Dallas, TX wildflower or weed?

kryss(7)August 21, 2014

I saw this growing in front of an empty warehouse in industrial Dallas, Texas. I thought it was so pretty, and anything that blooms in the hot Texas sun in with no irrigation is pretty remarkable! It was allow growing, maybe 2-3" tall, with purple flowers. Multiple plants growing together, I didn't see runners, so I'm not sure how it spreads. Sandy soil. I didn't see the roots, I tried to dig one up with my car keys, but I gave up before doing too much harm. The next day they had all been mown down. Anyone know what they are, and if they would be an appropriate garden plant? They may be wild, or maybe escaped from past landscaping. I did see them last year in the same spot, but lost them then to construction.

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Ruellia humilis?

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What he said.

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