Plant with huge leaves

torto14(9)August 20, 2014

Not planted, but rather larger than the average weed. Hasn't grown much for months, or shown any signs of flowering.


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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

Is it real fuzzy? It looks a little like Mullein, Verbascum thapsis, but usually the rosette is denser and more obviously fuzzy than those pictures show.

There is a white mullein, Verbascum lychnitis, maybe it's that one. Or maybe its just an odd plant. You're farther south than I am, so it may be one I'm not familiar with.

The mulleins are biennials, they make a rosette of leaves the first year and a flower stalk the second year, so you might have to wait till next year for flowers and a positive ID. I'd leave it; they're neat looking plants and not terribly aggressive except for the size..


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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

Sorry, I just saw on your member page that you're in Great Britain. Check out White Mullein, several of the web pages I saw on that plant were British.

Or it could be something completely different, one thing i've learned from this forum is that the farther the plant is from where I am, the less certain I should be of my ID!


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Thanks a lot for the response. It does have very furry leaves and doesn't look like it will flower this year so Verbascum seems correct, not sure of the species, will have to wait until it flowers!

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