gnats and seedlings

njitgradApril 28, 2013

This is my first year starting from seed and it is going very well so far. Since my seedlings are kept in my garage, I get my fair share of unwelcome winged critters every time the garage door opens. I noticed that since the weather here in NJ has moderated towards Spring finally, I am getting a lot of gnats in my garage. They just love to sit on the leaves of my seedlings under the growing lights.

Not a major issue I would think, HOWEVER I am also as a side effect getting a ton of gnats making into my house. Oddly enough, they are not hanging out in my laundry room or my office which are the closest rooms to the garage. Instead they are all the way on the other side of my house (through my family room) in my kitchen near my two light fixtures, a three-light chandelier and a fluorescent bulb fixture. A bunch of them keep landing on my kitchen table. Everytime I eradicate the swarm, a new one re-appears in 10 minutes.

The math just doesn't add up. Why are they no where near my laundry room or office? Even with the lights on in those room, there are zero gnats. They are not hanging out anywhere near food in the kitchen either. Only on the ceiling or kitchen table.

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Fungus gnats are very easy to get rid of. Actually they spend most of their life under the soil feeding on soil debris and plant roots. They only emerge to mate and lay eggs in the soil. Kill the eggs and larvae and you get rid of the gnats.

They usually come in your bagged soil and it doesn't matter if it's expensive or cheap there is no way of knowing if those tiny eggs are in the soil.

To get rid of the gnats mix up some insecticidal soap and water the plants with it. You don't need to soak them just enough to percolate into the soil. The soap won't hurt the plants unless they are bone dry but it will kill the eggs and larvae

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Okay, great info.


1) Why are they in my kitchen bypassing the other rooms closest to my garage? Is it because it's warmer in the kitchen than right next to my garage?

2) Can you suggest a insecticidal soap mixture? Any common household ingredients?

3) What about the adult gnats flying around? How can I kill those off?

4) Are the gnats the reason why I observed that the surface soil of some of my seedling flats has been greenish (like a moss or something)?

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Moss has nothing to do with those bugs. I hang yellow white fly sticky st rips around and they stick to them. The flies seem to like my computer screen so I think it's something to do with that. Interesting question.

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