Blueberry? Vaccinium

maximusdecimusMarch 16, 2013

Have a bunch of these growing wild all over the front acre mixed about with the Pines, Yaupon Hollies, some other very similar shrubs which I believe to be Huckleberries.

I believe them to be some form of blueberry, although they are, obviously, not pruned/fertilized/or mulched (aside from leaf litter) and I cannot recall fruiting of any consequence. I must say though, I haven't really monitored them all that well.

I took a few photos and placed them in an album here:

thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: photo album

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Yup, blueberry. They tend to fruit less in shade, and the birds may be getting any berries that form just before they ripen.

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any suggestion as to breed? i've compared photos to quite a few others online and it seems there's always 1 thing that doesn't match.

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also, I'd like to move some of them to a better location, we're kinda moving into spring now (though i'd call it summer here in MS) since some are budding/flowering already, I'd rather not move them now, round about which month would be best for them to be moved? Right after fruit drops? Or wait til fall/"Winter" Reason I ask is these don't drop their leaves and we've had retard long growing seasons the last few years. Lasting into november sometimes.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there is a very active fruit forum.. where you might find more peeps with knowledge ...

with berries.. you usually need a pic of the berry to get close on ID ...

but my inclination.. is that wild sown berries are usually not prime plants .. and you are much further ahead.. buying specific named varieties ... usually via mail order ....

the odds of you finding prime plants.. bird sown.. is low to nil.. in my experience ...

but then.. you wont know how good they are.. until you move them.. and find out in a few years .... the only problem being.. if you buy some good ones.. in a few years.. they will also bloom.. so i suggest.. if you are a blueberry fiend.. to do both ...


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Your blueberry shrubs would benefit from pruning out most of the older brown stems in the center of the shrub, leaving the younger, greener stems to flourish. This pruning can be done in the spring. While is it possible to dig up and move an established shrub or tree, it's a whole lot easier to go out and buy a new, potted shrub, with an ID tag, so you know the variety, and plant it in the new location. Blueberries like full sun.

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