Carissa Holly with impure genetics

ivycide(8)March 22, 2014

I have a batch of Carissa holly bushes planted about 20 years ago. They appeared to have some wild holly bushes with pointed leaves growing among them. I was just cutting them back and discovered that the wild hollies appear to be part of the Carissa plants!!!

I have some other Carissa hollies purchased at a different time that do not have the wild holly. I have noticed here in Atlanta that many Carissa Holly plantings have this same problem.

What is the story here? Is there a better way of phrasing this than "impure genetics"?

If my pic doesn't work, here is a direct link:

You can see in the photo the ugly pointed leaves (with spots from spraying Roundup) and the new young leaves are standard Carissa leaves.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Looks like your Carissa is showing its cornuta DNA. You could call it reverting to its original phenotype. That would be my guess.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how did you happen to spray so wildly that you got RU on your holly???

try extremely low pressure ... and tip adjustment.. to create droplets .. that gravity makes fall to the ground.. instead of atomizing such.. so it drifts in the wind ...

i know nothing about holly.. can we rule out grafting and understock issues???

are you spraying suckers with RU????


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Thank you, rhizo! That's perfect.

I Googled just now and found a good example. Look a the first photo in this link:

"This picture shows how one Asian cultivar that initially has smooth-edged, oval leaves can soon revert back to its original form with very angular, pointy leaves."

Ken, the bushes are very resilient and can handle losing some growth to Roundup. The ugly pointed growth is very much mixed together with the regular growth, so it wasn't possible to be perfectly selective. Also, I didn't mind if I killed the bushes because if I couldn't kill off the ugly growth then I was planning to rip out the bushes entirely.

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