opened my mouth and said, "But the sun came out." I'd get this group SHHHHHHH! all down the hallway. lol

The wind is picking up. It will be a nipply evening for party finery. I have a 3:45 appointment at a local hair salon to have my hair put up for the party-something different. Yesterday the manicurist in the same place did my nails-girly girl stuff for the holidays. Lately though I've been accused of everything from having a mid life crisis to having a boyfriend. People are suspicious of change I guess.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Marian, I think we're laughing at "Christian Stoner" not as an insult to Christians but for the same reasons that George Carlin makes fun of jumbo shrimp.

It's the inherent contradiction that makes it funny.

Please stay?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

V , it does take on a differant light when you put it that way . Thanks .
As Ei would say ...I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer . I'm afraid any expression from the 'marijauna' age is foreign to me .

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Marian - my 'take' on that name was not meant to be insulting to anyone - it just struck me as an odd combination of words in a modern context in comparison to what was probably a common name with no particularly unusual meaning in its time - although your word play was clever too and, with that in mind, the name might have struck people as odd in the original time frame too. It is interesting to watch how words and their meanings change over time. The Oxford English Dictionary, which traces usage of words over time, can be interesting reading too.

A major snag in my plans for my a/c screen - the cost of copper mesh is too high - I think I'll have to substitute galvanished 1/8" hardware cloth....

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V. has such a nice way with words! I'm glad she was able to so eloquently voice what I was not.

No kids of my own has perhaps failed to activate the "gentle" gene... maybe it's the discretionary one? ;)

What I value most of all about this group is the diversity. I think it's really neat that we have 70-somethings chirping away with 20-somethings and we all have neat things to contribute. I think that's great!

It's my personal philosophy that a day without a good belly-laugh is a waste of 24 hours. I'll laugh at a lot of things that are considered "inapropriate"; not proud, just honest. I don't much very seriously, except cruelty to animals, children, and our fellow man. THAT, I take very seriously. Everything else is basically "fair game".

It is snowing to beat the band right now. I'm thinking about Sue's post saying the sun was out! It'll be fun to see when it stops and the clearing begins. The helpmeet is home and conveys the driving was CRUMMY. Zero visibility, really slick. He's home 3 hours early. We had under 2' at about noon, now we're over 7"! and it's comin' down with no end in sight.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My friend used copper hardware cloth on kitchen cupboards in her la-di-da house in Toronto. Would that work Woody? Not sure where she finally found it. It was a struggle. I can ask her if you like?

OK, dumb question I know...Who is George Carlin?

Imagine, while cleaning up the guest bedroom, I found a French/English dictionary! Sometimes the timing of things is just plain strange. The dictionary was proping open the window!

Mary, DH will be in Rochester for a few days next month. Don't think I can tag along though. :-(

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys...just a pop in to see what's what! Just got back from grocery shopping and can't dally.

Marian...you gotta stop saying "As Ei always says...I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer"...They're gonna think I was saying it about you, when it was about me! LOL! :-) If you want to know just how dull this old knife is...the whole name thing went completely over my head...must have missed the original post about it. Kept reading later references, but didn't know what the heck they were talking about. Glad V gave you a new perspective. Now that I know what everyone is talking about, I think that V is right. :-) And absolutely you know that you are much admired and okay, I'll say it "loved" and can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt or insult you. So please don't go away - Think Chelone said it best and you *would* be missed *way* too much.

LOL Sue...loved your song...hope you have a great Christmas party you little girly girl! :-)

T - thanks for the compliments last night. See you've been working on my time schedule these days! BTW, I could so see you as a comedian *and* a writer. I still get a chuckle when I think about that story you told about your mom at the DMV.

Eden...loved the snowman gift! LOL! Now I know just what to get my brother for Christmas this year! :-)

Have a great day all...Ei

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George Carlin in an incredibly funny stand-up comedian.

It was he who really paved the way for the present generation. He followed in the tracks of Lenny Bruce, but toned it down, "cleaned it up", and it was funnier because of it! He was one of the first comedians to make reference to the "drug culture". He is a comedic GENIOUS. And a national treasure, just like Richard Pryor and Bob Newhart. (But Cheech and Chong "kill" me, too...")

I TOLD you I laugh raucously at inappropriate material...

Snow is abating rapidly, Sue! fun to track systems by the postings of fellow Idyllettes...

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

GB - copper hardware cloth is what I was looking at - I need 15 feet of 3' wide cloth. I got quotes from a place in Toronto and one in California (found it on-line...) The California place was actually cheaper by a bit - unless there are customs duties... But it was still going to cost ~$450 CDN + the cost of wood, screws, miscellaneous odds and sods to put it all together and I thought $600+ is a bit pricey for an screen for an a/c an assorted messy pipes and ducts - even a 7' long screen! I can get the galvanized stuff for about $100 (the 1/8" is more expensive than the wider, garden variety kind...) It will still be a somewhat pricey screen but more reasonable and I think it will still look OK. I may try to find some copper I can use at trim or something to help tie it visually to the gate/fence. What is interesting now about the copper pipe fence/gate is that, from a distance, it is almost invisible - you see the wooden frame and you do see the pipes but they don't register somehow and it just looks transparent. Very odd - not what I expected.

You don't know who George Carlin is?! Very funny guy - maybe you were out of the country when he was in his prime....

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